Finally had the guts to drag boots other than the Balenciaga’s through what is left from Nemo. No studs were harmed, I promise!

Leather Jacket, Diesel Black Gold; Skirt, Yep Collection; Bag, NMBR Nine; Shoes, Laurence Dacade, Scarf, Marc Jacobs.

Pictures by Anna Nooshin.

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  1. Mmm i don’t know, you look nice and everything but it feels like you are trying too hard… I do get it is fashion week and all but the outfits you are posting dont feel like a style that belongs to you but just to be in streetstyle blogs or stuff like that…

  2. vette rok :) je ziet er altijd zo anders uit tijdens fashion week! leen je ook kleding ofzo? want ik zie allemaal stukken die je nooit eerder hebt gedragen (iig niet op je blog). wel leuk dat je ook eens wat anders probeert, andere kleuren/silhouetten, moet je vaker doen! ook als ‘t geen fashion week is ;)

  3. In my opinion you look much better with your normal outfits than with the ones you use for Fashion Weeks… even though I did loved the one you worn the other day with pieces by RIKA. I agree with some comments above that say this is not so you. But this is just a constructive criticism! ;)

    • I totally agree with the above comments. I think you try to hard to be stylish and be somebody you’re not. Don’t do that it just not works for you! Just be true to your own (cool) style and don’t want to look too much like somebody else. The whole outfit looks messy and quickly gathered together xx

  4. Even though I liked your outfit by RIKA very very much I have to admit I prefer your “normal” outfits rather than your FW ones. As I read in some comments above, this is not so you… A constructive criticism, though, I usually like your style very much!