A fresh take on lashes! Deviating from my beauty routine does not happen quite often, but I had to try the cobalt blue mascara thing Stella McCartney forecasted for f/w 2012. I feel like this look will be at its best with a strong, minimalistic dark fall look in a few months -imagine with olive green or burgundy!- to make it look less nineties.

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  1. I can certainly see the baby blue mascara shade being the perfect comrade with all the Celine inspired or Proenza Schouler fall pieces. Needless to say that you are a true beauty that MUST experiment with make up colors once in a while!! :)

  2. love the blue mascara-it definitely suits you and it adds a subtle color to a wonderful natural makeup look :) xx

  3. Oh, but it looks just as beautiful with the clean look on the blog.
    Unfortunately I haven’t found a blue mascara that would actually look blue on my dark lashes :(

  4. very pretty, you are really a beauty!i was wondering though, why do you say its no brand mascara?there is always a brand name, or by no brand one means that its not a famous brand?i am just wondering!

  5. Thanks for your reply, Sabrina! What a pity that it’s a no name mascara because the YSL is way too expensive and the ones from our (german) drugstores are too dark so that you can’t see any blue on the lashes.. Yours looks beautiful and the picture is awesome :)
    BEst wishes!

  6. I saw this trend on Columbine’s blog too. I did’nt like it on the magazines but on you or on her, that’s really fabulous!
    It makes beautiful eyes and a sexy babydoll effect !

  7. Wow! This is a very inspiring look, I even like your look better than the Stella Maccartney original. I picked one up myself yesterday, a mascara from Sephora – just to discover from the pictures of the Stella show that that’s the exact mascara they’re using :). I’ve got rather dark lashes so I needed a few layers to get that blue ‘glow’. Very subtle and quite beautiful. But to get the effect you have here, which also is stunning – I needed that particular one you have, I found it. Dirx indeed and for like 1,50 or something – haha, what a steal. Much better than spending 20 – 30 bucks (like the YSL one…) on something that isn’t really for every day. Just for fun :-) So thanks. Take care!

  8. Oh, and as a note to previous comment(s), about copying. Almost all bloggers copy in one way or the other. Some more, some less. Some do it very badly, some do it very well. I, as a reader, copy – a lot. I believe that’s the result of being inspired and applying it to yourself. The better you know yourself, the greater distance you have and can make the judgement of – does it fit me? What’s important in my opinion is that you, as a blogger/writer/stylist, inspire – in your own way. Only one can be the first. The rest are followers. The one person doesn’t make the trend. The followers do. We do. Thought of that?
    So thank you Sabrina for being one of my daily sources of inspiration!