Most of you probably remember these particular boots from when I was chasing them in Paris. A bit later, they introduced me to their super gorgeous owner Soraya Bakhtiar.

I fell madly in love – with the boots that is – and of course, like what almost always happens when I fall in love with something, it is nowhere to be found. That was until I bumped into them on a very cool French webstore I had never heard of before and immediately clicked them home. I mean, they took over this small spot in my mind months ago! I guess that is what happens when your wallet is literally broke(n) – and with that I mean actual holes – and the coins easily roll out.

Then again, there is probably over a hundred reasons I can think off within a minute that justify my purchase.

– They are utterly gorgeous.
– They are French.
– They have studs, and although I tend to hate just about anything with studs, these are super cool.
– Underneath the studs they are suede.
– Their heels have the perfect height.
– They are super comfortable.
– All they need is a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt.
– They are workable in summer as well, with bare legs.

– They are super different from all my other shoes.
– They are black.
– My boyfriend thinks they are hot
– I clearly needed them.
– They make me want to get out of bed (yes, I am still sick) and go outside just for the sake of wearing them.
– I secretly already went grocery shopping in them, in my pj’s.
– They photograph well on mirrors.
– Did I mention they are utterly gorgeous?

Ok, you get the point.


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  1. Love this boots ! Very good purchase ;)


  2. heel gaaf! Maakt niet uit waar voor een saais je draagt, deze schoenen updaten elke outfit

  3. ik heb nog 3 redenen voor je:
    – ze zijn gaaf!
    – gaaaaaaaaaaaaf
    – gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf

    ik vind ze dus, heel erg leuk :)
    liefs, laila.

  4. OMG Those are absolutely Gorgeous!

  5. You made a good choice ;) They’re on my radar since maybe a year, and can’t decide between these one and the pete boots…Definitively gorgeous, unique and original boots.
    The better point for me: “All they need is a pair of jeans and a simple t-shirt”. When a pair of shoes did their job like this, I know I just need them !

  6. They are soooo beautiful!! Waiting for an outfit post with them… :)

  7. Wauw die zijn echt super gaaf!

  8. These are amazing! x

    Fashion Landscape

  9. they are gorgeous!!!! yI support you buying them ;) xo, ALma

  10. Ze zijn echt wel heel cool. De riempjes maken het af voor mij. Heel benieuwd hoe je ze gaat dragen! xx

  11. oh my god! DIVINE SHOES! really divine – I’m speechless ♥♥♥
    kisses honey

  12. Can’t wait to see an outfit post!

  13. ooooh myyy Sabrina, they are just stunning! I just can’t bring up a reason on which you shouldn’t have ordered them!
    Great choice! x Sofie

  14. I can only agree with all of the above mentioned points! These boots are pretty damn fantastic!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  15. Oh wow, expensive little shoes. I hope you don’t have too many coins rolling out of your wallet…

    Cant’t wait for an outfit post!

  16. Yes, they are gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. wow, you must be quite rich to get all these beautiful but super-pricey items ! lucky girl! i dig your style a lot!

  18. LOVE them! On my wishlist too…

  19. You do not have to publish this post. You most likely won’t. I wouldn’t. That’s not even the purpose.

    I am a reader devoted to your blog, and that is exactly why I am sending you this. You are writing for a mass audience and I keep stumbling on grammar mistakes, incorrect spelling and so on. This is not a personal evaluation but a kind gesture. I do not blame you for this as English is not your first language. Sometimes your writing comes across very Dutch. I am hereby sending you some free advice. Feel free to use it.

    “They then a bit later introduced me to their super gorgeous owner Soraya Bakhtiar”. “They then a bit” (…) is incorrect English. Might work in Dutch, but not in English. “A bit later, these boots introduced me to their super gorgeous owner Soraya Bakhtiar” could be a proper revision.

    ” They have studs and I more than hate studs, but these are super cool”. “I more than hate studs” (…) again, incorrect English. A revision could be: “They have studs, and although I hate everything concerning studs, these are super cool”.

    “I mean they took over this small spot in my mind months ago!”. No incorrect grammar, but needs a comma: “I mean, they took over this small spot in my mind months ago!” and “small spot in my mind” is very, very figuratively. I would rather use

    “I guess that is what happens when your wallet is literally broken (and with literally I mean actual holes)”. That’s a cute joke, but stick to “broke” if you’re referring to an empty wallet or keep the n between brackets like this: broke(n). Not a grammar mistake, but an option. Some small advise. Also, using the same word in a sentence two times is considered incorrect spelling.

    “and the coins can easily roll out of it”. This part makes the sentence to long and the last three words make it awkward. Total revision of the sentence would be: “I guess that is what happens when your wallet is literally broke(n) with holes and coins rolling out.

    “I secretly already went grocery shopping in them, in my pi’s”. Are you referring to your pajama’s? Than stick to pj’s.

    1. @Sarah: Thank you Sarah for sending me this. English is indeed not my first language, but it is never too late to learn. I will have good look into this and correct my mistakes. About the pi’s, I know it is pj’s, stupid misspelling.

    2. “This part makes the sentence to long and the last three words make it awkward.” That is incorrect grammar :) Too long, not to long :)

      1. Do not listen to this girl’s ‘English advice’! First of all, advice is spelt with a c. Should she be giving grammar advice if she doesn’t know the difference between advise (a verb) and advice (a noun)?
        Second of all, something cannot be ‘too figuratively’ – figuratively is an adverb and not an adjective. What this ‘grammar queen’ meant is too figurative!

        You can definitely say “I more than hate”, a simple google search will tell you that. Also, using the same word twice in a sentence is fine, especially since you were trying to define that word!

        Sabrina, your English is way better than hers so just keep doing what you do!

  20. I love them! Can’t wait to see you wearing them!

  21. they are gorgeous. I love them!! I think the points you made were definitely good reasons to have them!!!

    1. @vasilieva: Thanks!
      ps: That silver SS 2013 biker jacket you designed is stunning!

  22. You clearly need any pair of shoes that are to die for AND your boyfriend thinks are hot! That is a rule to live by and a rare fashion find… Now where can I get my hands on Laurence Dacade in the US?!

    1. @Britt: Stylebop carries Laurence Dacade, Shoescribe will have them as well, but a bit later.

  23. Ik vind ze heel mooi, had ze niet zo snel bij je verwacht ;)


  24. Beautiful boots! I want to buy them through the link, but not sure about the sizing. Do they run true to size or do they run small? Please let me know as I clicked on your link and would like to buy them from there.

    1. @Lily: They run small, you should go up 0,5 size.

  25. garance doré has them too. I think you’ll find this look very inspiring..

  26. Aha love your justifications but to be honest you don’t have to.
    They are, as you said, utterly gorgeous. If I had the money I would’ve definitely bought pretty.
    Can’t wait to see you rocking them!

  27. Haha ik ben het met al je redenen volledig eens, ge-wel-di-ge schoenen! :)


  28. This little store is an English institution, it was set up by Joan Burstein and Yasmin Sewelll used to be the buyer there.. It’s not French … the boots are lovely.. love Laurence Dacdae..she knows her stuff..

    1. @kris: I wasn’t referring to Browns, I bought them from Montaigne Market.

  29. Oh my god, these are too perfect for words! I’m very jealous.

  30. Sorry but there are unflattering:(

  31. They’re beautiful but not my sense of style!



  32. Point(s) taken! They are super, super awesome and you sure did the right thing buying them.



  33. A completely justified shoe purchase, they’re stunning!


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