Just love how one is dressed super classy in all black while the other chose for a colorful print and bold accessories and still looks super classy.


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  1. I love all black outfits, especially whe there is a good mix of fabrics or patterns! leather and silk sounds amazing ! and looks to xx

  2. Love that! I would go for the black :)

  3. Oh yes, both outfits are amazing and classy!!! Thanks for sharing!


  4. Both great outfits. The all-black is definitely more ‘me’ though.



  5. I´m loving that dress! especially the belt she wears! xo, Alma

  6. De zwarte look is echt prachtig!

  7. Love both their outfits!
    But I would go for the all black one.
    Love black!


  8. I adore a good print but classic black never fails to impress me. Just stunning!

    Anneli x

  9. Did you realize that everyone in the backdrop is dressed in full black? So the lady with the patterned dress really pops out.

    1. @Sara Morais: Haha yes I did!!

  10. The lady in black is absolutely stunning!

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  11. I love both look, can’t even say which one I like most. Really depends on my mood I think
    new decoration post

  12. wow, love that multi-print dress. those women got style!

    LOVE BO,

  13. Mooi contrast inderdaad en allebei de outfits zijn prachtig!

    liefs Mireille

  14. both look great, I would definitely wear the black outfit!!

  15. Completely agree, though I do love the all black ensemble.

  16. this is really an amazing photo, love it so much!!!

  17. Hele mooie foto en de print op die jurk is echt geweldig! xx 

  18. j’adore !!! bravo pour ton blog ! Virginie from France & Mes Petites Paillettes

  19. Definitly black!

  20. These women look very chic. I love it that way!


  21. I for one am definitely an all-black kind of girl, but the other woman pulls of the prints so well. They both look gorgeous!

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  23. Love to see the opposites, it’s both beautiful!
    The print is daring and the black is simple but chic.


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