It is funny how this picture was shot in Paris only a couple of months ago and I am already planning on two new trips to the city of love…


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  1. nice shoes! i´m still obsessed with your latest boots though ;) xo, Alma

  2. oh yeah, nice – again, you have a real talent for searching ‘to kill for’ shoes! haha

  3. these are nice!! loving that separate toe strap the most

  4. Hope these toes are yours because it looks ridiculous when toes are slipping and look split apart within a pair of summer shoes…Otherwise the shoes themselves are gorgeous !

    1. @Daisy: They’re not mine ;)

  5. Really nice! But I see snow out there…

    1. @Lisa: It is the Jardin de Tuileries sand ;)

      1. No, I mean it is much too cold to wear them because it is snowing outside… :)

  6. Very nice shoes. Enjoy your trips!

  7. i love these! id totally wear them with a pair of socks for cold days :)


  8. Oh heerlijk, Parijs! Kan niet wachten om er ook weer eens heen te gaan. Is echt al zo lang geleden! Hele mooie foto ook, nice shoes. Je hebt echt talent voor streetstyle fotografie! xx

  9. Ah love the photo! And the heels of course!!

    x Sofie

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  10. ooo die zijn gaaf! en je hebt trouwens super leuke teentjes :)
    liefs, laila.

    1. @laila” Het zijn niet mijn teentjes ;)

  11. Heerlijk zeg, al die reisjes! Ben wel jaloers hoor :)

  12. Lucky you!
    Paris is such a cool city.

    x Krizia

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  13. Ben één keer met school in Parijs geweest, maar wil zo graag terug!
    En echt een hele mooie foto, ik vind je streetstyle foto’s echt erg goed!

  14. Mooie laarsjes hoor, maar zo te zien zijn ze niet al te comfortabel

  15. The shoes are nice, but my guess is that this lady would’ve been better of with a bigger size…. and a bit of nail polish! ; )

    x Marjolein

  16. Mooie schoenen! Hou ik wel van!
    Alleen die tenen van degene, aah! ze had er op zn minst ff een lakje overheen kunnen doen.


  17. It’s so understandable, I would do the same if I have the possibility.

  18. Lucky you!I wish i could travel as much as you do!!

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  19. Awesome shoes :) I would love to go to Paris.

  20. love your post… love Paris… love black…

    and love to travel light & be creative with sandals! My redesign :

    Carou LLou

  21. These shoes are so pretty! Love them!

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