Most of you might have noticed that the only bag I carry around all the time is my CĂ©line, which I got last year. Since I am not really a bag person, I allow myself to fall in love once a year and give myself a huge treat. For a long time, I wished for the Proenza Schouler PS11. Chanel changed my mind… As soon as the velvet green Boy bag hits stores, I think I am going to take a run for it. The only question left is, does this one count as two bags?

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  1. since i’m 18, I beg my mother to buy me this bag. Too bad she never chose this gift on my Christmas list :) . So I made myself a promise : my two first salaries will be for this little boy ! But in black…I told this to my mother…still not convinced. Ahaha.

  2. De groene fluwelen Chanel tas vind ik prachtig, maar de kleur en stof maken het toch wel redelijk tijdelijk. Zelf zou ik dan toch eerder voor zwart velvet gaan of groen leer ofzo. Jammer dat hij zo extreem duur is, dan zal je waarschijnlijk wel even moeten wachten voor je nog een tas koopt.

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  3. Haha definitely counts for two! For that reason I would choose a more timeless version in leather in stead of velvet. I myself would go for a classic 2.55.

  4. Very good choice, and the velvet version is the best one, it’s very unique ( there will be only some of them, not like the leather ones), with great colors, green and blue are my fav. two. But It will be propably hard to get one. Hope you will get it soon.

  5. Zoals meerdere zeggen, ik zou ook voor een meer klassieke variant gaan. Ik ben persoonlijk een beetje afgeknapt op de fluwele variant nadat Mira Duma er twee tegelijk droeg tijdens PFW. Just didn’t made sense.

  6. Pricewise I think you could say it counts as two bags, but otherwise I would say as one! ;) If I were you I would make sure you get on the waiting list at the Chanel store before you miss out. Most of those bags never hit the shelves but will be sold to everyone on the list provided they have enough bags for everyone on the list.

  7. personally I prefer the PS11, but the Chanel Boy bag is sooo gorgeous too! I’m just not a big fan of velvet… For the money you have to pay for that bag I would go for something more timeless… any color in leather would be so cool! anyway you cant go wrong with chanel a or proenza schouler bag!

  8. do you know if this velvet edition is for FW12 or already for SS13? As I would like to go for blue velvet one :)) do you think the price is the same as for leather one? xx