Ok, we absolutely love a good beauty trend and obviously try out new (or old, but never tried before) products here and there, but the one thing we love most is a flawless face. Some were born that way - you know, the ones that stood in front of the queue when 'they' handed out the flawless faces - but most of us women (that includes us!) want to use an itsy bit of extra help from a pot or tube every now and then. If not everyday.

Amsterdam based makeup artist Amanda Rijff happens to be specialized in enhancing ones features and so we decided that it would be a great idea to put the already very pretty Florian van Zuilen in her chair to see how it's done.



Is there anything in life that feels as rewarding as buying a Prada coat for €100,-? This might sound a little shallow, but it's a hell no for me. Sadly enough Sabrina doesn’t really know this sensation all that well - she gets confused by discount tags, feels overwhelmed when entering stores during sale time and always falls in love with new season stuff (with matching new season price tags!).

I on the other hand, feel like a kid in a candy store when placed next to racks that say -70% or even better, outlets. At this point I would even dare to call myself an expert in discount shopping. So that’s why I took matters in my own hands and decided to take Sabrina (and thus: you!) on an outlet shopping spree.

And where better to do this then in the best outlet centre in our tiny country: Designer Outlet Roermond?! They carry everything you need for a guaranteed day of unlimited discount fun. A Prada walhalla? Check! Humongous Burberry store? Check! A Dolce & Gabbana store stuffed with goods? Check check check! And soon there will be a Coach (19th of June) and L'Oréal (24th of June) store added to the list.

A few simple rules and guidelines will make this the most pleasurable and fruitful shopping spree of your life - read and learn.



Dutch beauty Sylvia van der Klooster - the unofficial muse of Dries van Noten - has been modeling for 18(!) years and walked her very first show amongst Kate and Naomi (yes, THE Kate and Naomi). After living out of a suitcase for a long time she decided to settle down in Amsterdam 10 years ago.

Her obsession with bags made her decide to become a traditional bag maker 4,5 years ago and even though she had no intention to start her own business in bags at all, she knew she had to do something when somebody asked her if he could sell her bags. And here she is with her very own, very authentic bag label. Time for a little chat...



Last week my dear friend Margot and I went to Istanbul with Corendon, a city that I had been wanting to visit for a long time. Istanbul is huge with lots of tourists and especially a lot of traffic. It is a bit overwhelming from time to time, but if you take the effort to do a decent amount of research, the city is quite a gem.

If you're planning on going (sooner or later) we made a city guide to save you from doing your research on where to shop, eat and sleep.



I'm getting to the point where blush alone simply won't do. And with sun swept streets in Amsterdam, golden cheeks are the one thing I'm craving. Unfortunately I don't tan very fast and I'm not a huge fan of solariums. If you're with me on these, I might have a sunny surprise for you.



The travel season is about to kick off. Which probably means you have been drooling over beautiful landscapes at Google images at least once (or too many times). Or stressing about the weight of your buffalo-sized suitcase. However, I've been dealing with a completely different aspect that comes with exploring countries... Renewing my passport.

It's probably one of the least sexy tasks out there. The act of going to a formal setting to request a document, waiting for hours (if not days), processing time. And then there's the everlasting drama of bringing a proper photo you feel comfortable with. If you're going to drag this image around for a couple of years, you should feel confident about it. Right?!

Therefore I've gathered some great ways to ensure a fresh and flattering look to last.



She is an actress and photographer and apart from wrapping up the last month of the highly successful theater play War Horse in Antwerp, Chloé Leenheer also previously starred in our Denim Stories. As she's currently on stage 7(!) times a week - busy bee much? - you can imagine how excited I was when she agreed to play a role in our Girls in Filippa K serie(s).



Yep, here we go again. Another story about denim. But this time it's a little bit different...

Finding the 'perfect' (as in REALLY perfect) pair of jeans is like finding a needle in a hay stack. Or maybe even worse. There is just so much that needs to be right - color, fit, washing, etc., etc., etc. - and so much that can go wrong. Wearing the 'wrong' pair of jeans is like wearing an ill fitting bra. It just doesn't look very good. But there's obviously a lot of personal taste/preferences involved as well.



A few weeks ago - on our first 'ok for bare legs' day of the year - I visited Haarlem to test drive my new Coach sunglasses (two pairs of them, to be exact) for a project called #ShadesofCoach. Haarlem is a littler and quieter version of Amsterdam and I would say that the best part about it is that it's super close to the beach. During Summer time I tend to go there a lot. To get out of my own city and to soak up the sun. And it's just a 15 minute train ride away.