I have been sharing my Sunday playlist for quite a while now and you could say it's pretty versatile. But what not a lot of people know is that I am secretly a huge fan of R&B, it's pretty much all I …



With Chanel showing its new collection this morning in Paris (in an hour or so) and only a few shows left on the calendar, Paris Fashion Week is almost coming to my end. And with it, my fomo.

Yes, I am bummed I am not in Paris and yes I am bummed that I can't add a second Chanel show to my list of awesome things I did. But hey, there's always next season. And what I didn't show you yet it that last season I did more than 'just' attending the show and visiting Coco's apartment.



It's been a while since I last DIY'd and even though it always makes me feel like I am back in kindergarten, I do like to get all crafty every once in a while. I love how it automatically adds a little something extra, that personal touch that often makes an outfit.

And so I thought it would be fun to share what I recently did with my Levi's 501 CT - one of the uncountable amounts of boyfriend jeans that I own - when I got asked to customize them. After Googling for possibilities and to get my creative juices flowing, I bumped into one too many tips and tricks on shredding (which is obviously an art, hence the amount of DIY's to be found about them) and decided to go for something completely different. And so I went for beaded cuffs.



It's funny how these things kind of always start with following someone on Instagram. Same for Yeliz, who is both an online editor and photo editor for Marie Claire Netherlands and does some freelance travel writing on the side. I had been obsessing over her obsession with funky shoes, white collars and Acne Studios on Instagram for a while and knew we had to do a Style Talk with Yeliz sooner or later.



I have always been deeply fascinated by hair. Maybe even enchanted. Color, texture, thickness, cuts, length. I find myself staring at people’s hair in shops, bars and public transport. I must have been mistaken for a perv many times. Please don’t take it personal if this was you: if anything, it was a compliment. I am amazed by the power of hair to portray a person and I was merely respecting your beauty.



You never get a second chance to make a first impression and so let me do this properly!



At the very coldest day during New York Fashion Week - the one day I had no shows or presentations, nor did I have any other plans - one of my friends came up with the fantastic idea to go outlet shopping at Woodbury (located at an hour drive from Manhattan) and I immediately said ‚yes’. I had heard so many good stories (Prada shoes at 90% off, Stella dresses for little over $100,- and a Céline store) that I had to give it a shot. Because hello(!), music to my ears.

I have to admit that when I got dropped off at the food area, all I could think of was 'can someone please get me out of here?!'. I was one of the first to arrive there that morning and the food hall looked so miserably sad that I almost wanted to jump straight back on the bus, back to civilization.

When my partner in crime arrived - she came from the other side of Manhattan, hence why we took a different bus - we manned up and came up with a survival plan (Barneys first, then Céline and so on and so on) for this war zone.



Vogue's Kelly Connor pretty much rocks what seems like the best solution to survive those very last few days of cold weather, the ones that are always the hardest. I mean who doesn't want to hide in a sweater this big until Spring knocks on our door?

Picture by Sandra Semburg.


It feels a bit strange that I won’t be in Paris for Fashion Week this season, I have to admit. I wasn’t in London or Milan either and while I am super bummed about it, trust me when I say my reason of embracing my fomo for once is super legit. And I am sorry for teasing, it’s something I won't be able to share just yet.

But hey, at least I went to New York! Not completely sure if that was the best choice weather wise, since the first thing I say when people ask me 'how was New York?' is 'Cold!!!'. I did get to see some amazing shows and I am feeling quite inspired for the new season. Which by the way - according to the weather report - is unofficially starting next week. Plus, I got to spend some time with friends that I don’t get to see all the time.

But let’s talk about our wardrobes and the new season, Spring!



It’s the size of a coin, but it stings like a minty bee. Honestly, I didn’t think much of Burt’s Beeswax Lip Balm when I first spotted the little tin. Especially considering its price category, I didn’t expect wonders. But ever since purchase, it has not left my bag, coat and other hiding places for cute pocket size products.

Another super-duper-organic-hipster-gluten-free-balm is what I assumed upon investment. But Burt’s Bees has been around since 1984, way before the current organic craze. What started off as Burt’s little experiment with bees wax turned into a head-to-toe care line, based on natural ingredients. And when I say Burt, I mean an actual beekeeper with a grey fuzzy beard, in denim overalls and a fisherman hat. In other words, something to buzz about.

The lip balm is completely clear and gives a matte finish, making it a great base to use under lipsticks (or tinted lips!). Within seconds after application you will feel a tingling sensation, due to its peppermint oil. But don’t let the plain matteness fool you; its moisturizing power is beyond belief, making it ideal for chapped lips.

What's your latest lip loving sensation?