I just got back from my relaxing weekend in Paris with the boyfriend. The hotel Lesley picked out for us was situated right around the corner from Colette, the perfect location for a weekend filled with shopping, drinking wine, eating oysters, strolling through the little streets of Le Marais and relaxing in the Jardin des Tuileries. I was hoping to find some nice goodies to add to my wardrobe, but I came home with an old Chanel affiche instead, which we found at the Parisien market Puces de Saint Ouen.

Note to myself for the next trip; do not wear, I repeat, do not wear a short floaty dress in Paris ever again. Yes, I had my own little Marilyn Monroe moment, oops!


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  1. Ha ha! Too bad, this dress is really nice.

  2. Je ziet er prachtig uit!


  3. Wauw, geweldige foto’s! Je hebt echt prachtig weer gehad volgens mij ;)

  4. Yay! Je bent naar de Puces geweest, en? Blij met de tip?! Wann zie ik je weer?

  5. great Chanel! but the dress are really beautiful :)

  6. Super duper nice dress! Love this diary! xx.

  7. Hehe Glad to hear I’m not the only one who’s had a Monroe moment in Paris! that wind is treacherous!

  8. Loving that last picture! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  9. your new haircut looks amazing!

    xx H

  10. looks so nice :) x For Happy Days

  11. Lovely pictures and I looooove your dress!!

  12. Ahahahah. Yes, but the dress is amazing so it was worth it!!!
    very nice post , I moved to Paris for a while…

  13. Paris in summer must be so fantastic. Want to be there, too! :)

  14. Lovely pictures! Oh, and I just love your Rika t-shirt!

  15. Stunning photos, I really want to go to Paris!


  16. You look so incredible cute on the last picture. And I love that oldschool-Elle-whatever-mag.

  17. Ik weet niet hoe jij het elke keer weer voor elkaar krijgt, maar je foto’s zijn inspiratievol! haha. Mooi :) xx

  18. When I saw your last picture with the short floaty dress I wondered how you managed to wear it in Paris… Now I know you had the same problem everybody has in Paris haha!! I loved your pictures they are beautiful!!

  19. Lovely pictures! I love your tee!

  20. hele mooie foto’s! keer op keer vind ik ze geweldig.



  21. Lovely picts! Hope you had great time in Paris :)

  22. Beautiful pictures!! And I absolutely love your short hair. So pretty. :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  23. Stunning photo’s you look so pretty and I love your outfit in the last one


  24. Hele mooie foto’s, en je haar zit echt mooi zo!

  25. Lovely pictures. Your hair looks awesome!

  26. … paris is just too good. love.

  27. Love all these photographs, missing Paris so much – thanks for sharing! (ps. love love lovee your new hair, so fabulous)xx

  28. Lucky you! Great pictures!!

  29. Marilyn Monroe moments are sexy, haha :)

    And it does not only happen in Paris, everywhere you wear a flowy dress and a little bit of wind can cause them, had them around the globe already, haha.
    Hmmm wish I was in Paris to eat Oysters!! Lovely pics.


  30. haha…I am sure you got some nice looks when that happened. but it is a beautiful dress and lovely photos. I really want to go to Paris.

  31. Beautiful pictures as usual. Your dress is so pretty :)


  33. Seemed like u had a great time!

  34. I LOVE your new hair-do! How do you get such great volume in it?

  35. I think Marylin Monroe’s moment is everywhere around the globe when wearing a dress and being windy hahahah. I dream about Parisss! really liked your Chanel affiche and you new haircut;)

  36. It seems like you’ve had an amazing time in Paris.

  37. Loving the old Elle cover!

    ❋ The adventures of a fashion designer…

  38. Je ziet er echt heeel mooi uit! xx Laura

  39. Love the pictures :-)
    What an amazing weekend

  40. Lol to the Marilyn moment!. I really like the photo of the window display =]

  41. Mooie foto’s! Waarvan is het jurkje op de laatste pic? Ik zou het graag willen kopen!

    1. @Roelie: Die is van de Zara van een paar jaar geleden.

  42. Lovely photo’s! Funny story ;-)

  43. Beautiful pictures!
    Love you hair btw :)
    xo Madeleine

  44. Beautiful photos :)

  45. Such a cute little photo diary, love the top you are wearing!
    I am going in Paris for the first time in August, thanks for the tip about floaty dress ;-)

    Anneli x

  46. such a fun photo diary! Loved your floaty dress it don’t matter you had a Marilyn moment, that can be fun as well! It’s your vacation :)

  47. Super mooie foto’s ! Die Chanel affiche zou ik ook wel willen :)
    Elk meisje zal dat ooit wel s tegen komen denk ik , zo’n marilyn moment
    new outfit post

  48. Great pics, you look gorg as always! This is one place Im dying to visit!


  49. You look so stunning. I’m so jealous of your trip!

  50. So nice and such sweet and pretty pics :)

  51. Paris is so amazing! Love the pictures!

  52. Hi there! Lovely pics! I’m going to Paris myself in July so I’m looking into hotels at the moment. I googled the Lesley hotel you mentioned but I couldn’t find it. Please reply me with a link. Many thanks!

    1. @Carol: Haha that’s the boyfriends name, we stayed at a hotel near the Tuileries.

  53. Oooh, I see! HAHAHA! I read it sloppy! But do you still know the name of the hotel so I can google it? It seems like a great area. Many thanks!

    1. @Carol: Hotel Prince Albert ;)

  54. Love your photos! Do Parisians wear shorts? I am going soon to Paris and after some research, I found that Parisians opt for dresses instead of shorts. What’s your take? Is this true?

    1. @stacy: Thank you! I guess they are more about dresses and skirts, but I would go for shorts if I were you!

  55. Love the dress!
    How could you came back from paris without new clothes?

  56. Mooie foto’s weer! J’adore Paris!
    Ik zou er zo willen wonen. Laatst heb ik ‘Midnight in Paris’ gezien. Een echte aanrader en je gaat alleen nog maar meer van Parijs houden. De jaren 20 stijl is trouwens ook al een kijkje waard.

    Mooie outfit in de laatste foto’s. Wat staat eenvoud jou toch goed!

    xo Sari

    1. @Sari: Die heb ik toevallig ook laatst gezien! Topfilm! Xx

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