Back in Paris I captured Anya Ziourova, fashion director of one of those cool Russian magazines (Tatler) we can not easily get our hands on in our tiny little country called The Netherlands, wearing THE leather dungarees, or overalls, whatever you would like to call them, from the 3.1 Phillip Lim resort collection that should arrive in stores soon. She paired them with a black and white sweatshirt and simple black Céline heels while strutting the Tuileries.

Miroslava Duma already worked a rusty leather version of them – I believe they were Acne – last February in New York, matched with a nude Louboutin, a bright printed top and an oversized statement (is that a contamination?) necklace.

Despite the fact that our Russian street style stars seem to be fans, this might be one of the most man repelling wardrobe pieces that a woman can own. (Makes me wonder though, are they equally sartorially offensive to us when worn by a man, in denim?) And yet do we find mister 3.1 Lim forecast them in black leather for pre-spring, but also in a fuchsia ánd moss green nubuck for when spring has sprung.

I remember back in the 90′s they were a huge trend in any form of denim at my school – also in the 70′s, but that was way before I came along – and I also remember I had a checked one, with beige and baby blue, which I wore with those horrendous platform sneakers – predictably also in beige – during the time I thought pictures of the Spice Girls were good fashion advice.

Whether I will buy one of these is still to be questioned, but I kind of like them. I mean, these are not just any dungarees, they are leather dungarees. What do you think?

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  1. I think leather dungarees isn’t an easy piece to wear everyday…I’m much more attracted by denim dungarees for casual outfit, or velvet skinny dungarees with brogues, jacket and feminine shirt for example.

  2. Ik heb ook wel enkele leuke jeugdherinneringen eraan, maar nu zou ik ze echt niet meer dragen
    Ik ben overtuigd dat jij de dungareees super stylish zou dragen, maar of het de investering waard is ?

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  3. I wouldn’t dare, but I think it could look great on you, as you know how to play with this type of “delicate” item!
    But I definitely prefer the rusty version, on Miroslava. Would also work great with your hair!

  4. Please do not buy them, Sabrina! I’m sure you could make them look cool for a couple outfits, but I just think your $$ can be better spent on something else. For the record, I like overalls best when paired with tank tops. Of course, back in the day I wore them with those cropped baby-T’s and thought it was sooo cool…I do not miss my wardrobe from those days, haha.

  5. I prefer the Kenzo version and they are NOT sold out – they have a little more edge and sex appeal making them a little less man repelling while still directional! On the Kenzo site!

  6. I bought these ASOS ones a month or so back and totally fell in love with them until I touched them. They are very plasticy to the touch.