Leaf Greener, the super talented – not to mention super young – senior fashion editor of Elle China.


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  1. So cute and quirky! Love it :)

  2. mmm, I see China has strong secret weapons in fashion!

    1. @Caroline: They do!

  3. I like the colors combination in her outfit and the fabric texture is very interesting!!

  4. love the necklace and sunglasses…so beautiful!


  5. Wauw, ze ziet er inderdaad heel jong uit. Hoe oud is ze.Wel een leuke stijl met al die printjes! xx

    1. @Eva: Ze is 29 of 30, maar dat is voor een Senior Fashion Editor bij zo’n blad vrij jong vind ik!

  6. She’s living the dream! Must be one talented woman.

  7. i love your blog and i’m following you now !!!

    i hope you like my blog too and follow me back *.*

  8. amazing prints! I love her already, perfect look in every detail, the necklace and the hat are awesome! xx

  9. She really knows how to mix prints and colors so sytlish!

    p.s. I’m trying your mascara advice ;) thanks a lot dear xx

  10. wow. she looks amazing! It takes a rare person to be able to clash prints so well

    x karen

  11. How old is she actually?? The girl has got great, quirky style! No wonder she’s already senior fashion editor!

    GO TO and check out my blog!

  12. Her outfit is cray but it somehow looks cute on her.

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