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In Paris I went to see Fabienne and Liquorish, the spring/summer 2013 and previous fall/winter collections from Dutch born and very young Peet Dullaert. At 23, this designer is living proof that age ain’t nothing but a number.

Fabienne was created in just six weeks, with inspiration drawn from Victorian shapes. A monochrome collection with a black and white print referring to fur, yellow – referring to gold – and royal purple with a twist. With his – what I believe – strong eye for detail, Dullaert has a few great treasures hidden in his items, like a big rhinestone on the inner side of a sleeve. The blazers and two-toned pants with a shorter back are just too amazeballs.

With Liquorish he won the Dutch Frans Molenaar couture price. The judges believed his collection was the most ‘fashion’ of all contestants. I fell for the colors. And the knits. And that black and white jumper.


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  1. Loveee the jacket with pink “pockets”!!

  2. Wat ‘n aparte stukken. Mooie collectie!

  3. Dat gele jasje ziet er mooi uit!

  4. Amazing collection!
    Love the white jacket with the pink pockets and black details.

    x Sari

  5. Gaaf! Ik herken die ontwerper! Ik heb hem wel ineens bij mij aan de kassa gehad bij de Albert Heijn :)

  6. these pieces are absolutely amazing and omg he’s only 23! great achievement


  7. I absolutely adore collection, and find it very refreshing to see a young designer doing so well!


  8. Nice!!!! There aer like to items I want ASAP. The black and White blazer with the pink pockets and then there’s a yellow version of it too?? Well I see something haning on the rack with black and yellow and from here it looks like a blazer. I really like those two pieces!!


  9. amazing! and I love that piece of jewelry! ;) xo, Alma

  10. It looks like they have some awesome pieces!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  11. sick! I love all the pieces!

  12. Hi, I have just seen your blog for the first time. I love it! I follow it! I think that u have a great style and every post are very interesting.

  13. Very cool collection! I love it! Love the jacket, love the orange top, i think that you have done an amazing on your collection, and that last outfit in those pictures is very interesting, its been very inspiring, thank you for sherring your collection!

  14. Nice! I really love the orange shirt with the puffy sleeves! As soon as I saw it I was like I MUST DRAW THIS!

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    I love these pictures.
    I appreciate your opinion about my blog.
    We can follow each other,let me know.
    Kisses*** Anellle

  16. love the orange sweater!!!

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