I was talking a bit about how I usually get in my summer mood and it might have helped letting the sun completely pop out, since it has been pretty present in Amsterdam lately.

Even though it seems to be full on summer now, I am still slowly getting used to it. I always start with not knowing what the h*ll to wear (especially now that I am in Los Angeles, which is a pretty big adjustment temperure wise).

Beauty wise, I am all ready. There are always some slight changes in my make-up bag, for example I ditch my foundation – probably for forever, I am just hooked to BB cream – and I change my moisturizers from being really winter proof to a more light one.

Also, you all know I am not a girl for hefty make-up, but in summer everything gets even more subtle and I tend to have more ‘naked’ face days. What I do love it wear lipstick a bit more often, I think it looks cool and fresh.

About the eyes, these lashes were supposed to be a perfect summer solution to dipping in a pool without having to rescue your cheeks from turning black, but I guess it is not for me.

What is actually working for me is gellac nails. I got my toe nails did right before I left for Ibiza, because 1. I am too lazy to re-apply it every other day and 2. it stays shiny while normal nail polishes seem to get matte after spending some time on the beach and in salty sea water. More on these cool nails later…

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  1. Or you can always just wear a big hat like the Jennifer Lopez Gold Rush Floppy Hat ($24) on sale at Kohl’s to distract everyone’s eyes to your head. Love how much this one shields the sun, too.