That's it! Yesterdays banana leaf printed pj's was the last in our 26 days of giveaways to celebrate afterDRK's 5th anniversary. I am off celebrating on my own now, currently enjoying myself to the fullest in Bali and I have decided to take a small hiatus from the blog.

It is kind of thing to take an actual break from blogging, since one can do it from literally just about anywhere as long as there is a decent internet connection. I could have scheduled a bunch of posts and even Sanne could have entertained you for days (if not weeks). It obviously took me a little while to make up my mind on what to do, but it felt right to take a real break for once and take a real (as in proper) vacation without needing to worry about anything.

One of the other (though very important) reasons I am doing this is because I am working on a lot of cool new projects for afterDRK - not while I am in Bali! - and sometimes when you're stuck in a daily routine it is really hard to get new things off the ground and going smoothly. It is a pity that I can not tell you anything about it yet (I know, why am I even getting started about it?!), but I am truly very excited and I will share as soon as I can. That's a promise.

Anyway, I won't be completely gone as I am still updating Instagram, so make sure to follow there. That is unless you don't like tropical photos.

Ok bye for now! I'll be back in 10 days (it's just 10 days!), on the 8th of December.

Z / ZZZzz

Today marks the 26th and therefor last giveaway in celebration of afterDRK's 5th birthday. I should have gotten you a wooden present, ha! But we're not married so I got you 26 things I genuinely personally like in the hopes you'd like them, too.



We’re coming very close to the end of this celebratory alphabet! Ironically, today’s giveaway is about the same. Giving some extra, in order to preserve something for a later stage... The skin you’re in, that is!



It’s fruity, shiny and it smells like summer. Oh, and the best part of all: you can put it on your lips. I love it like XO! *Beyonce voice*



Quite rarely do I wear a watch, but when I do it's this black chain metal one by Larsson & Jennings. Not necessarily for keeping time, more because it's a really (REALLY!) nice accessory to be wearing.



We've already talked undies a bit this month and I told you that I love my underwear to either be really basic or look utterly cute (and maybe a little sexy?). Well, we've sure covered the basics, so let's talk about the cute (and maybe a little sexy?).

Last January, fashion and interior stylist Marloes Hoedeman launched her own lingerie label called Love Stories and after opening her very first store on the Amsterdam canals over the Summer, it is safe to say that we got a new favorite in town.



Ohh how I love myself a regular getaway to the beauty salon. It is something that I don't do often enough, but I am slowly learning to treat myself every once in a while. I usually 'just' get a massage, since it is something I strongly believe one needs from time to time (especially after carrying around a heavy camera like mine for a month during Fashion Week season). But I enjoy getting done a proper mani/pedi just as much.

I mean, who doesn't? Me-time is important and it wasn't invented by us women for nothing (I don't think men do me-time too?). Do you treat yourself often enough? What is your favorite treatment?



Has the turtleneck ever been more on point than it is this season? I am not completely sure as - according to Wikipedia - it dates back to at least the 15th century(!), but the point is, it’s on point.

What I like about it is that it is one of the most versatile pieces for the colder seasons. It is such a good thing for layering and that makes it the perfect thing for Fall.



We are half way through Fall and we have probably all figured out what to wear on a day to day basis. But what do we wear when Winter hits? Or worse...snow?!

Now don’t get me wrong I love snow and how pretty it looks. But when you really have to get somewhere, it can be annoying as hell. And super hard to get dressed in the morning. Because there is only so much layers one can put on top of each other. And there is only a very limited amount of pairs of shoes that work in the snow and still look cool, too.

I can’t help but wonder, what type of shoe do you wear when the snow starts piling up? And do they work or do you just cross your fingers (and close your eyes?) and hope you make it from A to B without falling?



Brace yourselves, ladies! Today is all about the most passionate shade on the color wheel: red. I could dwell on about the many uses and versatility of red makeup items, but that would be stating the obvious. Instead, I would like to equip you with some foolproof pointers from a pro, on how to use the goodies up for grabs: a blood red lipstick and matching nail polish from Tom Ford.