Are you getting tired of my 23kg wardrobe (plus some new stuff) yet? I am, kind of…

But I guess that is ok. It makes it a h•ll (uhmm, whole) lot easier to get dressed in the morning, when there is not much to choose from. And I am probably going to be extra super happy with the contents of my full wardrobe that is loyally waiting for me in my apartment in Amsterdam. It makes me realize I obviously own more than enough clothes. I wonder though if I am able to deal with this for three months, wouldn’t I be able to live with it for the rest of the 9 months that exist in a year too? Rhetorical question…

I mean how many items do we really truly need? How many items would a perfect minimal wardrobe consist of, a wardrobe that doesn’t house a single item that stays unworn? Tags sometimes even still attached. Something to definitely take into consideration during the next major Spring clean out.

NTS (note to self): New wardrobe rule, new thing in, old thing out. No exceptions.

Leather Jacket, Acne Studios; T-Shirt, ATM Anthony Thomas Melilo; Pants, Acne Studios; Sneakers, Converse; Beanie, 6397.


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    1. Love the biker touch!

      Kisses from

      Today I bring you my last NEW IN….my New amazing pair of Sunglasses!

    1. Sabrina | afterDRK - ⁄ Reply

      Thanks Camilla!

  1. You’ve showed us that is possible to get dressed with just basic and must have items.
    You look great!

  2. Actually NOT! You are still able to surprise me with those 23 kg. You can combine endlessly ( looks like )

  3. LOve thies: New wardrobe rule; new thing in, old thing out. No exceptions.

    But i can not throw things out! Love it al!

    I envy you! What a power! ( funny smile)

  4. Ik heb 5 maanden in het buitenland gespendeerd en ik ben exact met hetzelfde idee naar huis gekomen! Ondertussen ben ik bijna een jaar terug en ik koop opnieuw kleren (heb het bijna een half jaar volgehouden om zo goed als niets te kopen), maar ik ben nog altijd even overtuigd als toen. Minder kleren is inderdaad eenvoudiger om ‘s ochtends een outfit te kiezen, beter voor het milieu, beter voor mijn gemoedstoestand (van de hele tijd te denken ik wil dit en ik heb dat nodig word ik niet bepaald gelukkiger, ik voel me beter als ik niet (of minder) mee doe aan de hele consumptiedrang) en beter voor de portemonnee. Geen spijt hier, ik ben heel tevreden met mijn legere kleerkast en mijn stijl is er ook op vooruit gegaan doordat ik nu beter weet wat ik écht mooi vind en vaak ga dragen. Alleen maar voordelen ;)

  5. I always say that I will par my closet down…. but i am just too emotionally attached!!!…. I will… one day!!
    nice jacket.

  6. Actually…no! I’m not bored yet :) But I can understand you are, having to pick something and realizing it would look so much better with an item you left at home (I ALWAYS have that problem on a trip of vacation ‘Daaaaamn, I wish I had my ….. (black shoes/leather jeans/etc etc, you fill in the blank)’ even though I always carry way too much stuff with me…)
    But I love this outfit though and you don’t look like you came with just 23kg :)

    Love Jolene

  7. Love this outfit! You look amazing!

  8. cool look! I’m not getting bored of it. I love how classic you always look

    The Koalafornian x

  9. effortless !!! you look amazing, seems you’re enjoying the time !! :)

  10. No, not tired at all. :) The Look is great.

    Katharina // Katinka &
    Christmas Giveaway

  11. Love your leather jacket, the minimalist attitude is kind of hard when all these new beautiful items tempt us contininuously :)

  12. Lovin’ the style, simple…
    The 3 monhts will be hard but interesting…
    How ever we probably always go back to our favourite items and always get new ones but we like to keep stuff as it relates to our past, experiences and special moments.

  13. Sabrina, you are always so pretty and such a natural beautiful, you’re one of my girl crushes!
    Mafalda ❤

  14. Amazing outfit, your style is still amazing!

  15. The leather jacket is to DIE for.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  16. Dat vind ik wel een tricky regel hoor, zeker als je regelmatig rigoureuze closet clean outs doet!
    Verder blijf ik mega fan van het jasje.


  17. I love that outfit and I can totally relate to what you said. My closet is filled to the brim… also with pieces still attached to their tags… I’m dreading the spring clean out… ;)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  18. Ik kan me voorstellen dat 23kg voor een langere tijd weinig is, maar het gaat er nou net om welke items je meebrengt. 23kg aan overhypte items of 23kg aan goede basisstukken maakt nogal een verschil! Tot nu toe aan je outfits gezien hebbende, heb je volgens mij het juiste ingepakt! ;)

  19. Mooie outfit en gave foto’s! Die tweede is lekker spontaan!

  20. The look is amazing, and I’ve been following your efforts for surviving on a 23kg bag very closely..I made kind of the same decision this winter, trying to minimise all work outfits down to a few pants and combine them with sweaters. Reeeeally an easier life, especially in the morning!

  21. Great outfit….I love your biker jacket…

  22. It doesn’t take much to have a minimalist wardrobe, I’ve done a few posts on this myself, as a minimalist:

    .. but even though I KNOW what my essentials would be, I wouldn’t want to just live with a minimal wardrobe. I want variety and colour. Clothing is way more than function for me.

  23. We probably don’t need a lot of clothes in theory but our desires rarely match our needs…

  24. Good policy, one new in one old out (clothes, shoes, and bags, not scarves and accessories). this is what i try to uphold, too. but it’s hard though. if i could not rid one item (in the same category), i force myself to return the new item. it means what i have is not too worn, too outdated, or too illfitting, thus makes no room for a new item.

    honestly, i don’t think many women have a very pared down wardrobe that can fit into a 22″ pullman bag (the biggest carry-on size allowed). My closet can fill up a UHaul truck. I keep track of what I buy since 2007. I am constantly amazed at the new things I buy Every. Single. Month!

  25. love this edgy comfortable look!

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