advertorial – Luck to me is something that sometimes just randomly happens, but can also be enforced. It is a way of acting, making the right choices, sometimes the wrong. It is an attitude.

It happens that Martini is looking for someone with that attitude, in collaboration with king of shoes Christian Louboutin, they are looking for a someone that wants to earn 150.000 euro’s, 12 pairs of Christian Louboutin shoes, 12 designer outfits and a leading role in the new Martini commercial in 2013. Who would not want that?

The Martini Royale Casting officially kicked of in London on May 23rd and will end on July 9th. It is open to all women older than 25. All you have to do is upload a short clip to the Facebook page of the Italian liquor brand and tell the world your charisma just screams ‘Luck is an Attitude’.



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  1. I really believe in this theory :) Sometimes you have to work hard and get everything into place before luck can strike!


  2. so true.. when you take it on yourself that the universe is on your side luck just happens. when you’re most afraid and focused in a negative way those things you’re afraid of happen too! cool picture too..

  3. Cool concept ! Martini is definitely one of my favorite drinks
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  4. Aw too bad I’m too young! I completely agree with their motto however!

  5. I have been following here for a while and just like the look of your blog but today made it special…just the right reminder! Good luck 4 u!

  6. I want so badly to participate!!but i’m 24 unfortunately…

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  7. What a cool challenge with some seriously awesome prizes!!

  8. That looks very delicious!

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  9. Absolutely great, just a pity that I’m 23 -.-



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