Jayne is one of those people that can wear a simple tank top and skinny jeans and still look the coolest on the block, even if we would be talking blocks with crazy high apartment buildings.

In between keeping up with her full time job as a skate wear designer and her blog Stop It Right Now, she picked me up to let me dig through her clothes, mess up her place and play with her unstoppably energetic Pomeranians Kuma and Pepper.

Prepare for coolness overload…

How would you describe your own style?
California weirdo casual haha. I like to mix high fashion with vintage and inexpensive items, but in a comfy everyday way. I guess it is sort of like lowering high fashion while elevating basic closet staples?

How does the Californian weather influence your style?
Not so much the weather, but California’s vibe in general keeps people more casual than say, New Yorkers. The weather does not affect me too much because I am always cold year round! If people saw my outerwear collection they would probably be confused. There are a lot of heavy coats for someone who lives in sunny Los Angeles.

And how does your own style reflect in your work?
It doesn’t reflect too much. Even though I design mens apparel and I wear a lot of mens clothes, the styles are not really the same. The only thing about my personal style that maybe sneaks into my work design is that I tend to favor funny, oddball things.

Bag, Céline; Necklace, Givenchy.

What is your current favorite item in your wardrobe?
I recently got a Céline leather shirt from Fall 2012 that confuses everyone. It’s pretty crazy, but I love everything about it. Usually the favorite is whatever is newest I suppose. But otherwise, it’s always just my trusty old beat up t-shirts. That’s what I wear the most. One of my least favorite things in life is thinking about what to wear and what to eat. I hate spending time on it. Thankfully there is no dress code at work so I don’t put any thought into how I look. I end up in some variation of tshirt and jeans Monday through Friday.

And your most precious one?
Whatever was my mother’s is what I value most. I find that jewelry is the most precious, which is weird because I don’t wear it very often. But it usually has the most story to it and is irreplaceable regardless of the value.

Black Leather Jacket, Back by Ann-Sofie Back; Leather Jacket, Balenciaga.

What is your biggest bad bargain?
I don’t really have any bad bargains since I do such extensive research before buying big items. Usually the stuff I end up regretting is fast fashion stuff that’s super trendy. I never regret wearing it, but I end up regretting buying things that are not lasting.

What is the one thing all women should have in their closet?
Jeans and good comfortable t-shirts. They are easy building blocks to any look.

Anything that is still missing in yours?
I’m missing a lot of items haha! I lack skirts and dresses, but I don’t mind because I never wear them. Sometimes I really feel like wearing a frilly floral dress, but then the moment passes. Even at weddings and formal events I favor pant suits.

Sleeveless Coat, Céline; Top, Zara; Jeans, RVCA.

What are your favorite brands?
Obviously I love Phoebe Philo. Acne is also consistently one of my favorites. I like brands that have an overall clean, minimal aesthetic but within that kind of go crazy with colors or textures or paneling. Being able to be weird and chic at the same time. And I’m always down for the Japanese, Junya Watanabe, Jun Takahashi, vintage Issey, so many good ones.

That’s a tough question! I like different brands for different functions. Acne is my go-to boot brand hands down. I do end up with a lot of Céline shoes (surprise!). I go to Chanel for really bizarre stuff like the gun heels and light bulb heels. Jenni Kayne for flats. Vans for sneakers.

And bags?
Right now I’m really excited about Mansur Gavriel.

Fur Sandals, Céline; Sandals, Céline; Platform Heels, Proenza Schouler.

Where do you shop all of that?
In LA it’s always Mohawk General Store, Creatures of Comfort, Satine Boutique, Opening Ceremony, Maxfield and Barneys. But I mostly shop online for really great bargains. eBay is king.

What is your number one shopping tip?
Shop around and look for the best price. Check eBay. Before you make a big purchase, maybe see if you have anything to sell so the money can go towards your new item. I’m a big fan of letting things go. You’re always going to want new things, no matter what. It’s just human nature to never be satisfied, and you can’t hold onto existing things forever. So it’s nice to just flush things out once in a while to make room for new items.

Random Jewelry

Your ultimate style icon(s)?
I always say Tilda Swinton and Diane Keaton. They just look so comfortable being themselves and it doesn’t matter what they’re wearing. When you’re really comfortable and confident you can really wear whatever and look great. I also love all the Scandinavian girls. ALL OF YOU. Something about the way they make shirts and jeans so casual and effortless.

Any future dreams?
My dream is to discover a cure for gluten intolerance so I can go back to eating normal pizza.



Jetteke – stylist.
Rinke – online fashion editor at Dutch Vogue.
Nicole – stylist and shopping editor at Dutch Elle.


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