This is probably the last thing on earth you’d expect from me, but I kinda dig these Balenciaga sneakers. You’ve got to trust me when I say they look beyond better in real life (and in another color) and I can imagine them worn with leather shorts and an oversized knit.


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  1. I indeed didnt expect you liking these, but thats what makes this interesting.
    I would love to know how they look in real life and see how you combine them. so get your hands on them and prove us you can rock them ;)

    X, Annie

  2. I love sneakers!!! They will look great on you!

  3. I have to say, they are not very special, BUT that doesn’t mean they are not a perfect addition to your wardrobe ;) I would say, go for it (love the way you want to wear them!)

    XO Charlotte

  4. nu zeg ik inderdaad ‘nee!’, maar het zou zomaar kunnen dat ze je heel goed staan

  5. I think they are kind of ugly….I prefer Converse;)!

  6. They’re very similar to the New Balance 420 sneakers (though I think look much nicer, perhaps it’s got somthing to do with the fact, that I have 3 pairs :-)) to be honest and probably a lot cheaper than Balenciaga.
    However, I would like to see you in a pair of those, so why not? You’d rock ’em

  7. I think you can pull anything off. Not sure if they are worth the price tag but maybe we will see you in something similar?


  8. I would also say go for it! you look always great in your chucks, too. so…

  9. Bah wij vinden ze 3 x niks.. Wie weet kan jij ons wel overtuigen met een mooie outfit;)

  10. Wauw, ik vind ze echt beyond lelijk, maar ben des te nieuwsgieriger hoe ze zouden staan. Wie weet verras je me, in a good way ;)

  11. I bought the ADIDAS SL 72 (they look very similar) and I love them in combination with denim shorts for example :)
    See pictures here:

  12. Not my kind of thing, but I’m dying to see how you would combine them! // x Krizia // Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  13. These are wayyyy more comfi than killer heels of course! And besides that, it´s different and I like that. I dig the Isabel Marant sneakers to be honest, what do you think of those?

  14. Ik vind ze eigenlijk wel erg leuk!

  15. I think you just want to buy them because they’re Balenciaga :/

  16. Ik vind ze wel stoer, maar persoonlijk zou ik dit model eerder van Adidas of Asics kopen…


  17. well, hellooo!! i don’t know who spread the rumours that sneakers can’t be fashionable, but they’re wrong! go for it ;)

  18. I have my doubts about them, but if you like them go for them! ;) I prefer the Isabel Marant ones though

  19. Ik hou zelf meer van Vans of Allstars! :)

  20. Hmm dont see a picture of you with it? Is this just blogvetising…

    1. @Thomas: No it’s not. I like them, that’s all.

  21. Sneakers zijn super en ik draag ze veel maar sorry voor deze zou ik echt niet gaan.

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