Since it is so hard to find the perfect this and the perfect that, I thought I might share my personal list of favorite wardrobe staples. These are the functional ones that work for me on a regular daily basis.

Basic t-shirts. Mine are from the men’s department at COS.

Silk shirts, at least one black, one white. Equipment ‘Signature’, what else?

Cashmere sweaters. The men’s section (again) at the Belgian brand Essentiel has really good affordable options.

Darkgrey skinny jeans (and all kinds of other colored ones). I have tried millions and millions of jeans, but my Dr Denim ‘Snap’ ones are the ultimate – not too skinny, not too loose – they are perfect. I just recently found out the ones from Maison Scotch work pretty well on me too.

Boyfriend jeans, one pair of them. I personally love the Acne ‘Pop’ in one size too large (though they sell out pretty quickly) and I have a very nice one from Diesel.

Classic black pumps, the most unreal pointed toe pair you have ever laid eyes on. I am currently saving up for Prada, since Louboutin Pigalle is way too uncomfortable and maybe a bit too obvious for me. Go for a >10cm heel and the perfect amount of toe cleavage.

Oversized wool coat in camel or grey. Stella McCartney, Joseph, or for a slightly cheaper alternative Fillipa K. (I do not own a Stella – or Joseph – but this would definitely be my dream coat.)

Black blazer and matching pants. I swear by mine from Maison Martin Margiela, bought with a huge discount at Roundabout.

Chunky knit. Looks like Hope Sthlm is re-issuing their ‘Grand’ sweater, I never saw anything better than this.

So tell me, what are yours?

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  1. I always like these kind of posts ( Garance Doré did a similar one I really liked last year)
    All the brand and items you mention are quite expensive, but I’m glad you added you are saving up/ cheaper alternatives,…

    I agree on the black blazer, skinny jeans, plain t-shirts and would also add a pair of simple ( black) flats and a versatile scarf


  2. I completely disagree, this is not boring at all! These are things that every woman needs to have in their wardrobe, and some people spend years trying to find the perfect wardrobe staples. I for one, have spent countless hours searching through stores looking for the perfect plain white t-shirt, and now, thanks to Sabrina I know where to find one!


  3. While living in NL (for 2 years), I found amazing cashmere sweaters at V&D. Very good quality and on huge sale, marked down from 125 to 25eur. I got 4 and still have them after 3 years. Also, Stefanel makes great cashmere products.

  4. I have been looking for a white, 100% cotton, non see-through (!), classic button down for about five million years and I can’t seem to find it. The only good one I have found so far is from Abercrombie&Fitch, but the moose logo on the pocket is way too prep for me… help!

  5. Good question!! … i think your answers perfectly sum-up the ‘basic’ core wardrobe pieces.
    To top-up a bit but still keep the selection focus, i would add:
    - watch (ideally rolex)
    - black leather jacket
    - burberry trench-coat or barbour jacket
    - great statement bracelet (hermès collier de chien)
    - black dress (thinking alaïa)
    - mini skirt (black in textured fabric like velvet … to go with the cashmere sweaters!)
    and voilà pretty much !! ;)



  6. Hahaa yesterday i imagined something like that about this post..i agree with you..plus *sport shoes *classic sunglasses *classic watch

  7. those are totally ultimate pieces that never comes out of fashion! I think that when buying those stuff we should really pay attention to their quality, because there is no sense of buying another ‘perfect’ white tee in 2 months, just because some holes appeared. COS is definitely the best store for basics! xx

  8. Marks and Spencer makes great cashmere sweaters! Really good quality, not too expensive, very soft mmm
    Bompard and Brunello Cucinelli are my absolute fav. Love these kind of posts! x

  9. Ook al ben ik nog maar 17 jaar, ik ben nu al bezig met mijn garderobe zo simpel mogelijk te houden en te investeren in basics zodat ze lang meegaan en er goed uit blijven zien. Ik hou echt van dit lijstje, omdat dit ook dingen zijn die ik als basic beschouw en die iedere vrouw volgens mij zou moeten hebben!

    Ik volg je blog nu al een tijdje maar heb nog nooit gereageerd (shame on me) maar ik vind je stijl echt helemaal geweldig! Ik wou dat ik er altijd zo leuk zou uitzien als jij.

  10. Completely agree with your staples. I would add a black biker jacket (Balenciaga or Sandro), a simple black strap watch (Cartier if it doesn’t leave you homeless) and a tuxedo (vintage ysl). I buy my tees from T by Alexander Wang on sale. They are so soft and flowy, it’s the best

  11. I wish those brands existed here in Argentina! The quality I get here can’t be compared to that you have in Europe.
    This is a great post, if I ever travel to Europe again I will keep this list on mind!

  12. I wonder why you wear so many oversized clothes? You are petite and you will look a way better in something less oversized, trust me :))

  13. I have a thing for COS tees too!
    For Cashmere sweaters I highly recommend the “granny’s” section at El Corte Inglés, a very popular department store in Spain. I visit Madrid every Christmas and I always buy a great cashmere sweater. The price is really convenient and since I love my cashmere sweaters a little big, kind of boyfriend style, they are the perfect option. My trench is always Burberry’s and bags, Loewe.

  14. I’m after the grand sweater for a while now! I went after it after EK told everyone on het blog they were available again, but was too late to get my hands on the black one. So I’ll be patiently waiting… ; )



  15. don’t underestimate the allure and intensity of the pigalle- it is pretty much guaranteed to always turn heads and get jealous stares!. its still hard to find, and is not as common as you might think!