Anklets are back! Or at least I would like to think so. They're the perfect feminine gesture to show up in between a rolled up boyfriend jean and a flat sandal or - even - a sneaker.

They make me think of the long summers I used to spent in Italy when I was little, building sand castles in flirty colorful dresses and eating gelato until I nearly died from multiple food babies. (Pistachio being my favorite flavor back then.) To stick to those childhood memories and to channel my inner mini-me, I decided to attach a playful hint in the shape of a charm from my baby bracelet to my anklet. Yes it's a sheep. Don't ask.

I have to say I wouldn't wear it with heels because double femininity is just not my thing and I feel like it could get an itsy bit tacky.

Anklet, bought from a random jewelry store (but Asos has a few nice ones too).


After seasons of seeing minimalism and less is more just about anywhere/everywhere, it is time for some more excitement in our sartorial lives. Time for more guts, perhaps even in the form of prints. Now I know this was part of my New Years resolutions list, but I haven't been able to completely live up to it daily. Probably due to the fact I still very much work from home, which brings along laziness when it comes to getting dressed in the morning, but...I am ready for it!



Whenever I tell someone I work from home, they respond with something like 'that is perfect, so you (can) work in your pj's all day!'. Well it is possible, but it doesn't really work that way.



Some colors just have this instant chic to them. I shot this woman in her maroon tinted coat in London and I love how that color gives her ensemble this instant chic. I have to admit the ladylike bag, the huge gold ring and the neatly polished nails help, but if we would remove all that, I think she would still look fancy.

It is funny how I feel like it is mostly gemstone colors like emerald, sapphire, champagne, ruby red... Rich stones, rich/fancy colors?

They seem to all work pretty well together, but especially with grey and denim. Two of my very best friends when it comes to color coordinating. Even though it is Spring and supposedly the season for more happy - brighter - colors (yeah, we all know that is not going to happen in my wardrobe anytime soon), time to for some gemstone color loving?

Ok, I am off enjoying Antwerp/furniture shopping for the weekend.


To be completely and utterly honest, I go to bed without taking my make up off every once in a while. I know, I know, it's bad. Sue me. It is just that I sometimes wait until I am way too super tired to even bother starting the whole cleaning ritual. (And then the next day I wake up asking myself where I got that pimple from.)

Now that I found a ritual that almost leaves me too fresh-faced to be true when done, it is a little easier to spent some extra minutes in the bathroom before jumping in my pj's and diving into bed.

Here's what I do to get the cleanest face in the world.

It all starts with a bit of raw undefined coconut oil that I bought at Wholefoods in LA - but can be bought at just about any hipster food store - which melts as soon as you touch it. I carefully rub the oil over my lids and lashes until I look like Kung Fu Panda. With a wet towel, I rinse the oil off my eyes.

The hardest part is done.

For my face, I use the Enzyme Cleansing Gel from Mario Badescu. Anything else gives me extremely dry skin. On heavy make up days (read: after a party or shoot), I also use A Perfect World Age-Defense Treatment Lotion With White Tea from Origins to remove the very last bits of dirt. Lastly I use Peptide Renewal Cream from Mario Badescu, a nice and thick cream to take on the night shift.

There you go, an easy peasy 3 or 4 step cleaning ritual. Now tell me yours!

Coconut Oil, Spectrum; Enzyme Cleansing Gel, Mario Badescu; Age-Defense Lotion, Origins; Peptide Renewal Cream, Mario Badescu.


Oh, what I wish I would be wearing right now (in some place a bit warmer than Amsterdam, pretty please)...

Shirt, Jil Sander; Trousers, 1205; Briefs, Base Range; Sandals, ATP Atelier; Hoops, Asos; Sunglasses, The Row; Body Cleanser, Kiehl's.


Adidas Stan Smith or Superstar? They are both 'back', but what's your pick?


How cute are these super tiny monkey ear studs? They're by Marc Alary, who showed his collection of detailed animalier jewelry in Paris during Fashion Week.

Earrings, Marc Alary.


Spring has officially sprung and even though it has brought us one full day of sun that actually felt like there is a new season in town, I feel like my mood already changed from winter blues(?) to full-on happiness.

I even wore a red skirt (not kidding!) earlier this week for a project.

This makes me think of something my other half said a couple of weeks ago. He probably doesn't know, but his statement did hit me. A little bit. He said that I should maybe try look a little more feminine every now and then. And it is not that I would ever change the way I dress for a guy, even if it's a guy that I have been dating for five years now. But the guy has a point.

Side note, Lesley is one of those guys that adores a girl in her tightest dress and highest heels. I don't own any tight dresses.

My heels are currently stored in boxes and apart from that party I went to that made my toes feel numb, they haven't come out of those boxes in quite a while. Not even during Fashion Week. And here I am in my destroyed denim, a casual sweater that my other half mistakenly wore last week because he thought it was his, a boxy leather jacket, complete with mannish loafers et all. Should I have worn lipstick with this? Am I turning into a boy?

Admittedly this is not my most feminine ensemble, but I have never been quite ladylike and I don't think I ever will be. I used to climb in trees, only occasionally played with Barbie.

Even though I feel the comfiest in jeans and sneakers (or a loafer in this case), it is obviously good to sometimes step out of our comfiest zones. And so I will try and do my best to figure hug every once in a while, show an ankle, a shoulder or the cleavage I don't really have...

Leather Jacket, Acne Studios; Sweater, ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo; Jeans, Paige Denim; Shoes, Zara; Bag, Rodtnes; Sunglasses, Bottega Veneta.