Craving to do something different with my hair, cause I’m kinda bored with it now. Maybe something like this?

ph/ unknown

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  1. Ohh do it! it’s just perfect, I’ve done something similar too… but it didn’t work out as well as I hoped. Give it a second try this weekend. Enjoy Karl’s interview. You will Rock!

    xo thefashionguitar

  2. denk dat het je zeker goed zou staan, maar ik vind het niet echt verrassend bij je: klinkt misschien raar, maar veel types met ongeveer hetzelfde haar/uiterlijk kiezen ervoor denk ik.

  3. I think you should wait for the summer sun that will give your hair a natural change of look… That is even better for your hair. But anyway, I can imagine that this style will fit to you as well!

  4. Maybe its a coincidence but i did this to my hair maybe a month and a half ago, but then i found your blog and you inspired me to go back to being natural and classic.

  5. I just had my ombre hair done about two weeks ago (you can see it on my blog)! I’m quite happy about it, but I must say my hairdresser wasnt very understanding. I don’t think many of our dutch hairdressers are, so my advice is get someone who knows what you are talking about! But if you like it, do it! I’m sure you won’t regret it.

  6. I want to do that so badly! Have been thinking about it for a while! I think it would really suit you and your style. <3

  7. Yeah!! It would look very nice on you!! maybe first you can try something with very low difference between both colors ;)

  8. I thought you had hair like this. Because I remember seeing your hair sort of like this in a few pictures.. like a two tone, brunette and a little blonde. Maybe it was the lightning or don’t know.Haha anyways goodluck and I know you’ll rock it ;)

  9. haha, ik snap ‘t helemaal! Soms raak je gewoon verveeld door je eigen haar ;) Ik zou zeggen doen. Het is ‘n kleine stap, oogt best natuurlijk en het maakt wel’n groot verschil qua ‘saaiheid’. Heb het zelf ‘n half jaar terug gedaan en ben er nog steeds heel blij mee. Het veranderd ook mee terwijl je haar groeit zeg maar..

    Heel veel succes ermee en ik ben benieuwd! :)

    Liefs, Daphne

  10. Ok, I’ll say something not entirely positive.

    First, it does not look good on everyone (the model above is of course gorgeous and it looks fabulous on her, mainly becase her hair looks really healthy). For example, check out intothegloss blog, there is recent post with 2 girls with ombre hair – they both do a disservice to this look advertising it, does not look good on them at all (but of course it’s just IMHO).
    Second, you should definately do something with your hair. I hate to point it out, but it does not look as healthy as in the past. Unfortunate haircut? winter dryness? – there is something affecting your hair in a bad way. I think a trip to professional hairstylist is a must.
    Third, I am sure you will look gorgeous with obmbre hair, but only after the healthiness is restored to it, or the dead ends all cut off, or something.

    Your looks is your business, must be in top-shape. Love your blog and your style. First time I saw your pictures in some style forum, I was sure you were a model :)

  11. Oh no, don’t do that… I know that is a fashion thing this season but i just don’t really see you in “a half blonde colour”. You’re just so wonderful with you brown hair. And sometimes, this a disaster (and think when you hair will grow…) and you had to cut everything. :/ If you really want a change maybe just cut a little bit (maybe a cut with “a shoulder longer”) or just take care a little bit more of your hair (a good shampoo…i don’t know ?) and I’m sure they will look fabulous !

  12. I have seen that some comments didn’t gave u a GO…
    but I can see u totally with that hair color.

    I did the same just with red and I am glad that I did it…. it’s almost brown now cause the red doens’t stay a long time but I am still glad and I would deff give you a GO for that hair trend!!

    Kisses Julia

  13. Nee, ik zou het echt niet doen. Ik ben het heel erg eens met de twee lange Engelse reacties hieronder.
    Deze look kan heel erg snel gaan lijken op: ik-heb-mijn-haar-ooit-geblondeerd-en-nu-laat-ik-het-maar-gewoon-uitgroeien-ipv-het-weer-donker-te-verven. En als je haar niet supergezond is zoals bij de dames op de foto’s, dan is het gelijk super shabby en onverzorgd (zie Rumi Neely.. Haar haar lijkt in mijn ogen heel vaak gewoon slierten met vergeten blonde plukken)
    Ik vind je eigen haar heel mooi en ik snap dat je zin hebt in iets anders, maar knip dan een vet kapsel (een stuk korter? Pony?) of laat er een slag in zetten ofzo?

  14. i agree with Elena. I looked at the blog she was talking about. ick on those girls. but i have to say i’ve been loving the trend on guilana rancic on style network. she looks fab in it. it’s definitely done better on longer hair. and i like hers because the ends aren’t too light. just a very pretty sunny blonde, as opposed to the white blonde of the girls in the blog.
    try it. it’s just hair. you can always dye it back. or cut it in time for a cute short summer do.
    live it up.

  15. Ik heb dat ook HEEL erg met mijn haar, maar ik zou zoiets niet snel doen. Je kan het er namelijk niet zomaar even uitwassen als je het toch niet leuk vindt. Ik vind ombre hair toch iets heel erg moeilijks!

  16. Ik vind dat ombre hair echt heel erg mooi, maar ik zou het niet met je haar doen! VOlgend seizoen is de trend voorbij, en zit jij nog met een mega uitgegroeide blonde puntjes.. die er overigens niet meer mooi uit zien denk ik dan (puntjes blonderen is vragen om dooie punten)