A few months ago, I had the chance to get into the Holiday spirit pretty early while shooting this campaign for Madewell with no one other than The Selby. I am so happy to finally be able to reveal my favorite three of the result – feel free to hop over and see the rest of them HERE – and get you in the same magic spirit as well. The Holiday season is one of the ‘gezelligste’, as we say it in Dutch, seasons of the year with all the delicious food I usually take in, spending rare quality time with my family and best friends and giving gifts. Super looking forward to liters of hot chocolate especially.


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  1. I love this pictures!!! Madewell is a very good brand!!!

  2. Wat een prachtige fotos!

  3. wow super mooie foto’s! Is dat bij jou thuis by the way? T huis is nl ook super!

    1. @Amy: Dankjewel! I wish ;)

  4. I love the pictures! Every outfit looks amazing! Congratulations!

    Frieda for Project Style (

  5. I can’t seem to see the rest of these pictures over at the offical Madewell website?! Anyway, I really love how the above-shown photographs turned out, and I also would love to know, if these were taken at your appartment. If yes, I must say, that I absolutely love the interior and decoration.

    1. @Christiane: Hmm that’s so weird! What if you go to the homepage and click on it then? Unfortunately it is not my own apartment ;)

  6. Wauw wat een super gave campaigne zeg, ziet er super leuk uit!! Gefeliciteerd! X

  7. Wauw, echt een hele toffe campagne met hele toffe foto’s!

  8. I’m in love with the last pic….you’re doing a great work with your blog, right choices, right pics…really congrats!
    I must confess it’s my favorite fashion blog so far….


  9. Love it! Madewall is one of my favorite brands and I’m so bummed I can only buy their clothes once in a while. You’re so lucky to have had that opportunity. ♥-Axelle

  10. Stunning pictures and amazing campaign! x

    Fashion Landscape

  11. Blimey – you look like a different person with a little bit of colour on you! So lovely!

    Anneli x

  12. Those photos are amazing,and the clothes are so cute,where can i buy online in Europe??

  13. You remind me of Alexa Chung in the last picture! I love the pictures and LOVE your hair this short!

  14. Congrats! Been following you a long time and I’m impressed by the quality of your blog, constantly innovating, constantly improving.
    Afterdrk truly is a success story! Oh, and I MUST get my hands on a necklace like yours, such a delicate piece!

  15. These photos are absolutely beautiful! Well done!



  16. Hi! These are great pictures, but it seems like the used a bit too much of photoshop on your legs, right? This is so not needed!!

    1. way too much photoshop…your legs look scary :( sorry…

      1. Quite uncanny indeed. And not necessary at all.

        1. I never expected Todd Selby to promote the use of Photoshop. How disappointing.

    2. i was thinking exactly the same…

      1. what happened to your legs? you have beautifully shaped calves, but they are not there on these pictures. photoshop? crazy… otherwise awesome pics.

  17. Loving so many of the looks you styled! And the location is stunning – as are you ;) x

  18. Darling you’re amazing! That kitchen looks super fab, my dream open kitchen lol. Btw, I recently did an outfit post in an underground garage; I’m a guy and I’d be featuring crochet shorts and a floral blazer, but I made it sporty, you’ve gotta’ check it out! I promise it’s trendy not tranny lol.

    xx The Provoker

  19. sabrina, this is amazing! i especially love the third look :)

  20. WOW!!! Wat een gave shoot. En hoe cool dat je samen hebt gewerkt met de The Selby!
    Ik vind de outfits echt allemaal te gek en ik ga zeker 1 van je looks aanschaffen!


  21. Waaauw, dit is echt fantastisch, proficiat! :)

  22. gorgeous stuff!!!! love the leopard shoes! xo, Alma

  23. Wauw, super leuke foto’s! Mooi gestyled en het ziet er echt ‘gezellig’ uit! :)


  24. All the pictures are lovely!

  25. Love that!! You look amazing.


  26. Wauw, ziet er super gaaf uit zeg!! :-)

  27. Ahh I love the pictures and styling! Congrats, Sabrina.

  28. congratulations Sabrina! You look so beautiful on those pictures, I love the fact that you’re always simlied :) Good for you! xx

  29. You remind me of Alexa Chung in that last picture! Such a cute look!

  30. Wauw, die foto’s zijn echt prachtig! Die met de oranje broek en de dubbel jeans look zijn mijn favorieten, echt een leuke campagne en je ziet er supermooi uit. LOVE!


