As I am typing this I unfortunately only have one day left in the USA before heading home and packing for Paris. Everytime I told someone about the trip I was going to make, they told me: “Oh gosh, San Francisco is a-ma-zing!” I myself did not really what to expect, but I absolutely loved it! Those little cable trains were to romantic not to hop on and Lesley and I even got to cross something off our bucketlist: run across the Golden Gate Bridge.

In Maison Martin Margiela blazer and Paige jeans.


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  1. San Francisco is written with a ‘c’, not with an ‘s’ ;)

    1. @Mer: Oops, thank you!

  2. San Francisco is quite romantic place with its cable trains. Great photos. It’s always kind of sad when a trip ends.
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  3. Klinkt anders als een luxe hoor, zoveel reisjes! :)

  4. so amazing! great photos and outfit. have a safe trip home!

  5. Heel veel plezier nog en geweldige jeans overigens ;)

  6. I lived 8 moth in San Francisco and it’s an amazing city!!!!

  7. They say it is a very different place from the other ones in the US. It is already in my “to travel to” list!!

  8. SF is amazing, glad you got to visit such a wondrous city. x

  9. Love SFO its my favorite city in the states. The vibe over there is relaxed and the people al less stressed. Cool that you and Lesley runned the bridge. X Cristel

  10. This must be nicer to enjoy a town for your own pleasure (not only to have the pressure of Fashion Shows, this will be for Paris). You are teasing us with these trousers…

  11. I actually was there,like, 2 months ago! SF is ok, but it’s hell to drive there, hahah!!! It’s great to see all your pictures :)

    En je broek is te gaaf.

    x Leann

  12. De volgende keer dat ik naar Amerika ga wil ik zeker ook eens naar San Francisco, heb er ook echt al veel over gehoord
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  13. come in paris already! xx

    1. @Rea: I’ll be there on Monday dear! Xx

  14. What do you reccomended to see in San Fran?

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