It seems like I failed to avoid the shoes that hurt like nasty paper cuts. I still believe the golden emblem on the soles of my Prada’s is more sexy than the red soles on these, but this dove grey patent just had me at hello.

Shoes, Christian Louboutin (via SMETS).


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  1. Supernice shoes. But like you said, they hurt like hell and I don’t see a valid reason to put my dear little feet in that condition.

  2. Damn, they had me even before hello…

    The White Studio

  3. I’ve never been tempted to buy a pair of Loubies; I tried some on once while interning at a magazine in New York and I’d rather go through child birth than wear a pair for a day. SO painful! Best of luck with these ;)

  4. I never got the whole Louboutin thing. Ok, the red sole is sexy but can look tacky very easily. The Prada however, with the golden plaque, look good with everything

  5. wow, amazing shoes!

  6. Ik vind uw Prada’s ook nog altijd mooier, maar deze zijn echt een leuke kleur! Kijk al uit naar een outfit! x

  7. Moooooi! Ik wil ook zo graag een paar Louboutins!



  8. Het is inderdaad een prachtige kleur grijs. Zelf twijfel ik over de nude versie!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  9. Oh my, I’m SO jealous, these are gorgeous!!!

  10. Pure perfection!

  11. I am in love with those just like you – still waiting for my first pair of Louboutins…..

  12. Oh those are beautiful. The soft grey is perfect.



  13. Wauw! Die zijn echt prachtig!

    Zeker met dat zachte grijze kleurtje.

  14. Didn’t expect Louboutins would hurt. For that price they should feel like home sleepers! :)
    [Lifestyle blog]

  15. Natuurlijk zijn ze prachtig! Ik wens je heel veel sterkte, ik heb ze in het zwart and they’re killing me!
    Ik noem het een haat/liefde relatie ;)


  16. OH MY G – i love them.

  17. Heaven, although I still don’t get the red soles, haha

  18. I knew you were going to get them. Amazing!

  19. Very nice colour. I do prefer your Pradas though, like you say!

    Check out my outfit post from yesterday, wearing leather trousers, Zara courts and H&M holographic clutch:

    Anna Lou X

  20. I agree with you! I love Prada’s sole much more. (also the shoes are much more comfortable!)

    Dress To Cook Blog

  21. White pumps and Louboutin…. wow love those !

    Check out my new outfit post :

  22. These heels, wow!

    XOXO Maud


  23. doen ze echt zoveel zeer en is elk model niet anders van “feel” ? Want als ze echt zo slecht zitten ( al is dat relatief bij high heels natuurlijk) dan zou ik ze zeker niet gekocht hebben, ondanks de inderdaad wel erg mooie kleur

  24. Heel mooi maar als schoenen zo’n pijn doen aan mijn voeten vermijdt ik ze inderdaad ook. Toch zijn ze wel erg mooi, dat dan weer wel ;) xx

  25. Oh they are so lovely… it’s hard to believe something that beautiful could be so painful! (And don’t feel bad; every woman has a couple of pairs of shoes that are gorgeous but hurt like hell).

  26. You hit the nail on the head. There is a reason I only own one pair, and it’s not cost. They are so freaking uncomfortable! Even professionally stretched and sized perfectly. Even with inserts. Even not on your feet they are uncomfortable, lol. BUT, even with all that, they are still the sexiest stilettos I own. (The heel on mine is veryyyyyy thin).

  27. They are lovely but not for me. Ive decided to sell all my Louboutins as I never wear them… (because they hurt too much) :’-(

  28. Love them, but yeah me too I still prefer Prada ;)

  29. These are gorgeous!

  30. Beautiful shoes. I’d wear them even if they cut up my feet too lol.

    Maggie A
    Love Mavin

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