After getting an extreme allergic reaction (see here and here) from a day cream I randomly put on my face to prevent it from getting dry in the cold weather, I have been super very careful to say the least. It looked like eczema and felt like burn marks. My skin has always been really easy, it can handle just about anything, but I am never ever smudging any randomness on it ever again.

Now it is probably just one ingredient that I am allergic to and I do not know which one it is (those tests to learn which ingredients one can handle and which not are horrible!), but I will stick to the stuff that I have used before. Never again! Current favorites are these.

Ultra Facial Moisturizer, Kiehl’s; Ceramide Moisturizer, Mario Badescu.


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  1. The old one’s are always the best. I can totally imagine your fear!


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  2. Ik heb een klein eczeem plekje op mijn wang en als een verkeerde dagcreme heb word dat meteen knalrood met een soort van pukkeltjes en jeuk. Op dit moment kan ik alleen tegen 5 Elements van Dove en de BB cream van Garnier, terwijl ik normaal tegen niets van Garnier kan. Stom genoeg kan ik dan ook weer niet tegen de nachtcreme van 5 Elements. Aangezien er het eea uitgaat moet ik ook weer op zoek naar wat nieuws en daar baal ik dus van, want testertjes doen ze bijna niet meer en als het verkeerd is zit ik met een hele pot EN een rode wang…Gelukkig weet jij wel waar je tegen kan :) xx

  3. I had the same reaction a year ago to a make-up remover.. Love the photo. xx

  4. i had the same problem with a lip product some years ago – even though i had used the product for two decades. i have turned to organic products since that experience as they don’t use any paraffin waxes. i even make my own shampoo with herbs – it’s always good to know what’s inside a product. good luck with your skin, hopefully you’ll find out what caused the problem and can avoid it in the future!

  5. sinds ik Kiehl’s ontdekt heb, kan ik niet meer zonder, het enige merk waar mijn huid niet vervelend op reageert!

  6. Hey Sabrina,

    I am a huge fan of your blog and trust you on each of your advice.

    Which one between these two would you recommend better? (regarding the comfort, texture, effects)

    Love xx

    1. @Olivia: I would go for the Kiehl’s one, feels so so good! Xx

  7. I had a bad reaction to a body wash a couple months ago so I am now using the old Ivory bar soap and feel so much better!

  8. Het ergste is dat allergie├źn kunnen komen en gaan, je kan dus nooit prat gaan op een bepaald product! Maar, enough with the scary talk… ;)

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  9. The one from kiehl’s is so. good. One of the best i’ve ever used!

  10. After a couple of years of looking for something nice and easy on my skin I totally discovered the greatness of pure organic coconut oil ( i bought mine in a organic health food store, its the stuff you cook with for about 5 euros). I use it on my face and hair and not only do i smell like a nice fresh coconut nut now, my skin is nicer than ever! I am 31 and maybe its not for younger girls out there who are still fighting with very oily skin but the coconut oil doesnt make your skin clog up or anything. I actually have less blemishes than before. I can also use it as a make-up remover and eye-make up remover, works like a charm. :-))
    I also use organic Wheatgerm oil ( need to get used to a little to the smell but that turned my skin into pure happiness too), avocoda, almond and pomegranate oil. I alternate now between all of them and threw out all my other expensive creams and fluids. Happy to have gotten my skin back in tune with what nature knows best.

  11. I get you! This happened to my mother when she put on a random face cream. In her case though, the product was probably too old, and caused a rash.

    Hope you feel better soon! Having allergic reactions that affect your face sucks!

  12. Hey, ik gebruik die creme van Mario Badescu zelf ook. Echt een super product is het.
    Zag trouwens dat je linked naar Nordstrom voor het product, maar verkoopt ze ook gewoon in Nederland
    daar bestel ik namelijk mijn Mario Badescu producten, misschien een tip :) Groetjes!

  13. Orrible experience! That happened to me just a few days before a casting for a movie, can you imagine?

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