In between culture sniffing -excuse the super Dutch expression, or is it correct English as well?- of course we did a tiny little bit of shopping, meaning we visited a maximum of three stores. Including COS, where I found this minty green leather top hanging in the sales rack. As you might know I usually try to avoid sales, but sometimes I get truly lucky and bump into a gem like this one.

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  1. Bomb sunnies! love the light hue mint leather top. Great new buy you are indeed lucky to have spotted it but it takes a real styling expert to make it look that cool! Gorgeous!

  2. O wow, that is one cool mint Leather top. And when ur done wearing it as a top u can reform it and turn it into a skirt, shorts or bag! Or…just keep it as a top…
    In between culture sniffing?! Hahaha Why not! Hmmm does that mean like going to different countries at the same time or trying different things out? Please explain, I’m very curious to know wha it means ;p


  3. wonderful!! I loved how the top and the sunnies are so great to each other, can I have your closet please?! loving everything in here Xx

  4. i can’t really see if you’re wearing it in this shot, but i was wondering what kind of peachy/orange-y/coral-y blush that is you’re using. i love those shades and they compliment my teint very well.

      • hey, well thanks for the reply.
        i just checked online to find your shade, but it just doesn’t show in the mac online store.
        was it part of one of their special editions?
        i’m using macs powder blush in peaches. as the name says it’s really peachy and natural but yours seams to have bit of a baked, terracotta character to it, which i guess totally gives a summer-y glow.
        would be great if you could reply once more!
        thanks in advance!

        • @KJ My friend tried to find it as well and she even called several Mac stores, but she got told the shade is sold out worldwide :S

  5. That top looks superb! The color is absolutely pretty. Maybe next time I have to think of a limit of 3 -maybe 4- shops to look at when my boyfriend and I are “culture sniffing”, sounds really good!



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  6. I would love to know how you do it to be that amazing… I mean, diet? food? work out? manicure? pedicure?. It would be fun if you update with that stuff someday.