It seems to me that everyone is collaborating with everyone lately. Joining forces is definitely a thing at the moment, a huge thing. The main purpose and goal of a collaboration is of course the possibility to exchange audience, basically to make your own brand bigger (and sometimes better). Queen of all collaborations is of course H&M, starting with Karl Lagerfeld in 2004, then with Stella McCartney, Viktor & Rolf, Roberto Cavalli, Marimekko, Comme des Garçons, Matthew Williamson, Jimmy Choo, Sonia Rykiel, Lanvin, Versace, Marni, Anna Dello Russo and now Maison Martin Margiela.

When I received the news in my inbox, the question that immediately popped up was ‘Why?’. Now – a few months later – that I have read all about it, seen everything in real life and tried on literally every single piece, I get it. Margiela and H&M decided to produce a number of ‘old’ top Margiela pieces for a friendlier (almost) H&M price. It is like a cool band bringing out a CD with all their top songs from the past, it is brilliant.

To be completely honest, I do not think everything will sell out before the people that work at the highstreet name on November 15 can even blink their eyes. But I mean thanks to the internet high fashion is getting more and more accessible for the ‘normal’ people on this planet – sometimes because of some designers ridiculously choose to sell tickets for their show – anyway, so I guess the only question left is: ‘Why not?’.

ps/ Please, if you are going to try to get your hands on some of the collection, try on some other items that you would not pick at first as well. They might pleasantly surprise you. They surprised me!

pps/ I also have the leather jacket, but it was too heavy to carry everything home on my bike, so I had to leave it behind. I will show you as soon as I pick it up.


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  1. O jeetje, die enkellaarsjes zijn echt fantastisch. Net nu ik me heb voorgenomen om niks te kopen… Helaas ben ik op vakantie en denk dat het is uitverkocht voordat ik terug ben! De kleding is totaal niet mijn ding, eerlijk gezegd.

  2. Awesome. I love the boots ans accessories!

  3. I think the collection is super cool and perfect for you; you chose some really, really great stuff. The only think I wanted to buy myself were the shoes with the plastic wedges, but 299 euros and up is NOT h&m pricing. Disappointed…

  4. I love your style and your blog but I don’t think any of these pieces look flattering on you:( I gotta say I was excited when i first saw these pieces but after seeing them on different bloggers I am very disappointed!!!!!

  5. Ik vind de laarsjes echt super ! Moesten ze iets dichter bij H&M prijzen liggen zou ik ze zeker kopen
    new outfit post

  6. I personally love a lot this collection even if prices (especially the accessories) are not really H&M!!
    I love the skirt you wear in the first pic, shoes dress and bag in the second (I would like to see the dress better…!!) and the sweater in the last one is really beautiful…at least on you these clothes looks fab!


  7. the boots are just genius , absolutely best

  8. How do the shoes feel? Can you walk properly on them?

  9. thank you for the last tip!!!! I am absolutely in love with these clothes, above all those ankle boots.

  10. Love this outfits, I really love the first one

  11. Sorry to say that but the clothes really don’t look good on you.

  12. Ik vind de schoenen en zilveren clutch echt geweldig!

  13. Amazing!!! This collection is totall you!

  14. Hi !!!!!!!
    I loved your boots.
    Very nice!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I’m only thinking about getting the boots with the transparent heels.
    But I have to say that I’m loving the skirt in the first pictures as well!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  16. OMG MMM with H&M collection is so beyond amazing!! I want almost all the pieces, I don’t know how I will survive if I won’t buy them all))) You look great wearing them! This is the best collaboration of H&M imho.


  17. Woop! You chose the greatest of the collection. Love the boots.
    You looking good!

  18. Hoewel sommige andere lezers vinden dat deze kleren je niet goed staan, vind ik ze juist goed staan bij jou. In de campagne lijkt het vrij ondraagbaar, maar jij weet het zo te combineren dat het wel draagbaar wordt!

