It is not often that I get super enthusiastic by a DIY. I have tried some myself and I think the results were pretty ok, but it does not come near the DIY’s Ivania Carpio from Love Aesthetics is executing. The sliced shades she did last week -inspired by the¬†Grey Ant The Foundry¬†sunglasses are such an amazing find that I had to share.

ph/ Love Aesthetics


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  1. hahaha love them! they look awesome! ;) xo, Alma

  2. Jaaa zij is echt zoo tof. Totaal niet mijn stijl maar ik verheug me altijd op een post van haar omdat ze telkens weer verrast. X

  3. those sunglasses look amazing!

    x For Happy Days

  4. This is some crazy DIY!

  5. Dat heeft ze echt zo leuk gedaan!

  6. gaaf! we kunnen niet wachten die van jou te zien!!


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    1. I didn’t make one ;)

  7. Jaaa zo prachtig! Kwam hem voor het eerst tegen op NSMBL, en heb hem meteen in de recap gestopt. ;)

    Ongelofelijk hoe zo’n effect het kan hebben, een randje weghalen! Ivania is top met de DIY’s!

  8. I thought that was you for a second, with pastel green hair!

    The sunglasses are really cool…

    Visit & let me know what you think!

  9. I saw this yesterday and fell in love with them, until I realized that I have not the tools nor the skill to come away with something like this.
    I really like how you always give credit to your inspirations – it’s really refreshing in a day and age where everyone just takes things from the internet and gives no source.

  10. Love ’em! I’m just afraid that I’ll totally destroy my sunnies if I’d try it. // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  11. I really like what she does, she’s always full of goog ideas !

  12. those glasses are indeed super nice!

    X, Annie

  13. Great DIY, love that idea! I just did a DIY to of a galaxy print on a black shirt, just posted it so check it out. Hope you like it;)



    Style Route

  14. LOVE this idea, it’s so unique !! I might try it but I’m clueless regarding the process ;)

  15. I think her blog is amazing and her diy’s are always suprising.
    Nice that you posted this.

  16. I don’t like her personal style, but I have to admit that this DIY is pretty awesome!

  17. Wow, really intriguing – The slice and dice gave it a very modern look

  18. I love ivania, she’s amazing!!

  19. Jaaa, ik zag het al op haar blog inderdaad! Deze is echt amazing! Leuk dat je er over schrijft. Keep the good work going! :)

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