Smiling on a picture, it only happens every once in a while that I publish one of those. It is not because I go through life looking grumpy all the time and it is not because I would not know (almost) everyone likes the view of a happy person. Trust me, I know. Trust me again, I am a very happy person. You should know that I take more than three pictures to post on the blog for each and every kind of post and I usually see a lot of smiling ones when I go through the film.

It is just that I feel kind of ‘exposed’ posting smiling pictures, which is weird coming from someone that struts her stuff on the internet over three times a week, but I do. Also, I have these dimples – one bigger than the other – that I am told are very very cute, but I seem to still be stuck in some kind of early teens behavior, given that I do not want to be called ‘cute’ all the time. And then there is this magic millisecond of a smile that I believe is the one perfect millisecond that is so hard to capture. Almost never happens.

Hat, American Apparel; Coat, Style by Marina; Sweater, Samsoe & Samsoe; Jeans, Diesel; Sneakers, Nike; Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Pictures by Liza Chloë van Duyn.

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  1. Haha I read the exact same thing on Angelica Blick’s blog…about being exposed. Are you copying her as well as Garance Dore’?? hahaha

  2. Oh I totally understand the smiling on blog pictures problem! I feel the same very often but seeing a smile on your blog definitely reminds me on smiling a little bit more on mine :P

  3. it actually is really cute :) as someone who also hates to have their picture taken while smiling I fully understand you. you have a wonderful smile though! plus I love your coat.

  4. You should do it more often, you look even more beautiful. I totally understand you, to me it’s very hard taking pictures, even though I voluntarely decided to post my stuff online. Oh well.. what can we do jeje. Kisses

  5. you are not cute, you are simply gorgeous.. with a great sense of style.. there you go! but then i do feel somewhat awkward smiling on pictures as well, plus I don’t dare to post my pictures on my blog at all (not yet). lol.. its funny we can have such a different perspectives on ourselves from other people…

  6. You look adorable, I absolutely love dimples and yes it is cute but it also adds something ‘more’ to a person’s face..i don’t know I just love it.
    Also your beanie is awesome!

  7. I have the same problem with the “cute” thing. I look like I’m 10 years younger then I am.
    That’s not a problem you necessarily want when your in your late 20′s.

    As always, love your post!!!

  8. :) This post of yours makes me smile :) We’re so similar when judging that split second in which we consider our smiles as beautiful! I absolutely believe you that you’re a happy person! Your smile is beautiful. Sending some split seconds of confidence to you!! XXOO!!! Love your style. Kat