  31. YOU LOOK ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!! Love love love everything about that second look!
    How is the sizing of that 2 toned cable knit? if i’m about the same size as you are, which size should i go for??

  32. What an amazing feature!!! I really love your outfits and the location!


  33. Wat een gave foto’s en mooie outfits zeg. Wil alles hebben wat je draagt. Chapeau!

  34. You look so cute! I love these photos babe!


  35. you’re so beautiful!!!!!! <3

  36. Amazing photos !
    I love the shoes from first photo !

  37. Wat een ontzettend leuke foto’s zijn dit geworden!! x

  38. Love it! especially the last photo is so cool, you look beautiful and happy :)

  39. Wat een prachtige foto’s, je straalt echt hier!

  40. Love these looks, especially the first!

  41. Miansai screw bangle (have been around for a while) – almost identical to what you made with Maison de Bonneterie…

  42. The last one is amazing! Love the sequin skirt, it’s a beauty

  43. Love the styling of all the looks so Holiday-ish! You look so pretty.


  44. i think what they did with photoshop here is not nice and unnecessary, and honestly i am quite sad that they edited in such a way your body. what do you think about this? i would love to hear your thougghts although i understand that this is a collaboration so you might not want to discuss the issue…

  45. GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!

  46. Really amazing pics. Have a great Sunday

  47. Super mooie foto’s! Is dat bij jou thuis ?
    new outfit post

    1. @B. Dat zou ik willen, helaas niet ;)

  48. wat een super leuke reportage!
    ik vind je outfits heeeel erg gaaf.


  49. Everything looks better on you than on the webshop models. Quite ready to put in a big order actually… :-) You really sell those clothes!

  50. This looks like such a great photo shoot! I love madewell and i love your blog! going to check out the whole thing now


  51. This looks great, we love it!

  52. Super leuke campagne! Mooie foto’s en leuke outfits.

  53. You´ve being photoshoped, right? I think you´re not that thin, but you don´t need it either, because you´re pretty as hell. It´s so stupid to photoshop a girl like you… It seems that everyone need to have the same size, the same kind of beauty. You´re natural, and perfect, just the way you are, and we all know what you look like, as far as we can see pics of you, almost everyday.
    Bad done, madewell!

  54. Wow, wat een mooie campagne! Echt prachtige foto’s en outfits. Het ademt een heerlijke sfeer uit. Supergoed gedaan :)

  55. Love love love love love love love love love love looooooooove it!

  56. Heel tpf! Wat zijn je benen trouwens dun op de laatste foto, ben jebafgevallen? :)

  57. Congratulations girl!! You look so gorgeous!! xo K

  58. Why did they photoshop you so much? you´re beautiful as you are!

  59. loving the orange pants outfit!

  60. Mooi! en inderdaad, met The Selby! Hoe cool B-)

    x Milou

  61. I adore these photos!
    You look so stylish <3

  62. sabrina, i’ve been following your blog for awhile and i absolutely love your style. madewell is one of my favorite brands, so when i saw this feature on their website i gasped! congratulations; what a wonderful opportunity! of course you styled their clothes perfectly. especially love the denim on denim and little red hat. and it’s always nice to see an american brand collaborate with bloggers abroad. keep up the good work!

    xx allison

  63. Gorgeous! Congratulations! The campaign is fantastic! I love every detail!

  64. I checked out all of the photos and they are all great!!! You look stunning and I love the outfits!!

  65. You have such amazing style! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

  66. You are so gorgeous!! I want all of it! Plus, your hair is just amazing… my dream hair :)

  67. These three pictures are very nice ;)

    Melanie ~

  68. A lot of photoshop, which you don’t need!!!

    But you look pretty anyway :)

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