Sexy is a concept everyone embraces with a different approach. To some it can be as simple as 90’s underwear, while to others it’s the scar that tells their most intimate story. This is my sexy.

After Black Friday follows Cyber Monday, with even bigger and better deals.

If you like 90’s Margiela, you’ll most definitely like Vetements. The brand that’s been here for only four seasons, but we all know is already in for the long run.

Not sure where to go on Black Friday? We’ve listed 18 of our favorite shops and their best deals. Now go in for a digital fight…

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Check, plaid, tartan… I am never completely sure how to call this print, but it’s reappearing every winter and I thought it was time to give it some much deserved attention.

We teamed up with EDITED – a new German based online store that has a pretty good selection of outerwear right now – to show you how to style your winter coat.

With winter being just around the corner, our skin usually needs a little bit extra to prepare for the cold and the storm. Here’s three different moisturizers, tried & tested by us.

There are certain things that we are ought to find beautiful and there are certainly things that we – in general – associate with ‘beauty’. ‘Beauty’ is pretty much pre-defined by our society, but what do you truly believe is ‘beauty’?

From the archives

It is safe to say that I am a fan of The Loft and so when Filippa K asked me to do a second round of our Girls in Filippa K series, I knew Kassandra and The Loft would be perfect for it.

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