Woah, first of all I am sorry for the lack of updates!



I’ll never forget the first time I saw Fayette. A few years ago we bumped into each other on the dance floor, wearing the exact same hysterical shiny pants. Most girls would’ve probably rolled their eyes and moved on, but not Fayette. Instead, she high fived me and we ended up dancing all night.

That situation sums up her fascinating beauty habits. Authentic, natural and with a touch of je ne sais quoi. Today, we both despise those pants. And even though I’m slightly embarrassed for owning them, I can’t thank them enough at the same time.

Allow me to introduce you to one of my best friends plus beauty and style favorite Fayette. And no worries, no shameful slacks needed.



What not many people know about me is that I used to have an off center labret piercing. Yep, I did. I know it’s really not me at all, but I was young, I was on a holiday in Greece and I figured I was either going to bungee jump or get a piercing (#yolo). I can tell you my parents weren't too happy about my pick and my boss wasn't either (I was a ground stewardess at the time) and so it didn't take too long before I took it out.

Even though it wasn't the best choice I ever made, I enjoyed it while it lasted and I still love a good piercing on others.

Take this septum piercing, I never thought it could look this chic (and cool at the same time). Makes me wonder do you have any piercings?

Picture by Sandra Semburg.


I think I’ve found the Swiss knife in the land of beauty. Everyone, say hello to Lancôme’s Absolu Au Naturel Palette, a multifunctional wonder I stumbled upon at the airport.

I’m a bit ashamed to admit it, but the one thing that bothers me about my makeup pouch is its size limitation. Somehow it’s never really big enough to carry everything I want. And even though I only need to use perhaps three products, the thought of having access to whole lot more (in case of emergency situations where serious touch ups are in place!) eases my mind.

But, with a small purse bursting out of its seams, I tend to store them in my handbag (read: big black hole for things to dissolve in). This palette covers eight nude eye shadows for day and party proof looks, two concealers, a powder, a rosy blush, a dirty pink lipstick, a rosy gloss, two eye pencils, mascara and a mirror. In other words, goodbye to floating madness in my bags.

My advice to you, don’t just skip the tax free zone when you fly. You might stumble upon a travel size gem hidden from regular retail.

Enough talk from me, now back to you.

How would you like to see this palette in action?

Scarf, Mansi Shah.


I think I first got introduced to Andrea and Laura by our mutual friend Nicole (who you all know from her wishlists here on the blog). The funny thing is that it took me a while to figure out that they were the ones behind the brand À la. But ever since I did, I was eager to share their super awesome story behind their brand as I just love how they approach things differently and are so super passionate about what they do.



I am not quite sure why, but I always had a thing for the bum bag (aka fanny pack). I never owned one (except for the one I had as a kid to hold my marbles), but I remember that about two years ago I really wanted this very particular one from the brand Newbark. The thing is, it was a little bit too expensive.

Last week at the Topshop opening in Amsterdam I found this military green one, but it was more of a belt with a small pocket attached that could fit probably a credit card or two. And while I am not one for carrying around my entire life in a bag, I carry around some more necessities than just a card.

This one from Céline is pretty much the prettiest of all (that shape! The color!), but I am not sure if I could ever spend a 'designer' amount on a super specific bag type.

Picture by Sandra Semburg.


I have been sharing my Sunday playlist for quite a while now and you could say it's pretty versatile. But what not a lot of people know is that I am secretly a huge fan of R&B, it's pretty much all I …



With Chanel showing its new collection this morning in Paris (in an hour or so) and only a few shows left on the calendar, Paris Fashion Week is almost coming to my end. And with it, my fomo.

Yes, I am bummed I am not in Paris and yes I am bummed that I can't add a second Chanel show to my list of awesome things I did. But hey, there's always next season. And what I didn't show you yet it that last season I did more than 'just' attending the show and visiting Coco's apartment.



It's been a while since I last DIY'd and even though it always makes me feel like I am back in kindergarten, I do like to get all crafty every once in a while. I love how it automatically adds a little something extra, that personal touch that often makes an outfit.

And so I thought it would be fun to share what I recently did with my Levi's 501 CT - one of the uncountable amounts of boyfriend jeans that I own - when I got asked to customize them. After Googling for possibilities and to get my creative juices flowing, I bumped into one too many tips and tricks on shredding (which is obviously an art, hence the amount of DIY's to be found about them) and decided to go for something completely different. And so I went for beaded cuffs.



It's funny how these things kind of always start with following someone on Instagram. Same for Yeliz, who is both an online editor and photo editor for Marie Claire Netherlands and does some freelance travel writing on the side. I had been obsessing over her obsession with funky shoes, white collars and Acne Studios on Instagram for a while and knew we had to do a Style Talk with Yeliz sooner or later.