With a queue that went all the way around the venue, actual fans waiting for hours and hours to catch even the slightest glimpse of Rihanna ánd an afterparty that even kept me (partypooper alert) awake, up and running – ermmm dancing – until late (or should I say early?), the collection she came up with for River Island can surely be found in the top 3 most buzzed about shows from London Fashion Week.

Was is the best one? Probably not, it did not make me cry like I did at Burberry*, but it was most definitely fun. The collection is way less ‘swagger’ as I had imagined it to be. I mean there was a lot of exposed midriffs going on on that blue and purple enlightened stage, but it is more toned down and therefor wearable than expected.

So, what I wanted to talk about are high street brands tapping celebrities to design or attach their name to a collection. Anna Dello Russo x H&M, David Beckham x H&M, The Kardashians x just about any brand and Chloe Sevigny x Opening Ceremony (ok, not high street at all, but you catch the drift!)… What do you think of these collaborations in general? Do you buy things more easily when there is a familiar face behind it? Would you pay a higher price for it? Do you think these celebrities actually sat down with a pencil in their hand to draw their ideas on paper or sat down with a team to do it for them ór do you think the high street brands just come up with things that they think would fit the celebrity and ask for an OK? If it is the last one, ís that ok?

I personally think in this case it all just feels very natural and Rihanna seems like the perfect fit for River Island. Anna got to go backstage and shot some perfect footage of a very confident (and super sexy if you ask me, I really believe confidence if one of the sexiest things a woman can have) Rihanna that could not wait to show what shé came up with to the London crowd.

Also, I secretly think this collaboration is a huge step towards introducing and expanding the brand to the United States…

*almost, almost.


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  1. Honestly, this is not the collection I had in mind when River Island announced the collaboration with Rihanna either. It is so much more minimal than expected, as I’m sure you’d agree, and thus being much more sellable. As for whether I’d pay more money for a piece with a celebrity name attached to it, the answer is absolutely not, though I know this is widely not the case hence why collaborations have been so widespread and successful. I’d like to believe that celebrities get down and dirty throughout the design process, however sometimes hard to believe. All-in-all, who cares? These designs will no doubt fly out the door for River Island.

    Loving your content lately Sabrina, sparking some great conversational topics.

  2. Wow, Rihanna for H&M, that will boost the brand even more and exactly as mentioned, especially in the us.

    Thanks for sharing dear,

  3. the outfit with the long black skirt is outstanding!!!!!

  4. Ik wordt al emotioneel bij de livestream van Burberry dus begrijp je helemaal!
    Best verassende collectie voor River Island. Had niet hele hoge verwachtingen met Rihanna als gastontwerper, maar ze hebben me erg verast! Prachtige showfoto’s als altijd Sabrina! xxx

  5. I think my eye is always more critical when a brand collaborates with a celebrity, and I am much less inclined to buy the products. It reeks too strongly of a money-making scheme for me to ever really be moved by the resulting designs (which are rarely inspiring anyways). If a lower-priced brand collaborates with a high-profile designer, I am more open to exploring the result, especially if it seems to have really been borne from that specific designer’s mind. However, the idea of a random celebrity with no fashion design experience (other than getting to wear beautiful clothes) supposedly “creating” something is boring to me and really representative of how celebrity-centric/obsessed our culture has become. It is merely a high-street company capitalizing on someone else’s fame. I do think that Chloe Sevigny x OC is an a different ballpark however, and is a genuine collaboration with a unique aesthetic that one can appreciate without feeling like they’re “buying in” to something. I also believe that these collaborations are generally losing their edge because they are so prevalent these days and they are ultimately wearing themselves out (no pun intended).

  6. Hoewel de collectie op zich totaal mijn ding niet is, vind ik het toch een geslaagde collaboratie omdat de collectie perfect past bij zowel river island als merk en bij de stijl van rihanna zelf. ook de manier van presenteren en muziek vond ik wel cool

    Jammergenoeg is deze ” match” ver te zoeken bij vele collaboraties en dan is het gewoon te duidelijk dat het om niks meer draait dan extra media-aandacht. Jammer, want ik ben zeker dat vele celebs wel degelijk voor vernieuwing kunnen zorgen binnen een bepaald merk
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  7. I think it depends a lot on the celebrity. With Chloë Sevigny for Opening Ceremony, I can believe she had a lot to do with the collection. With the Kardashians and Rihanna? I bet they didn’t do a thing, to be honest. I found it strange that of all the brands in the world it’s River Island that Rihanna’s chosen, so to be honest I bet it’s just that they paid her the most money. When it’s a designer collaboration, like JW Anderson for Topshop, I’m so much more interested…

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    1. Oh and by the way, it’s “queue” rather than “cue” : )

  8. I saw the video and a lot of bad critics but I loved it, especially tunics and dresses !


  9. Maybe it’s my age. Maybe it’s my cynical nature, but I’m just not a fan. I wish more high street brands would give actual up and coming designers a chance and promote these rather than collaborating with ‘celebrities’ with no real fashion credentials. On top of that I found the actual collection less than original (knots in t-shirts…really?) and not inspiring at all. Though no doubt the RhiRhi fans will go crazy for it.

  10. Great photos, So excited for the collection, Rihanna looks gorgeous, she really suits her hair like that!

  11. I liked the looks, but did not think it was really ‘new’.

    XOXO Maud

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  12. I love your Blog and Style soo much!!

    PLEASE check out my blog!! It would mean SOOO much to me!! PLEASE!! <33

    Greetings from Austria! <33

  13. I haven’t seen the whole collection but the skirt on the first photo looks gorgeous.


  14. truth is I don’t really like when celebrities have their own “clothing line” it is very clear they don’t design their collections obviously, they should stick to singing,acting, etc..

  15. God she looks amazing. The collection looks great btw.

  16. Collaborations catch my attention but whether or not I buy depends completely on the merits of the collection. The only purchases I’ve made of this kind have been with the US Missoni for Target collection in 2011. I think I scrutinize the design of collabs with a more critical eye than ordinary merchandise from a retailer. Perhaps the most important thing is that these collabs create “noise” for retail and therefore traffic which will result in higher same-day sales. The amount of publicity they generate is huge — which is better and cheaper than paid advertising.

  17. Ziet eruit als een hele gave collectie, ik ben benieuwd. xx

  18. Fijn stuk! Zou ik er meer voor betalen? Nope. ;)

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  19. I saw the catalog on British Vogue and got so excited!!!! I hope it will be available on ASOS??? I think that’s the only way I could get hands on them since I’m in the States.

  20. Honestly, I wouldn’t pay a higher amount, just because a celebrity is tag to a high street brand (so to speak). I rather pay for my Burberry, Chanel, and etc then a not so great quality item that just has a name with a celeb. Not really my cup of tea. Its more worth while to pay for authentic stuff. The celebs, I do not believe create these things by hand. And yes, if not already (by UK Youtube vloggers), Rihanna did expose the brand even more to US market (or north ameria).

    Great post!

  21. Nice collection, but, well, yes you had totally expressed what I think everytime someone ‘famous’ do something in fashion.
    I force myself to think that they actually do something, that they put at least some ideas if they are not able to draw because if I were a designer I would never let someone put his name on what I draw.
    I’m not one of those people who would spend a lot of money for a thing made by an important artist just because it’s him.
    Anyway Rihanna is really one of the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen!

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