As any true devotee of Mean Girls knows, on Wednesdays we wear pink. Now I haven’t been really wearing lots of pink on Wednesdays before, but it has been slowly making its entrance into my wardrobe.

Glamour’s Stephanie Broek just launched her online video series Hi Fashion and I’m in it! Have fun watching…

Although December was fun, January was all about The Big Cleanup with good stuff for my face and a juice cleanse.

Quick news

Courrèges is anything but a new name in the fashion industry. But with two brand new designers at the helm, it is worth keeping your eyes at.

Mountain tops fully covered in snow, pine trees literally everywhere and a suitcase full of anything warm I could find in my closet – my Christmas couldn’t have been more Christmas-y.

Since Paris is always a good idea, I thought I’d share 10 of my personal favorites in Paris. From a delicious morning coffee and the best hotels, to a nightcap…

Ok, I have to admit… There are worse things in the world than to be asked to join a trip to Savannah and Atlanta to visit the film festival as well as a bunch of local hotspots and highlights.

From the archives

I guess essentially I am pretty timeless when it comes to my style and adding new additions to my wardrobe, though I tend to lean towards a funky little detail here and there.

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