While I am not too much of a logo type of girl (logo’s on underwear, logo’s on sweaters, logo’s everywhere), I love myself a decent quote every now and then. I recently wore this FOR THE LIFE YOU LEAD sweater that Lee created with the ultra cool Filles à Papa to celebrate their 125th(!!!) birthday.

And now I bumped into this See You in Paris sweater by Zoe Karssen at Stijl Bergen, Winkelstraat.nl, which is kind of the perfect soft friend to be wearing when heading to the French city of romance.

Q: Today we’re giving away a Zoe Karssen sweater via Stijl Bergen at Winkelstraat.nl with the quote See You in Paris.

All you have to do is leave a comment with your size included (double entries won't count) under this post. Please fill in your correct email address so that we'll be able to contact you. A winner will be picked randomly on December 8th and will receive an email from us. To make an extra chance, make sure to check our Instagram. Just saying ;).

This post was created in collaboration with Winkelstraat.nl.


Clothes (and any kind of accessory) in general are mostly meaningless to us, if you really think about it. They’re just stuff. We buy them, we wear or use them, we get rid of them, it’s an endless process and it is a process that is usually the same. Unless it is something vintage, something gifted, something inherited or something personalized.

My grandma (the one that I have known) wasn’t the most stylish one, to put it mildly. And that’s more than ok, because stylish grandma’s are a rare breed.

So apart from a few things I have that were gifted, getting stuff personalized is my only way to have clothes and accessories that have a special meaning to me. Luckily for me it is a bandwagon that more and more brands hop onto.



It’s not even December yet and Sabrina’s making it rain like it’s a family Christmas. And with all your overwhelming comments, I am liking every bit of it. Next up in this month’s gift galore: some suave spectacles from Ace & Tate. 

Whether it’s Santa or miss afterDRK treating you to new glasses: when it comes to eye candy, make up can be a tricky situation. Mascara touching your lenses, foundation on the frames. But trust me, prescribed fashion does not have to be prescribed drama. In fact, they look incredibly witty – and sexy on us (did anyone say hot secretary, Miss. Money Penney?).



Ok, I am not completely sure how to discuss this one. But I love nudity - in a non pornographic way. There is something about human beings in their most essential simplicity that I think is very beautiful.

That said, I don’t really like being all that nude myself. It’s not that I don’t feel comfortable in the skin that I am in. I am perfectly confident with the way I look, especially since I ran that half a marathon and I lost a few unnecessary pounds from working out 3-4 times a week. It is just that without any clothes on I feel a little too...naked?



Brrr, it's getting colder and colder and it is time to start preparing our skin for it. You know, to prevent it from cracking from the chill. In other words, how to stay moisturized? While in summer I barely use anything other than sunscreen, in winter it is a whole different story.

Creams get thicker and I start using more and more natural oils. I am a huge fan of coconut oil for all kinds of things and purposes (Sanne is too, she even wrote about 15 ways to use it once) and I love No.73 Poivre Noir Fraîche body oil from Marie-Stella-Maris.

My other favorite - maybe even my most favorite - is Goe Oil. I discovered it when I was in LA and I was in the midst of clearing out my beauty cabinet and replacing everything with (more) natural/organic/bio stuff. I had read good things about it and guess what? They're all true. I wrote a little bit about it here.



If there would be a masterclass in the art of layering (come on it’s not easy! It’s as close to rocket science as fashion can get, right?!), who would you like to be the teacher?



Have you ever knitted something for yourself, from scratch? I haven't (the beanie I am wearing was made by the geniuses behind Wool and the Gang), but I remember my mom making me and my older sibling the very same sweater each year. Hand knitted, Miffy pattern included et al.

Admittedly, knitting might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a sexy hobby. The first and only thing Lesley said when he saw the orange ball of wool, was: "Really?!" Well, the end result is pretty darn cute, mind you. Makes me look like an orange version of Tote, on an early (trust me this picture was taken earlyyy) escape from a Super Mario game. Now if this won't keep me from freezing once winter hits the city, I don't know what will...



You all know by now how much I love my jewelry to be subtle, right?

Well, remember Isabella? She is one half behind Ivy & Liv, a jewelry line filled with subtle gems. And apart from sharing little bits of it on Instagram, I (can't believe I) never fully shared their Firefely collection lookbook that I shot last summer.

I hope you like it!



While I have never been a frequent Tumblr user, Pinterest has changed my life. Well, at least kind of. I used to save all images that I came across and wanted to keep for 'inspiration' in one unbelievably messy folder on my computer. And I was always unable to find a specific image when I needed it.

Though I do still like to create a real life moodboard whenever I am working on a specific project, I use Pinterest all the time to search for stuff to use.

However my main inspiration nowadays comes from magazine editorials, browsing through a fat coffee table book or old photo books, but I also love how spending a day in a different city always magically gives me a great big boost. I guess Pinterest can get a little too clutter-y sometimes and I wish it would be more curated... Or something that would remember your preferences (or would that just be scary?).

Makes me curious, what makes you tick?



Ugh, bad hair days, who doesn't have to deal with them every now and then?

They are definitely not completely vanquishable, but there's ways to at least make them less frequent.