Ever since the launch of Dutch Vogue back in March, I am a loyal buyer. Subscriptions are not my cup of tea, but I am a faithful white cover collector. I have to admit I do not read it cover to cover – I am skipping most of the interviews unless they are with people I already found interesting – but I definitely have my favorite spread each and every issue.

This time (November issue), it is one of the spreads from the ‘Oneindig Schier’ editorial about the new silhouette, starring Mirte Maas, styled by Dimphy den Otter and photographed by Annemarieke van Drimmelen.

It is just beautiful.

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  1. Dutch Vogue hasn’t found its identity yet ( they are trying a bit of everything now but dont bring anything new to the table). Al though they still have a long way to go, I bought every issue since its launch. Maybe it’s my Dutch pride…
    Ps. Maarte looks gorgeous and kuddos to the styling

  2. I also agree with Alice that Vogue NL still needs to find their own identity! To be honest, I haven’t bought every Vogue NL issue because there was something missing most of the time when I flipped through it at the kiosk. I must say, the left side of the editorial speaks for me the most. The background, the styling and the model are doing a great job

  3. I’m not really fond of Vogue… I bought it a few times but I’m disappointed each and every time. The last time I bought it was because of Lana Del Rey. I think there’s way too many advertisement and it looks a little chaotic to me. That’s why I’m so glad Carine Roitfeld started her own magazine! ♥-Axelle