It seems like the devil I might be wearing Prada sooner than I thought. I was not really planning on buying them, plus my size seemed nowhere to be found. But then after lurking through the closed doors of the Prada store at Avenida da Liberdade in Lisbon for two days – damn you Christmas – I walked in to find myself doubting not only between two colors, but also between two sizes. Nude or black, nude or black? For a moment there, I lost all common sense and wanted to pull the trigger on both – ok black, whereas I can still hear the voice of that little inside-devil whispering I should get the nude ones as well.

The shop-assistant was somehow on a mission to sell me a 37,5 – stating Prada sizing is incorrect and I should size down – which I just wanted to take off right after putting them on and so I took my actual size.

So, why not Louboutin? Because they hurt like nasty paper cuts and I think the kind of hidden golden emblem on the soles of the shoes I went for is way more sexy than the red sole story we learned ourselves to believe.


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  1. haha that’s true, Louboutines are nice, very nice but so damn uncomfortable !! But these one from prada look the same good :) ♥

  2. they’re gorgeous!not as expected as Louboutins, but at least equally beautiful!

  3. I think the Prada ones are much more alluring and chic. I have seen the Louboutins way too often on the wrong people which ruins it for me. I know that sounds bad but it’s kinda how I started to feel about them

  4. They are perfection. Can’t wait to see how you style them!

  5. Absolutely in love, allthough I probably wouldn’t be able to walk in them :)

  6. Ze zijn prachtig en ik vind ze inderdaad beter passen bij je dan Louboutin
    Ik wens je een super leuke NYE !
    new outfit post

  7. Beautiful, a true shoe classic! I look forward to seeing how you style them.

    Check out all my outfits from 2012:

    Will you be doing an outfit post from the year? I’d love to see all your amazing looks together!

    Happy new year!

    Anna Lou X

  8. correct gesproken

  9. They are perfect!!! xx.

  10. Indeed perfect! Enjoy your NYE!

  11. Damn, beautiful shoes!

  12. Really good investment!!

  13. Beautiful! Looking forward to an outfit post. Happy ny :)

  14. They are absolutely perfect!!!!

  15. Oh thank god, i thought i was the only one who’s not a big fan of the red sole.
    The Prada’s are so much more appealing i think!

  16. The perfect purchase!!I totally agree with you about louboutins!!

  17. They are absolutely perfect! Is there really such a big difference in comfort between Prada and Louboutin?

    1. @Astrid: Yes I think there is.

  18. They’re simply perfect, love them! X


  19. Zo veel beter dan Louboutins!

  20. they’re gorgeous! and so classy. great buy!

  21. Oh I love these so much more than the Louboutins… Especially since the red sole seems to pop on every 20 euro pair of heels…

  22. That is definitely a good choice! Looks like the perfect heel. If I had the money…

  23. This is one of those moments I have to thank God for not living in Lisbon because I’m sure I would’ve lost my mind in those stores and gone bankrupt already.
    They’re equally beautiful!
    (I’m sure I’ll lost my mind anyway)

  24. These are incredibly sexy and classy! Good for you! It’s a really good purchase!

  25. Couldn’t agree more with everything Louboutin aha.
    These are absolutely gorgeous, such a classic!
    (I would definitely go for a pair of Prada as well if I could, or Manholo who knows.)

  26. need some prada ones as well, I think they are a must-have essential.

  27. I think these look better as well than the louboutins! x

  28. Gorgeous! Glad to read someone admitting a pair of Loboutin shoes are painful!!!

  29. I totally agree on the red soled.

    They were kinda over in 2010 as far as I’m concerned:)

    lovely pick Sabrina!

  30. Such pretty shoes! Have a fun and stylish 2013!

  31. Gorgeous, a lifetime keeper! For those of us who aren’t there yet, the Nine West Love Fury is a decent copy, right down to the little gold emblem on the bottom :)

  32. Sweet buy! looking forward to seeing you rock them

  33. agree! louboutins are way too obnoxious and so many are so fugly

  34. I have to agree with what you say in the last paragraph. It’s a detail only the ones with a sharp eye can see.

  35. These heels are amazing! I also like the Louboutins but these are just a very good choice!



  36. PPP – prada, pure, perfection.

  37. ze zijn prachtig!!! Ik ben verliefd :)

  38. They are absolutely gorgeous! I love the gold emblem on the sole as well. It looks very chic.

  39. What a lovely pair of shoes and I agree on the res sole. I think it so tacky, tough Louboutins are nice shoes, the red sole doesn’t do them any favors.
    Can you please tell, what’s the name of these pumps? Thank you.

  40. and you’re right, these ones from Prada are beautiful!

    x marly

  41. Love them, they are gorgeous! Happy new year !

  42. I couldn’t agree more….after multiple attempts at breaking in my Louboutins, I have decided they are just not made to be worn for more than an hour at a time! I am currently trialing some Manolos with great success…..

  43. These Prada looks gorgeous and it’s like you said, the gold detail on sole give some “sexyness” !
    I hope you liked Portugal !

  44. I’m right there with you, darn you after holiday sales!! These are beautiful and definitely a classic. Great choice! P.S. I take it they’re more comfy than the Loubs?:) Happy New Year!


  45. I could die for a pair like this! Black is always the right option ;)
    Greeting from Spain!

  46. awesome shoes Sab

  47. Wat zijn ze prachtig!


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