I just got back from my relaxing weekend in Paris with the boyfriend. The hotel Lesley picked out for us was situated right around the corner from Colette, the perfect location for a weekend filled with shopping, drinking wine, eating oysters, strolling through the little streets of Le Marais and relaxing in the Jardin des Tuileries. I was hoping to find some nice goodies to add to my wardrobe, but I came home with an old Chanel affiche instead, which we found at the Parisien market Puces de Saint Ouen.

Note to myself for the next trip; do not wear, I repeat, do not wear a short floaty dress in Paris ever again. Yes, I had my own little Marilyn Monroe moment, oops!

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  1. When I saw your last picture with the short floaty dress I wondered how you managed to wear it in Paris… Now I know you had the same problem everybody has in Paris haha!! I loved your pictures they are beautiful!!

  2. I think Marylin Monroe’s moment is everywhere around the globe when wearing a dress and being windy hahahah. I dream about Parisss! really liked your Chanel affiche and you new haircut;)

  3. such a fun photo diary! Loved your floaty dress it don’t matter you had a Marilyn moment, that can be fun as well! It’s your vacation :)

  4. Hi there! Lovely pics! I’m going to Paris myself in July so I’m looking into hotels at the moment. I googled the Lesley hotel you mentioned but I couldn’t find it. Please reply me with a link. Many thanks!

  5. Oooh, I see! HAHAHA! I read it sloppy! But do you still know the name of the hotel so I can google it? It seems like a great area. Many thanks!

  6. Love your photos! Do Parisians wear shorts? I am going soon to Paris and after some research, I found that Parisians opt for dresses instead of shorts. What’s your take? Is this true?

    • @stacy: Thank you! I guess they are more about dresses and skirts, but I would go for shorts if I were you!

  7. Mooie foto’s weer! J’adore Paris!
    Ik zou er zo willen wonen. Laatst heb ik ‘Midnight in Paris’ gezien. Een echte aanrader en je gaat alleen nog maar meer van Parijs houden. De jaren 20 stijl is trouwens ook al een kijkje waard.

    Mooie outfit in de laatste foto’s. Wat staat eenvoud jou toch goed!

    xo Sari