Las Vegas treated me well – no money got lost – and I am having a fabulous time in San Fransisco at the moment. As it is past bedtime over here and we are planning to run the Golden Gate bridge in the morning (I am not sure if I can drag myself out of bed on time though) before playing super tourist and heading to Alcatraz, I am going to try to pass out now.

In fabulous Las Vegas I was wearing a top from Deus and vintage shorts.


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  1. Can’t wait to see more photos! I did the same trip than you when I was 21 and it was so much fun. Best trip ever <3 XX

  2. Cool photos! Love this post. Enjoy San Francisco


  3. Las Vegas is so cool!!! Glad you didn´t lose money. Looking forward to see more pics from your trip :D


  4. Wat heelrijk zeg, ik kan inderdaad ook niet wachten op meer foto’s ;) Heel veel plezier!!

  5. I love the cool casual outfit!
    Enjoy your trip!

  6. Oh nice! Foto’s zien er geweldig uit :)

  7. Leuk shirt, ik kijk uit naar de rest vd foto’s.

    Veel plezier nog!!

  8. Ooh, have fun on your trip!
    Can’t wait to see some more photos.



  9. Lijkt een mooie top! Ben benieuwd wat er voorop staat.
    Succes morgenochtend haha en vooral have fun :)

  10. Have a great trip, I love America!


  11. Have a nice trip!

  12. you look gteat, have a good time in the USA.


  13. I really want to go there some day:)!
    Great pics:)


  14. Aww I cant wait to go back to vegas!

  15. Hi sabrina :)
    It was really cool meeting you guys In vegas. Hope you had a wonderful trip

    1. @Mine: It was so nice bumping into you! I hope your trip is as wonderful as ours!

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