Queensday in Amsterdam is the only day we are allowed to sell our stuff on the streets. I decided to organize a super tiny Closet Affair with my two girls Caroline and Margot and give it a try. We got up at 4am to make sure we would be ready for the first customers that usually start bargain hunting around 5am. We had so much fun betting -while not being completely awake- on items that would go first and strangely never got sold.

All items that I did not sell are going to a good cause. See you next year?


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  1. What a lovely concept. I love it. Maybe you will see me next year! :)

    xo Joana

  2. Haha ziet er gezellig uit :)

  3. That is so much fun!!

  4. I’ve never heard of this event. It’s fascinating. What a great idea!!

    Polka dot.

  5. cool!!!

    xoxo from rome

  6. hahaha, ziet er gezellig uit! wel heel druk!

  7. Leuk idee! Ik hoop dat jullie veel verkocht hebben! :)

  8. Superb idea. and aaah, i see that you also belong to the “not-taking-the-plane-badge-from-the-suitcase” tribe :) saluting all other fellow members!

  9. omg omg omg I so fucking wish I could be there too, just to see you! And omg I wish I would buy your stuff, so amazing! Why is this “QueensDay” one day per year? :( I will try to come next year, I promise :)

  10. super leuk! volgend jaar komen we langs :)


  11. It looks like a lot of fun,we unfortunately do not have days like this :/

  12. Looks fun!


  13. this post is so funny! this is why I like your blog…always surprising ;)

  14. That is such a great idea! It looks like you had a ton of good stuff to sell. I wish i was in Amsterdam to check it out.

  15. I love the idea, but is not too common here in Spain.


  16. Ziet er zo leuk uit! Hopelijk heb je veel kunnen verkopen met die drukte ;)

  17. ziet er erg gezellig uit!

  18. Leuk zeg, heb je veel verkocht haha?

  19. Leuk!! Ik ben in groningen wat gaan rondstruinen, helaas weinig gescoord :(

  20. Cool..

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  21. Wat leuk! Jammer dat Amsterdam voor mij bijna 2 uur rijden is anders was ik wel even komen buurten!

  22. That’s awesome! Your not wearing orange though! ;)

  23. Aah leuk! Waar zaten jullie ergens?

  24. Beethovenstraat?

  25. Jammer dat dat bij ons in Vlaanderen niet de gewoonte is, ik zou ook wel wat dingen kwijt kunnen ;)

  26. Cool, ik wou echt dat ik in Amsterdam was (ik woon in het oosten) jullie hadden echt leuke spullen!

    xx Astrid

  27. You have on like every major item a girl needs to have in her closet! Very chic an modern

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  28. Uh, I would have bought the PS2! Shame i wasnt any closer :)

  29. Ik heb een shirt bij je gekocht! Of nou ja, bij één van je vriendinnen. Ik was natuurlijk te schijterig om te zeggen dat ik je herkende. ;)

  30. If I was in Amsterdam, I certainly stopped by.

  31. That’s so nice!

    Sara Ottavia C.

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