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  1. Awesome jacket! It really brights up the total denim look!

  2. love her jacket!! the colors and the fabric are so beautiful!!!

  3. As you explained before, some pictures don’t need caption ! And it allows us to let our mind wander. These autumn colours perfectly match together and are the perfect complement to denim.

  4. Mooie foto en gave outfit. De jeans en het jasje zijn geweldig! xx

  5. Hele mooie combi van kleuren! xo Madeleine

  6. Echt een super mooi jasje!

  7. what a great jacket that is!

    X, Annie

  8. I Love how all the colours she uses stay in the same zone of purple red and brown!
    xoox Ivana
    p.s. I love the layout!

  9. I ove those jeans! leather belt is amazing, is it sew with the jeans? looks great! and the snapshot is so dynamic, perfect! xx

  10. Great look! Love it! xx.

  11. Love the jacket!
    xox Anne

  12. This is a beautiful jacket! I love the girl on theft more thought:)


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