  19. WOW!The pieces I want!Ankle boots, jeans and body:-) Love the pictures and how the pieces look on you,bravo;)

  20. Waauw staat super leuk! die schoenen zijn echt awesome!


  22. Good style and collection as well

  23. I love your mash up of outfits here -Each one totally unique and edgy

  24. Prachtige outfits, vooral die eerste staat je echt prachtig! Ik zit achter de computer 15 november ;) xx

  25. Ik vind het jammer dat alles zo oversized is, aangezien ik zelf maar een klein en dun persoon ben. Maar ik hoop echt ooit die wedges aan te kunnen schaffen, ik vind ze prachtig!

  26. Hi, for what size of pants did u go for? They are on top of my wish list :)) and ankle botts… U look great! :)

  27. they look amazing on you! I’m in love with the shoes :)

  28. This is the best H&M collaboration ever! It looks very amazing on you! Sadly the prices aren’t very H&M and it will stop me for buying anything :(

  29. Oooh I love the shoes so much! But they’re still way out of my league money wise… The black dress and blue skirt look great on you too.

  30. Your heels and your clutch are AMAZING! love your outfit.

  31. OMG Sabrina everything looks amazing on you! really lovedddddddd this post, wish I could buy myself a handful of Margiela-HM too , haha anyway my favourite is the one with the black dress, those killer boots and the fun package silver clutch. Go go &rock the streets with those;)

  32. The first outfit looks like you bought it at a festival stand…
    I love MMM but I would have loved to seen more basics with a cool cut instead of these weird non-wearable stuff.

  33. I have to admit, I really don’t get these clothes..Usually I love your style though :).

  34. Nice shots and you look so pretty with all Margiela’s pieces to be honest…And I just had a crush on the silver clutch! Enjoy your Sunday Sabrina!

  35. Those boots are amazing!!

  36. Ik vind de schoenen erg tof, en ik ben benieuwd naar het leren jasje! Alleen ligt het alsnog boven mijn budget..

  37. The shoes and the dress look amazing together! Also like the sweater with the skirt, these hadn’t really noticed these before…

  38. Ik vind de schoenen uit de collectie prachtig, maar een tikje te duur… :)


  39. I love the second look! And the boots are so amazing! :D

  40. The jacket is my favourite piece, too bad you didn’t managed to show it! and I also love those boots and the bag! I hope the clothes would work good with you :) xx

  41. Yes please! I really like the first and second photo. The pants are totally not me. I think the dress looks good on you, even if you’re wearing it too less!



  42. So jealous! Would love some pieces from this collaboration :)

  43. Lovely looks! I definitely want the booties and clutch in your second look!


  44. I love the plexi glass heels, i hope i can make them mine!
    Further i like the dress on the second photo!

  45. I don’t always love everything from the collabs but the pieces you chose look great on you. Just found your blog and I’m a new follower. Check out my blog and join:

  46. Amazing outfits! I´m so in love with the wedges!!!


  47. Those ankle boots look amazing and that blue sweater as well. I also want the black blazer jacket… It will be so hard to choose what to take on the 15th. I love this collaboration! Xo

  48. Die hakken zijn echt prachtig!

  49. LOVE the sweater! So unstructured but great shape!
    -Daisy Nguyen from the PS BANANAS! fashion blog:

  50. Love it!! Zitten echte must-haves tussen! xo madeleine

  51. It looks great. Speciall the boots. They are so original and nice.

  52. woehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bring it on! i love it! ♥

  53. Like the booties and the sweater, but I don´t think I´m gonna buy anything of this collection…

    Shop Le Monde – My Shopping & Fashion Blog

  54. Wow, amazing how you mixed up everything!
    Looks so good.

  55. Your shoes are weird and amazing at the same time. I don’t really know what to think about them.. ^^

    Melanie ~

  56. Hi. Love it all, but I have to ask: How do you manage to wear the heels in wet weather since it has leather soles? Do you just let it get ruined or some other ideas? I ordered the same ones but I`m puzzled how I can wear them.

    1. @Noora: I guess I just let them get ruined until I can’t walk on them any longer and then bring them to the shoe cobbler to get new soles ;)

      1. Thanks, this solved it!

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