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  1. Cute photos!! I hope you enjoy your time there :)


  2. My beloved Lisbon! Hope you enjoy my city and country! *****

  3. Oh Lisboa! Deze foto’s maken dat ik het nog meer mis! Binnen een weekje ben ik er gelukkig terug!

  4. Ziet er echt heel mooi uit daar! Veel plezier!!!

  5. my city is so beautiful!:)

  6. gorgeous!!!!! hope your having a great time! xo, Alma

  7. Great pictures! Hope you’re having a nice time!

  8. Wat een PRACHTIGE foto’s, wauw!


  9. Great photos! Really like your coat and the sunglasses.

  10. The pictures are, to say it at least, spectacular! Enjoy your time there and Merry Christmas! xx.

  11. Great shots!
    Would love to visit Lissabon!

  12. Wat een prachtige foto’s hebben jullie gemaakt!
    WIN! Groene beanie & MODELS OWN nagellak

  13. wow, amazing pictures dear!! looking forward for more pics :)
    kisses from

  14. Wat een mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt!
    WIN! Groene beanie & MODELS OWN nagellak

  15. Oh, Lissabon. Daar ben ik in de zomervakantie ook geweest, echt een geweldige stad. Ik hoop dat je het er naar je zin hebt, het weer zal in ieder geval wel beter meezitten dan hier :-)

    Ik zit trouwens in spanning the wachten op de Style By Marina blazer die ik bij jou heb besteld. Ik heb een mail gekregen om te horen dat je het pakketje hebt verzonden, dus ik kan niet wachten! x

  16. Loving your coat and Converse sneakers!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  17. Where were u???? Amazing pics. And seeing u two wandering around the world are always cute. <3

  18. oh man, i’d love to bumb into you but i live on the north of portugal anyway i hope you enjoyed :D xx

  19. i love the bag and the burgundy converse! x

  20. This city looks sooo beautiful!
    Amazing impressions.

  21. Lissabon is echt een stad met veel charme.
    Speciaal die bril
    new outfit post

  22. Super photos!!!Does Converse hurtyour feet when you walk all the city?

  23. Oh, Lissabon…. prachtige stad, zeker om verliefd te zijn, zoals jullie!

  24. You’re visiting my city! I hope you love it as much as I do.
    Here’s a nice restaurant suggestion. It’s an italian restaurant, but not your average pizza restaurant. It has a nice esplanade with a view to the river Tagus. It’s near the train station Santa Apolónia. Don’t forget to book a table! Here’s the link.
    Hope you go and like it!

  25. You were so lucky! I dont remember having such nice weather for christmas for years!
    I hope you like my beautiful city!

  26. Hele mooie foto’s! Ben nog nooit in Lissabon geweest, ben wel benieuwd eigenlijk :)


  27. hope you like Lisboa!
    kisses from Portugal,

  28. nice city….

  29. Well it’s a shame you won’t be coming to the North but I hope you enjoy my country. I can assure you you’re gonna love it!!
    Don’t forget to taste Pastéis de Belém ;)

  30. Be sure to get a “pastel de Belem” when you visit the tower! Love Lisbon! Hope you are enjoying your time there. xx

  31. Wat een onwijs gave outfit met die lange jas en prachtige foto’s! xx

  32. Hope you’r having a great time in my city :)


  33. Amazing pictures and coat! Love it! Greetings from Munich!
    Vanessa –

  34. Lisbon is an amazing city , it’s a shame that I live in Portugal and rarely go there :s Hope you’re having an amazing time , and come back soon , maybe to Aveiro my beautiful city c:

  35. Must be sooo nice enjoying a warm climate.. Have fun! :)

  36. I can’t believe u were here!!! Lisbon <3

  37. oh my gosh – the pictures are amazing! I love the first one!! I’d love to visit Lisbon too :)

  38. Oh, Lisboa! I want to go there… ;)


  39. Leuke foto’s.
    Je converses zijn echt cool.

    A Night in Cydonia

  40. Wat een leuke eerste foto!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  41. HI,
    I saw you today at the Avenida da Liberdade with your boyfriend. I have a special space in the center off city, near Rossio Station, called Primeiro Andar. You can dinner and dance, and see a good exhibition.
    Please came tomorrow nigth to drink and dance.

    Take a look

  42. I love your look and pictures, you’re so easy and cool as all the people in your wonderful Amsterdam!

  43. that’s my city :)) amazing photos and nice outfit as always!!

  44. Loved to see your photos in Lisbon!! I’m portuguese and I live in Porto!! Hope that you can visit me city soon!! I’ll be more than glad to give you a tour!!! :D

    Keep all the great posting!!!

    Sara x)

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