It is not often that I get super enthusiastic by a DIY. I have tried some myself and I think the results were pretty ok, but it does not come near the DIY’s Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics is executing. The sliced shades she did last week -inspired by the¬†Grey Ant The Foundry¬†sunglasses are such an amazing find that I had to share.

ph/ Love Aesthetics

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  1. Jaaa zo prachtig! Kwam hem voor het eerst tegen op NSMBL, en heb hem meteen in de recap gestopt. ;)

    Ongelofelijk hoe zo’n effect het kan hebben, een randje weghalen! Ivania is top met de DIY’s!

  2. I saw this yesterday and fell in love with them, until I realized that I have not the tools nor the skill to come away with something like this.
    I really like how you always give credit to your inspirations – it’s really refreshing in a day and age where everyone just takes things from the internet and gives no source.