We teamed up with EDITED – a new German based online store that has a pretty good selection of outerwear right now – to show you how to style your winter coat.

With winter being just around the corner, our skin usually needs a little bit extra to prepare for the cold and the storm. Here’s three different moisturizers, tried & tested by us.

There are certain things that we are ought to find beautiful and there are certainly things that we – in general – associate with ‘beauty’. ‘Beauty’ is pretty much pre-defined by our society, but what do you truly believe is ‘beauty’?

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While New York is full of great places, the sea of cafes can be quite hard to navigate. And where to get the best coffee in NYC, that’s the question… Here’s my 16(!) favorite places…

On trying to become a better morning person (especially now that it’s still dark outside in the early hours) and the few easy little things that have helped me so far.

Liza Chloë is obsessed with anything visual and has been able to translate this into building new concepts and creating campaigns for cool brands. Apart from that, she has this thing with lipstick(s).

Mark your calendars! To celebrate the official opening of de Bijenkorf Beauty World and all its beauty brands, I was asked to host a live Beauty Talk session on stage on November 12th!

From the archives

We met Bruna Rizk, booker at VDM Model Management, while scouting for our model profiles series. Despite the fact that she is still officially an English Language and Culture student, she is one lucky woman to have already found her dream job. Apart form being a booker, she occasionally acts as an emergency make-up artist to help out …

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