This is what I packed for my summer vacation to the USA. Shorts, shorts and more shorts, comfy sandals, tons of cute bikini’s and a tiny beach bag just to carry my tanning oil and sunglasses – and possibly a book. I like to keep everything as simple as I can while on a holiday, especially during a roadtrip. Getting dressed in the morning without even thinking feels refreshing like a dive in the ocean, particularly during Fashion Week season.

Las VegasDeath ValleyYosemite Park – San Fransisco – Monterey – Oxnard – Los Angeles, only four more places to drive to as we speak. Anything that I just can not miss?

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  1. renting bikes at fisherman’s warf in San Francisco and cycling over the golden gate bridge to sausalito, then taking the boat to go back. a bit touristy but amazing! enjoy!

  2. definitely santa barbara!! the most beautiful city in cali, it might seem a little boring and small at first sight but you should spend more than only 1 day there, it’s great! many nice little cafes and some cool shops, and juts a relaxing atmosphere. the best sushi i ever had you can get at arigato sushi, and jeannine’s bakery has delicious cakes and cookies.

  3. Wauw wat leuk een roadtrip! Om je een tip te geven zou ik sowieso naar Santa Barbara gaan en ik zou Monterey skippen en in plaats daarvan naar Carmel by the sea gaan haha. Have fun!

  4. We stay at the Cedar Lodge which is situated in the picturesque Merced River canyon. Because your quide stays at the same hotel we can offer you a truly guided tour. There’s no need to waste time waiting for bus transfers to get to/from the park so you can see more of Yosemite. The Lodge has such creature comforts as a restaurant, bar, two swimming pools, a jacuzzi and private beach access on the Merced River. The river flows cold and heavy in the Spring and early Summer but is comfortable to swim in during August and September.

  5. Ha, ik ben deze reis nu ook aan het maken. Wij zijn in San Fracisco begonnen, echt een geweldige stad. Heel relaxed. Toen zijn we via de 17 mile drive richting Carmel gegaan. Carmel zelf is niet zo bijzonder. Beetje bejaardendorp. Toen via de Big Sur richting LA, via de Big Sur. Stop even bij Nepenthe, coffee plaats met super uitzicht. Daarna naar LA. Santa monica beach is erg leuk, ook leuke winkels en Huntington Beach is een echte surfspot. Wij zijn nu in San Diego en gaanmaandag naar Vegas.

    Have fun!

    Grtz Pauline