Yes, pajama dressing has been here for a few months already and yes, it’s kind of a risky business. But…I just can’t get this Rag & Bone shirt out of my head. I’ve been wanting it for a little while now and every time I’m slowly forgetting about finding it, it pops right back into my mind. Since we don’t have much stores selling this brand in my country, I’m crossing my fingers for when I’m in New York for Fashion Week in a few weeks.

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  1. Lol, that would be relaxing! :D

  2. Can’t wait to see how you would combine it!!
    Have a great weekend!

    1. @Anna: Thanks, I know but Barneys charges 100 euros for shipping and I really want that white one ;)

  3. Ah, rag and bone is ook echt een heel leuk merk ja! Inderdaad jammer dat het hier niet zoveel wordt verkocht..

  4. ik zie hem je wel dragen! met een andere broek is het gewoon een blouse en geen pyama meer

  5. I’ve just been posting about the pyjama trend, and I am so in love with this Rag & Bone shirt too! Hoping to grab it in NY in a few weeks too! I’ll be fighting you for it. P.S. I love your blog – my favourite thing is your gorgeous coats!

  6. Go for it! Rumi is rocking her’s fabulously!


  7. Rumi looks awesome in her pj’s, she makes something like a closet staple. x

  8. I’m so amazed and eager to try the new pajama big news myself!! Love the silky ensemble especially well portrayed by Agnes on January’s British Vogue.

  9. Im not so sure about it!! You have to be really skinny and tall I thing to don’t be ridiculous…

  10. Love it. I just bought a J. Crew pajama top that I wear out.

  11. Do you think you’ll try this look out? I guess the weather right now is not the most “pajama outside the house” friendly… – Aliya :-)

  12. so cool! but i guess it won’t look good on most people. it would on you, though, i guess

  13. i remember seeing that on rumis blog and thinking it was awesome!

  14. Ik vind hem ook prachtig! Fingers crossed voor je ;)


  15. Ik vind het gaaf maar je moet het inderdaad goed stylen. Hoop dat je het gaat vinden in New York tijdens Fashionweek (btw, jaloers!!! ;))

  16. I love it but it takes a lot of courage to wear it. I for one know that I couldn´t.
    (don´t know why this is the first time I write you since I´ve been following you daily for more than 1 year.:)
    Kisses. I simple adoore you!

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