According to a recent survey, they are the most regretted fashion purchase among women. For me, it has been the longest fashion search: leather pants. I mean there is more important things to find in life; love (found that one already), wisdom, happiness, etc. and most of them are quite hard to bump into, but man finding the perfect pair of fitting leather pants definitely is no easy task either.

I think there is not one other item I have tried on more than leather pants. From Zara to Joseph, from 150 euros up to a 1.000. Nothing quite made it to the register. For a second – ok maybe a few – I even wanted to pull the trigger on Balmain, but then quickly came to senses (I could treat my boyfriend on a vacation for that amount of money).

The thought of owning perfect leather pants (I already had leggings, but I wanted pants, with actual pockets and a zipper) kept hunting me until I clicked home this beauty from the Swedish brand Hunkydory. Rarely do I ever buy tight pants online unless I happen to know my size from a particular brand. And so I slipped them on immediately after receiving the package – I swear it is hard closing the zipper with crossed fingers hoping it would fit me – and have not taken them off ever since.

Hunkydory leather pants, Zara striped sweater from the men’s dep., Isabel Marant shoes and Johnstons scarf.


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  1. Love that your pants are not tight! And the scarf adds that special something to the outfit! <3

  2. you look great….this is one of my favorite outfit post ever!
    p.s.= I’m sure a pair of leather pants doesn’t suit me….but I want to try…


  3. Gave broek! Heel leuk zo met die gestreepte sweater! X

  4. Leather pants always remind me of that hilarious chapter of Friends in which Ross was having problems ;-)
    These pants suit you perfectly and doesn’t have that tacky vibe that most of leather pants have. Great choice, as usual.

  5. Love the pants – they’re perfect on you, and really like them styled like this! I know what you mean, I’ve bought several pairs of ‘leggings’ but still have not found the perfect leather trousers yet either. The hunt continues!

    B xx

  6. I really enjoy reading your leather pants issues :)… I like your outfit so much!
    Much love

  7. I like your leather pants, the detail zip is beautiful!!!! I like your combination!!!

  8. Hey! I read that article on Times about the leather pants and other trendy garments receiving awards – was a good fun! And in my opinion you did well – as always! Looking great! Lenka, xx

  9. Those pants are really perfect! I love them x

    Fashion Landscape

  10. you look banging! My favourite kind of outfit!!!

  11. Gave broek! Super leuk! And totes agree: so hard to find… Xx Rebecca

  12. I love the cool way you wear all these essential pieces !
    Striped top, tartan scarf, leather pants and IM booties: all must haves !
    And you rock them !

  13. Those pants look great on you!



  14. Most regretted purchase, really? That surprises me because leather pants are so awesome. I’m with you on the Balmain, love to pull the trigger on them one day, or anything Balmain for that matter.
    These ones are pretty rockin’ though, loving the double zips.


  15. Beautiful, looks so great on you! Im still looking for the perfect leather pants for myself, so hard to find one without a crazy price tag lol!

    Enter my give-away to win a dress of your own choice!

  16. These leather pants look great on you, perefct choice:)

  17. I live in leather pants. I absolutely love them!
    Can’t imagine how women would consider them their worst fashion buy.
    Yours are to die for!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  18. Ahhhh je broek is écht perfect! Ik heb hem (volgens mij?) in de showroom gezien bij Ganbaroo en was er toen al meteen verliefd op. Mijn zoektocht naar de perfecte leren broek duurt ook maar voort.. hopen dat ik er ooit eens eentje vind die me perfect zit.


  19. so u finally didi it!!!! leather pants!!!!
    p.s. a love also the striped longsleeves

  20. your pants are so stylish and cool, look pretty damn good on you!
    kisses from

  21. Persoonlijk, zie ik toch liever een strakkere leren broek, maar de combinatie met het truitje en de heels is wel geslaagd.

  22. great outfit! the pants are fab!

  23. I think leather pants are so much better than leggins ! they just have this grungy vibe, especially those with pockets and zips, as you mentioned ! That’s a perfect choice Sabrina ! love them so much

  24. mooie broek!!! Ik ben ook nog steeds op zoek naar de perfecte leren broek…


  25. Ohh I love that! Great first photo :)
    The outfit is just stunning. Keep going

  26. Starting to think about getting a pair of those pants myself. Love the combination with the striped shirt!

  27. Prachtige look Sabrina, deze stijl is echt jou & jij bent er zo goed in!


  28. Ik ben onwijs jaloers op je broek, hij staat je prachtig!



    1. Hoi Sabrina, die leren broek is echt fantastisch en nog steeds super fashionable in NL want je ziet ze hier niet vaak op straat (en dan is Amsterdma nog 100x meer fashionable dan de rest van NL). Ik vind die eerste foto het mooist, het shirt en de sjaal combineren perfect!

  29. i love the mix of stripe and tartan!

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  30. Hi Sabrina!!

    You are so right about trying on leather pants… its HORRIBLE!
    Zippers or not, ankle length or long, stretchy or sturdy, it’s very difficult.

    You make a very good decision we think:)

    – the MY11THINGS team

  31. i think your style is impeccable

  32. You’re so cute !

    Love xx
    Melanie ~

  33. You look amazing in these pants. Great find!

  34. wauw, wat een outfit! ik vind de lederen broek echt heel mooi gecombineerd met de trui met strepen!

  35. I’m also searching for the perfect leather pants. This one’s really cool! Love the zipper details.

  36. Haha de zoektocht naar de perfecte leren broek is precies zoals je ‘m beschrijft! Heb er voor mijn gevoel al duizenden aangepast in heel verschillende prijsklasses, maar de juiste nog niet gevonden.



  37. Ik ben niet zo van je broek, maar de trui en sjaal vind ik geweldig!

  38. I have so far bought (and returned) humanoid and mango…. still searching for my perfect pair

  39. Amazing leather pants and I love the combination with the striped tee and checked scarf!
    You look gorgeous :-)

  40. They fit u perfectly… Amazing and love the zips and pockets too!!

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