‘Doubt’ could have perfectly been my middle name, but when I got a phone call a couple of months ago, if I wanted to participate in this new project called REACT NOW – a project initiated by Dutch concept label Ruby Tuesday to support Orange Babies in their fight against hiv in Africa – it took me about less than a millisecond (if that is even possible?!) to say yes.

Danish designer Kamilla Byriel designed these React Now t-shirts (I am wearing the men’s version, of course), which are available via HERE from today. 150 of the 5.000 t-shirts being produced are limited edition and come with a book containing all 32 portraits (including illustrator Piet Paris, Vogue’s editor in chief Karin Swerink, model Sylvia van der Klooster and designer Ulrika Lundgren) shot for this project.

These limited editions will be introduced at an expo party on the 30th of June, where all portraits will be sold as well. (I am not sure who – apart from myself – is going to bid on my picture, but hey it is for a great good cause.)

All profits of the project go to Orange Babies.

I have to add that being able to work on a project like this is one of the biggest gifts that my blog has given me.

Picture by the amazing Paul Bellaart, styling by Jetteke van Lexmond. (You are a perfect team, thank you!)


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  1. OMG prachtige foto; ik herkende je helemaal niet! Moest 2 x kijken :)

    1. Fantastic pic! Love Black!

      Don’t miss today my Lady look…….turned into a Casual & Rock look mixing fabrics and textures!.

      Kisses from
      http://www.withorwithoutshoes.com My Bloglovin

  2. super gaaf dat je hier aan mee hebt gewerkt! + een te gekke foto! x

  3. Wow, ik herkende je niet! Wat een mooie foto van jou!
    x Stephanie (www.stephaniesstyleblog.blogspot.com)

  4. In this pic, you’re beyond amazing!! And the project shows how a good person you are!! Congrats Sabrina!! ;)

  5. Wat goed dat je hieraan hebt meegedaan en wat een ontzettend mooie foto! Mijn complimenten! xx


  6. oh my GOSH !!!!!!!! you look much more than fabulous in here !!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥


  7. It’s ridiculous how amazing that picture is!!!!!

  8. That’s a great initiative… and you look gorgeous!

  9. Wauw.. wat een prachtige foto! Echt heel erg gaaf dat je aan dit project mee hebt mogen werken :)!

    XOXO Lillian Chaton

  10. Cool concept en die foto van jouw is echt prachtig !


  11. You look beautiful and the project is fantastic:)


  12. Thumbs up for your involvement to The project and Nice t-shirt!!!


  13. Wat een prachtige foto en een geweldige initiatief!

  14. Such a great initiative!

    You look amazing btw :)


  15. Wauw, super mooie Sabrina!


    Style of Purity

  16. You look absolutely stunning!
    Nearly couldn’t recognize you…

    Fantastic project you participated in!


  17. BEautiful shot, great work!

    XOXO Maud



  18. Mooi dat je hieraan mag meewerken. Jij kan dit weer mooi overbrengen naar je volgers, zodat zij aandacht aan dit project kunnen besteden.

  19. Mooie foto! En goed dat je dit doet voor het goede doel, ik vind de shirts ook best leuk!

    liefs Mireille

  20. Wat een vette foto! Ik herkende je echt niet!!

  21. love the pic……. ‘giving’ is one of the greatest pleasure’s in life.


  22. Wow! I didn’t see it was you at first! You look beautiful! xx


  23. Goed project, en een supermooi portret van je. Ik vind alleen dat jij één van de weinige mensen bent die mooier is zonder/weinig makeup op :p

  24. Fantastic project & you look stunning !


  25. You look amazing!
    Awesome shot and great initiative.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  26. Marilia de Sant'Anna Borges. - ⁄ Reply

    Very good !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This picture: perfect !

  27. That’s a really great project! Nice photo


  28. You look stunning!

  29. Oh wow this is such a strong message and civic deed, you can be proud of yourself. That’s the cause I’m fighting for too (and giving money of course), especially since having my kids. I can’t bear the thought of sick kids who have nothing, not even parents…
    It’s a teardrop in the ocean, but if people help, it is not nothing for them.
    Good for you!

  30. You look gorgeous!

  31. Woooow meis, echt een TOP foto! Congrats :) En over Paris, same story here… Ik twijfel nu al meer dan een jaar, hihi. Maar wil in 2014 het toch echt gaan proberen, spannend! ;)


  32. That’s a great picture. You did amazing thing to support that project


  33. it’s a great and wonderful initiative so how can you not look good in that shirt :) i’m sure there will be a lot of people to bid on the pic! – but, as i don’t speak dutch, while looking at the homepages, i was wondering where and how the shirts themselves are produced? could you tell me?

  34. I was so curious after seeing this sneak preview on your Instagram, but what a great photo!

  35. You look absolutely gorgeous in this photo! And the t-shirt is amazing <3 I think it's fantastic you've been able to work on such a project. You can definitely be proud of yourself :) xx

  36. Such a great project idea – we need more like these! You look so beautiful in that photograph <3


  37. Mooie foto maar vooral super dat je je hiervoor inzet. Dit is de reden waarom ik je volg, je voelt dat je zoveel meer bent dan enkel een mooi meisje met stijl. Nothing but respect. xx

    1. Wat een super lieve comment, fijn om te horen dat je er zo over denkt. Xx

  38. Wouahhh you look so gorgeous ! Really nice picture of you !

  39. Wow ik herkende je bijna niet :) Jij ziet er prachtig uit, dat haar staat jou zo leuk!

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