Been MIA with some serious Fashion Week flu (makes me wonder, should we just stop kissing each other ‘hi’?!) ever since I’ve touched down in Amsterdam, so I haven’t been able to do much apart from binge watching my favorite series on Netflix. I am still bed bound, but I thought I’d share some most of my outfits from NYFW. In other words, how to dress for -15°C?

PS: Some days were a bit warmer, hence the shorter jackets.

Coat, Koja NYC; Bag, Little Liffner x Filippa K; Scarf, Acne Studios; Jeans, Levi’s 501 (men’s); Boots, Saint Laurent; Sunglasses, Miu Miu.

Turtleneck, Hanro; Coat, Totême; Jeans, Vetements; Pumps, Notabene; Socks, & Other Stories; Bag, Prada; Sunglasses, Prism.

Left: Coat, FWSS; Turtleneck, Uniqlo; Sweater, Diesel. Right: Zipper Top, Acne Studios (old); Jacket, Reiss (old); Velvet Pants, Dries van Noten; Sneakers, Reebok.

Coat, Totême; Jeans, Vetements.

Jacket, VEDA; Knit, VEDA; Jeans, Levi’s; Pumps, Stella Luna; Bag, Coach.
Pictures by Jeff Thibodeau, Jose J. Martinez, BFA; Le21eme, Mauricio J Calero.


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  1. Awesome looks, babe<3

    Shall We Sasa

    1. Nice recap!!!

      Don’t miss today my sporty outfit with a very special sweatshirt! ;)
      ❤ Kisses from

  2. Super leuke outfits meis :)X

  3. Very stylish although it was so cold!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  4. You all look so lovely i just dont know how you managed to stay warm in the big freeze ? Are you hiding layers of thermals? I was just wondering where your camera is from and the model Sabrina? thanks

    1. Lots and lots of extra warm heatteach and ofcourse staying inside as much as possible. I took an Uber for every 5 min walk, while I normally walk as much as I can.

      Regarding the camera. This was mainly shot with an iPhone 6 and by other photographers.

  5. I’m surprised at how casual NYFW has become. Although I like the styles, I much prefer the over the top styles. Maybe the weather was a big contributor.
    xo Kate

    1. It’s funny because I was talking to Charlotte how I like that street style seems to be getting back to normal again. I feel like (most) people are finally dressing like they would dress in their normal days again and I like that, since I personally think this is exactly what street style should be like. I very much welcome every visitor here at afterDRK, but I am not sure this is the place for ‘over the top styles’? xo

  6. Hi Sabrina thanks for your reply! I actually meant what is the small camera you are carrying in your hand as you walk through the streets with the girls wearing this outfit Coat, Totême; Jeans, Vetements. ? thanks

    1. Oh that one, so sorry! It’s a Samsung NX3000. These posts show a lot of photos taken with it: and

  7. So kind of you to share the link so fast thanks ! :)
    One Question – I’ve had a lot of friends say that its time to move away from large slr cameras and pick up the point and shoots because they are bringing the same quality now – thats debatable. Would you tend to agree as well or are you still photographing with your large slr when you are out at FW ? thanks again

    1. Honestly, I feel like investing in a really good point and shoot makes much more sense unless you shoot professionally for magazines/brands as well. This Samsung doesn’t completely do the trick for me in terms of quality and speed compared to my big number, but I am currently looking into either Leica or fujifilm or other camera brands that only do camera’s as I feel like those are the best in general. Hope this helps a bit! Also, try borrow or rent a few before you buy.

    2. PS: I didn’t even bring my dslr to New York this time. I really only have been using it for jobs lately.

  8. Love these looks! Just walking around to class, completely bundled up, made me become a popsicle that week — I have no idea how y’all did it on the days that were in the negatives! In any case, love that camel coat and that aviator jacket :)

    Sampada |
    Sampz and Such

  9. Great outfits. I can’t imagine how cold it must have been x

  10. LOVE these outfits! So jealous!
    xx Alyssa

  11. Love this recap. Everyone looks so good.

  12. Thanks for all your input Sabrina I really appreciate it !

  13. Your style at its best, love the simplicity and elegance! You look very pretty and fresh, love all the photos.

  14. What a beautiful spread. You truly look amazing. Great pictures and style!
    Continue the great work. Best, MODENOVA

  15. REALLY NICE OUTFITS SABRINA. I always like your simple style

  16. Simple but elegant outfits! Where are your necklaces from?

    1. Thank you! They’re from Efva Attling and Blue Billie.

  17. I love your looks! Are your levis vinage? If not, where can I find them. I love the cut.

    1. Thanks! They’re Levi’s 714 and I cut them off myself.

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