You probably all know by now that I am a huge fan of lip balm and especially the ones that are a 100% natural. So when I came across the prettiest of silver tubes and found out they were made by two awesome Dutch girls (who managed to get their product at Colette within a year!!), I had to sit them down for a chat.



Nathalie is a Fashion Features Editor at Vogue Netherlands and she has one of the most enviable shoe wardrobes around me. The best thing about her shoe collection is that most (read: all) of her options are comfortable - mostly midi heeled - and wearable for any day of the week, yet they're all still very awesome. As for the rest, she likes to keep things quite simple. Great minds think alike?



I wouldn't refer to myself as a dare devil when we're talking daily makeup routine. But I don't color between the lines when it comes to the use of particular products. And despite what you might think... You don't have to be a make up wiz to master the many tricks and random applications of what's in your beauty bag. Why limit yourself to the label of a product? Experiment! Allow me to share some fun (and alternative!) uses for the one magical powder responsible for flushing cheeks: blusher.



Every now and then, young talent pops up that is worth raving/going crazy about. Liselore Frowijn is only 23 years old and has already achieved a pretty impressive CV. She graduated cum laude in 2013 with her collection Afternoon of a Replicant with which she later won the Dutch Couture Award by Frans Molenaar and the Prix Chloé Hyères International Festival de Mode 2014(!).

A little while ago she got to open the Vodafone Firsts Fashion LAB program at Amsterdam Fashion Week. It’s a program that helps to create a bigger audience for young designers and let them do something for the very first time and I think it's inspiring. I mean, what was the last time you did something for the first time? For Liselore, it was her debut on the catwalk.



It's here! (If you follow afterDRK on Facebook or Instagram, you've probably already seen it, but...) After being a huge fan of their Advanced Night Repair serum for years, it's safe to say that I am super excited to announce my Supreme Me Moments collaboration with Estée Lauder.



I had the pleasure of working with Yokaw (she's a make up artist!) a few times now. And every time I do so, I am amazed by her creativity and what she comes up with even if I give her the vaguest description of my ideas. Remember our editorial at the beach? Her work. Remember the one in the hotel with the bath tub with that crazy good eye liner? Her again. Time for a Beauty Talk!


OUT WITH THE OLD with the new. Let me introduce you to my first official 5 Piece Wardrobe buy of the year. Satin metallic brocade Mary Jane pumps by Miu Miu. They're a little bit completely different from what I usually buy, but I guess that's the whole point of growing a great shoe collection. Just like my glitter flats, they are special shoes and I need more special shoes as the rest of my ensemble is usually a simple uniform consisting of grays and blacks.

Anyway, this purchase wouldn't be a real me buy if I didn't have an extra argument (or two) on why I had to have them (I have this urge to always defend my purchases), so here goes. I am selling my Alexander Wang leopard pumps. If you're interested, they're still up for grabs here. Now who would get rid of an old pair of shoes without getting a good replacement first? Not me! Also, life is short, buy the shoes.

One month down, five to go (with 4 more pieces left). Doable.



And bam! You know how they always say January is the longest month? Well for me it seems like all of a sudden this first month of the new year is over and we’re diving back into Fashion Week madness. It’s a never-ending circle that we are in and I am not complaining. Not at all.

In fact, in less than two weeks I am flying to New York (LOVE!) again and even though it’s freezing cold over there and I pretty much hate the freezing cold, I am undoubtedly delighted. Excited to see a few of my friends oversees and excited to rock my thermal head to toe stuff where no one can see.

Another thing I am super duper excited about is the new direction in which afterDRK is heading. It’s safe to say that I have been struggling for quite some time now (maybe a year?!) and I apologize for a little bit of absence every now and then, but I finally found whatever it was that I was looking for. After over five years of having this blog, it can’t be weird that I feel like it is time for something new. Now don’t freak out. I am not going anywhere far far away and I am definitely not disappearing, but there are going to be quite some changes (aka, I am giving up good and going for the great).



Just a few days before his show, I met up with Danish/Dutch designer Claes Iversen at his atelier to talk about nerves, Amsterdam Fashion Week, his new collection and what makes him tick. Because after showing 14 times at Fashion Week, does one still get nervous?



Yep, this is my first new thing after starting the 5 Piece Wardrobe regime on January 1st. If you think about it, it's 5 pieces in 6 months so it mustn't be that hard, right? It's basically one piece a month (almost).

And even though this is over my price limit (I set my limit at 100 euros) when it comes to accessories that count as basics, I do count this perfect belt by Acne Studios as a basic.