During New Years eve, I mysteriously lost one of my cheap Asos talon earrings and I have been on the hunt for a good replacement. I believe Asos still stocks them, but losing them so quickly is not a good sign. Bumping into these yesterday made my heart skip a beat, different sized left and rights, brilliant!

ps: They are also available in the same size left and rights (and in silver), but I like them like this.

Earrings, Shaun Leane via Rika Boutique.


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  1. love…where can I find them on-line?

    1. @erika: I am not sure, try to Google Shaun Leane…

  2. They’re CUTE! I never thought I would like talon earrings until I saw these. I really like them :) Great choice!

    Hug! Sara*

  3. they are lovely!! Usually i don’t like earrings like these however in gold they are so classy and chic i’d totally wear them.

  4. Superleuk! Dat is eens wat anders..

  5. Oh die zijn superleuk! Niet te opvallend, maar een tof detail.

  6. Lovely earrings, I really like that they’re different sizes.

    Check out what I’d love to be wearing today, including Kenzo sweater, Acne clutch & Zara heels:

    Anna Lou X

  7. Absolutely beautiful!

    Breathe Me

  8. So pure but chic as hell!
    They got the special thing!

  9. Wat grappig om te zien dat ook alternatief weer in wordt. Deze spirals zijn er al jaren voor mensen die hun gaatjes oprekken… En dan nu ook in oorbel vorm. Like!

  10. i LOVE rika! my absolute favorite store in amsterdam. i, too, lost one of my asos talon earrings, but then found it in my back yard 2 weeks later unharmed. now i think they’re lucky… but i definitely wouldn’t mind another pair, especially in different sizes! :) thanks for sharing.

    x h

  11. So lovely :) would definitely wear those :)))

  12. They are awesome!

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  13. Amazing earrings!


  14. Supermooi, erg chique met een randje. :)

    Puck |

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