Diesel leather jacket, COS coat and t-shirt, Maison Scotch jeans and Acne shoes.


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  1. die twee jassen over elkaar geven een leuk effect! Net alsof er een stukje leer aan je bovenste jas zit. Leuk gecombineerd ook, met het simpele grijze t-shirt en de jeans (die ik ook wel wil!). Ik vind je outfit echt geslaagd!

  2. Een leren jack onder een jas, het blijft een fijne combi!
    De jeans is trouwens ook erg leuk.



  3. i totally love it! great!

    xoxo from rome

  4. You look amazing! I love your coat x

    Fashion Landscape

  5. You look perfect! I love this outfit


  6. great outfit! really liking the jeans x

  7. love your style!

  8. jaaa leuk!! Geweldige broek ook


  9. I never layer coats because I feel it looks too bulky on me, but perhaps it’s time to try? A better alternative than ugly puffy winter jackets, for sure.

  10. I really like the idea of layering jackets and coats. That makes it so easy to create a new interesting look!
    Thanks for this idea.

  11. Is de jas van dit seizoen? Ik zoek zo’n jas al heel lang.

    1. @Dagmara: Ja, ze hadden hem 2 weken geleden in Den Haag nog, Amsterdam nergens meer.

  12. Great jeans. Love the unique touch with the knee patches.



  13. I have the same Maison Scotch pants!

    Have received a lot of compliments about them already. They are so different from the normal pair of jeans, but I do wear them with heels because they make my legs look a little shorter than expected;)

    – MY11THINGS

  14. Love the jeans!


  15. Die broek is echt super, ga zeker eens kijken of ze hem hier in de winkel hebben

  16. I love how you look fab with the simplest of items.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  17. Love your effortless cool style.

  18. I really like this outfit! The coat looks very pretty on you!


  19. you never smile anymore! regardless, you’re gorgeous, but a smile every now and then wouldn’t hurt! ; )
    cheers xx

    1. @kat: I smile all the time, I thought this was a decent one ;)

  20. Prachtige jas nog steeds en ik hou van die jeans!! xx

  21. Wauw wat een gave broek, staat je mooi!



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  22. Love your coat :)

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  23. OMG, your jeans are SO COOL! And your hair ir perfect!!

  24. love the layering! Gorgeous!


  25. Oh these jeans are crazy ! Have you taken your standard size ??
    Tks a lot and keep blogging, i love your simplicity

    1. @aurore: Yes I did, but they’re quite big, so you might want to try one size smaller. Thanks!

  26. Fashionable and smart – het wordt er niet warmer op buiten :)

  27. I LOVE IT.
    Your jeans is great and I like how you layered the leatherjacket+

    1. I LOVE IT.
      Your jeans is great and I like how you layered the leatherjacket+the coat!


  28. I have the same jeans and love them

  29. Wow! U stijl is zo awesome! En ik wil pistol boots, in’t goud , hihi.
    xo Charlotte


  30. Dear Sabrina,

    you may hove posted this previously, but somehow I missed it. That’s why, PLEAAAASE, tell me again where you got this beautiful necklace. I really, really need this one in particular. It’s just perfect.

    Love your outfit!

    1. @Maria: Thank you! It’s from Efva Attling!

  31. Inspiring… I love your style so cool, laidback and really effortless….

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