Ok, it is a beanie, not really a hat, but that title just came in very naturally. What is less natural is to wear a beanie and go bare legged, though the weather was seriously cold and at the same time warm enough to make that combination. Paris Fashion Week is crazier than ever (more on that later…) and I would not be me if it went without any problems. The Belgium trains have decided to bail on us next Wednesday, which makes it kind of impossible to go home. Maybe Paris is wanting me to stay?

T by Alexander Wang top and skirt, Givenchy boots, Kurt Geiger wallet sort of thing, Marc Jacobs beanie.

ph/ Anna Nooshin


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  1. obsessed with the boots and that hat is super adorable

  2. WOW! Perfection!!!!!! I LOVE it

  3. Love this combination, the sporty/casual beanie+those wonderful chic/fashionable boots!
    I’ve never saw this combination:)

    Much Love, Laura!

  4. Absolutely love this outfit. You look perfect! I adore those boots and they look amazing with that skirt x

    Paint me in the landscape

  5. Hun, you rock in these boots, the beanie is also cool!!!

  6. I wouldn’t mind staying a few extra days in Paris, enjoy it.

  7. I’m seriously in love with your style! Those boots are absolutely amazing and suit you perfectly.

  8. That’s a daring combination ! Like this beanie now that you’re wearing it. ( i was not convinced when you presented it first ).
    Bon séjour à Paris !

  9. What a cute and warm outfit! Loving it, especially the boots!!

  10. In love with this combination. One of your best. When the destiny says Paris…it has to be Paris.

  11. YOU LOOK FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Love your hat and I’m definitely mad about your boots! *_*


    PURSESANDI – personal style blog

  13. Hey, als het weer raar is, mag je ook raar combineren met mutsjes en blote benen vind ik ;) Ik houd wel van die combi! En het staat je ook nog eens geweldig. Have fun in PARIS <3


  14. Waaaahw, this look is amazing!
    Love the combination of the bare legs with the beanie!

  15. awesome, love it!

  16. Ahh, you rock those boots.
    Amazing look!



  17. cannot fully express my jealousy over these boots!! they are incredible!!

  18. Great outfit. I really love the beanie. It’s such a fun accessory!!
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  19. Mooie portemonnee! En balen van de treinen..hopelijk kun je nog iets regelen. En anders is een extra nachtje daar natuurlijk helemaal niet erg!

  20. OMG, the giv boots! you are insane i LOVE them! :D I’ve just got featured in The Fashion Network, it’s my biggest one yet since my blog’s not even a year old. I’d appreciate it if you’d take the time to tell me what you think and check it out, my answers are quite interesting ;)

    xx The Provoker

  21. Wasn’t convinced ba the beanie at first, but now I really like it ;)

  22. You look stunning, have fun in Paris! I love your style and how you invest in a piece but then really use it. You have a unique feeling of style, keep going :)

    Oh, and would you mind telling me the size of tartan Juicy Couture pants, we seem to have the same body type and weight and I would love them too look just as they do on you – slouchy, but not too much. Thanks x

  23. Great style inspiration and hat, bare leg mix. love it! but whats with the boots???

  24. Zo leuk!! Enjoy, dan maar een dagje extra :) Xx Rebecca

  25. You look amazing!!!!! xx.

  26. The boots are just gorgeous! They fits perfect on you.


  27. You look so chic, can’t wait to hear more about your PFW adventures! Have fun.


  28. great boots!!! love the outfit
    kisses pretty

  29. Yaay one more beauty in Paris ! You look extremely gorgeous this outfit suits you well !!!

    xx Selma

  30. You look amazing! I love your boots


  31. You look great !!! like it

  32. stunning look!!

    ik ken je nog als ‘ketshi’, zo leuk en inspirerend om te zien dat je al zo veel bereikt hebt! ik houd je zeker in de gaten! :)

  33. Bik like!!

  34. Man you pull of these boots, saw them on others also, but for now I say you pull them off best!!


  35. gorgeous outfit! xx love the outfit and your blog aloot!! :D

  36. Awesome, I really like your world end this look is just amazing !

    Camille auteur du site

  37. Fantastische outfit, die laarzen zijn waanzinnig natuurlijk en leuke beanie ;)

  38. Wow. At first I totally disliked these boots. I found them ugly and unflattering. BUT now, I am convinced ;-) You look absolutely adorable!!!!!

  39. Such a perfect way to wear these boots!!!

  40. I absolutely loooove your hat! <3

  41. LOVE all black outfits! Those boots are KILLER – LOVE them!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  42. That skirt! We love how you’re wearing such a casual beanie with those Givenchy boots. Well done.


    j & c

  43. You look amazing !!! Love your shoes !!!

  44. Beautiful boots!!! Beautiful outfit!!!

  45. I’m not really liking the boots but I loooove that beanie/hat :p

  46. Bij deze outfit vind ik de boots echt wel heel goed staan ! Schattige muts
    new outfit post !

  47. Givenchy have several meanings, one of them being perfection!

    Beautiful boots! xx

  48. So cute. Love the shape of that skirt with a sweater pulled over it.


  49. Omgosh! I can’t tell you enough how much I love this look!

  50. the boots are not doing it for me… maybe if you were taller they would look better

  51. Your gorgeous ! :)

    Melanie ~

  52. Die muts is echt super super leuk!!!
    Ik ga hem nu zoeken op internet want ik MOET hem hebben :)

  53. Where did you get that Marc Jacob beanie? Love it!

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