This necklace from Efva Attling is probably the one item from my wardrobe I get the most questions and compliments about. Obviously the fact that I have been wearing it non-stop since I got it helps receiving more compliments than the items that get to see the sun only once in a while, but I think it is quite funny that something so tiny apparently gets the most attention.

Would be interesting – and quite obsessive – to count the amount of positive reactions per item per hour, no? See if this little bastard would still be the winner.


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  1. Hehe, one more question is in order – is the length of yours necklace 40, 42 or 45 cm? I indeed always wondered the most about that necklace of yours, it’s such a great piece, and looks so good on everything. I’m always on a search for these discreet little pieces that do wonders for your look, although you wouldn’t believe someting as tiny would :)

    1. @B: Mine is 45cm ;)

  2. Het is me inderdaad al opgevallen dat je deze ketting vaak draagt ( ik let er altijd op, ook al is hij zo simpel)
    maar het is dan ook het perfecte juweel om bijna dagelijks te dragen

  3. oh my god this is too cute!

  4. love sweet and cute jewels like this !! especially in gold ! wow :)
    kisses darling from

  5. Beautiful piece!

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  6. The long golden chain could lift even the simplest outfit.
    Great find!!

  7. So pretty! I love dainty jewelry like this.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  8. It’s super cute indeed ! But is there a meaning to the Number 8 ?

    1. @Daisy Roadster and Coco: In Asia it is the number of fortune, for me it means infinity.

  9. Heb me ook al verschillende keren afgevraagd waarvan ie zou zijn! Was er inmiddels al achter, maar toch leuk dat je er een post aan wijd!



  10. that’s a good one. such a cool default to go with pretty much anything

  11. lovely! it reminds me of the jewelry of anne zelien ( a belgian designer). i have one myself :)

  12. Cute! Ik zou ‘m in het zilver willen…

  13. I just discovered your blog and I loved it!

    I really like the design and the pictures

    I will link it to my blog!

    keep going

    Sophie from

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