All we did in Monterey was breath in the fresh air and watch the sea lions…


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  1. Cute!

  2. aaah wat een super lieve foto’s !

  3. I really LOVE your blog. You´re such a natural beauty and I love your style! Go on this way!!!! XOXO

  4. omg! you two look so cute together

  5. These are the most adorable photos I have ever seen! Now all I wanna do is go to the beach, lovely outfit also x

  6. you two look so happy!! love to see pics like that

  7. Wahh, these photos are too adorable!



  8. Such pretty pictures!

  9. These pictures are so lovely, but somebody’s with you to take some pics … This is not a lover holidays ?

  10. These photos are too cute for words! I love seeing these more natural, candid looking photos!

    A x

  11. Hele leuke foto’s!
    Heeft iemand al wel eens tegen je gezegd dat je op Sjors uit GTST lijkt? Dat vind ik namelijk wel :)

  12. where have Lesley bought his t-shirt?

    1. Lesley’s t-shirt is from Cos

  13. I wonder who’s holding the camera, such great kodak moments! awwww…. seriously lovin that sweater, it’s quite the perfect “cool” beach sweater-over-possible-bikini look no? You get what I mean? lol Ok, I’ve just uploaded my five looks for five days of London Fashion Week, so if you’re looking to judge what this UK blogger/provoker wore to LFW, then may I suggest you in having a lil’ look see, provoking comments are always appreciated big time lol.

    xx The Provoker

  14. Love the pics!! Looks like you are having a lot of fun!!

  15. These pictures are happiness ! LOVELY :)

    xx Maria

  16. amazing photos! loks like a fantastic trip! have a good time. xx

  17. Cutest pictures ever! They make me long for some time with my BF too :-)


  18. Ziet er geweldig uit, super foto’s :)

  19. fantastic pictures, you guys are lovely, great idea for couples to spend few hours at the beach and just relax and be together, this really cute!!!

  20. Ontzettend leuke, lieve, mooie foto’s en een hele mooie outfit! Hele goede reis naar huis!

  21. Onwijs mooie foto’s!

  22. i might have to steal your boyfriend’s glasses…and your sweater :) vey cute.

  23. So sweet! cute photos, hey this is funny in Mexico we have a city called “Monterrey” with double “r” haha

  24. and that’s what you SHOULD be doing! Enjoy it!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  25. I honestly thought you were celebrities at first! :D

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  26. super cute photos! The sweater is unbelievable!

  27. You two really just seem so happy together. Such a sweet couple you guys, more pictures like this! :) just looking pictures like this makes me happy aswell :))

  28. Ohhh you both together are sooo cute :D
    Perfect couple, so sympathic!

  29. Monterrey, double “r”

  30. Jullie zien er super gelukkig en schattig uit ! En beiden leuk gekleed
    fashion & lifestyle in Belgium

  31. Lesley zou een eigen blog moeten beginnen :)

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