Smiling on a picture, it only happens every once in a while that I publish one of those. It is not because I go through life looking grumpy all the time and it is not because I would not know (almost) everyone likes the view of a happy person. Trust me, I know. Trust me again, I am a very happy person. You should know that I take more than three pictures to post on the blog for each and every kind of post and I usually see a lot of smiling ones when I go through the film.

It is just that I feel kind of ‘exposed’ posting smiling pictures, which is weird coming from someone that struts her stuff on the internet over three times a week, but I do. Also, I have these dimples – one bigger than the other – that I am told are very very cute, but I seem to still be stuck in some kind of early teens behavior, given that I do not want to be called ‘cute’ all the time. And then there is this magic millisecond of a smile that I believe is the one perfect millisecond that is so hard to capture. Almost never happens.

Hat, American Apparel; Coat, Style by Marina; Sweater, Samsoe & Samsoe; Jeans, Diesel; Sneakers, Nike; Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs.

Pictures by Liza Chloë van Duyn.


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  1. loving this outfit!!!! the coat is great! xo, Alma

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  2. You look very nice!

  3. Erg leuke outfit. Ik vind je nikes super mooi !


  4. Loving the background and lovingggggg the text babe <3

    1. @LizaChloe: Loving the pictures lief, thanks!

  5. I feel exactly the same about the pictures on my blog , i kind of force myself every now and then to publish some…not an easy thing !
    However, nice look I like the sneakers with the coat, looks warm !

  6. coool, comfy and chic! love this! especially the coat in combination with shoes :)♥

  7. Your smile is beautiful – hope that is a better compliment than cute haha :) Love the outfit, great coat & the burgundy sweater peaking through! xx

  8. cute in a really hot way!

  9. What a great outfit and I really like seeing you smile! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  10. Cute outfit! And you’re so cute when you smile :)


  11. Haha I read the exact same thing on Angelica Blick’s blog…about being exposed. Are you copying her as well as Garance Dore’?? hahaha

  12. Oh I totally understand the smiling on blog pictures problem! I feel the same very often but seeing a smile on your blog definitely reminds me on smiling a little bit more on mine :P

  13. Love that hat so much! And btw, the laughing suits you! ;-)

  14. I love the coat and I love how the burgundy contrasts the grey. Beautiful outfit x

    Fashion Landscape

  15. I agree, it’s harder to find a nice smiling photo! You look great though :) And love the colours of this outfit.

    Check out my outfit post from today, wearing black silk shorts, Kurt Geiger leopard bag and Acne Pistol boots:

    Anna Lou X

  16. Ik heb ook liever een neutraal gezicht dan een overgeforceerde lach. Maar hier ziet het er wel spontaan uit. En gewoon mooi; niet per schattig.

    Die jas ziet er echt warm en cosy uit
    new outfit post

  17. Je hebt een mooie lach hoor ;) Snap wel wat je bedoelt, het word persoonlijker als je lacht. Hele mooie outfit weer! xx

  18. it actually is really cute :) as someone who also hates to have their picture taken while smiling I fully understand you. you have a wonderful smile though! plus I love your coat.

  19. It is one of those strange things in life that people scrutinise photos of themselves and are rarely 100% happy with a shot- we look for all the little flaws! I bet even the ones you wouldn’t post your readers would think you looked beautiful.

  20. Mooie foto’s, leuke outfit en super gave schoenen! Helemaal top dus ;)


  21. Wat een freakin mooie foto’s maakt die nieuwe camera van jou zeg!!

    1. @Thefashionguitar: Thanks, ben errug blij met mijn nieuwe speeltje :D

  22. Super leuke foto Sabrina! Ik houd ook nooit zo van mijn lach op foto’s.
    Ook al zegt iedereen om me heen dat ik vaker moet lachen op foto’s, de lachende foto’s zijn bij mij nooit zo mooi!
    Ook weer een super leuke outfit! x

  23. i love the pop of colour from the beanie and the jumper underneath

    x karen

  24. You look good when you smiling! :-)

  25. You look great when you smile! but I understand how you feel, I tend to never smile with ‘teeth’ … x

  26. You look beautiful, I always get called ‘cute’! I know it’s a compliment, but it does make you feel like a 5 year old when used too frequently.
    These photos are amazing too.

    xo Camilla

    Into The Fold

  27. I totally understand what you mean. Its seems so unauthentic when you smile in your outfit posts but every now and then you fine a genuine one in the bunch!

  28. You should do it more often, you look even more beautiful. I totally understand you, to me it’s very hard taking pictures, even though I voluntarely decided to post my stuff online. Oh well.. what can we do jeje. Kisses

  29. Hihi, can’t help it: You look cute! :)

    ♥ Linda

  30. I like the dimples, and the smiling pics! Post more, they are beautiful.

  31. That coat looks REALLY comfy!

    X Marjolein – Never Too

  32. Amsterdam! Love the background and your beanie is sweet!

  33. You look really cute!!!^^


  34. I love to see you smile! Sounds a bit gay, coming from a girl, but it just so much more fun to look at!

  35. Ben super blij dat je een foto met de breedste lach ever hebt gepubliceerd!
    Dan is onze [kleine] discussie op Facebook toch niets voor niets geweest, toch?

  36. you are not cute, you are simply gorgeous.. with a great sense of style.. there you go! but then i do feel somewhat awkward smiling on pictures as well, plus I don’t dare to post my pictures on my blog at all (not yet). lol.. its funny we can have such a different perspectives on ourselves from other people…

  37. Love the photos!

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  38. Like your blog, you do great job. And it’s good when you smile even on the pictures, everyone can see you are happy person.

  39. You look adorable, I absolutely love dimples and yes it is cute but it also adds something ‘more’ to a person’s face..i don’t know I just love it.
    Also your beanie is awesome!

  40. Love this athletic inspired outfit. You have a very lovely smile, girl! Be proud of those dimples!:)


  41. Wat een geweldig mooie lach heb je! Ik hoop je te zien bij de Fashion Bloggers Masterclass (:

    xoxo Anna Chen

  42. I have the same problem with the “cute” thing. I look like I’m 10 years younger then I am.
    That’s not a problem you necessarily want when your in your late 20’s.

    As always, love your post!!!

  43. :) This post of yours makes me smile :) We’re so similar when judging that split second in which we consider our smiles as beautiful! I absolutely believe you that you’re a happy person! Your smile is beautiful. Sending some split seconds of confidence to you!! XXOO!!! Love your style. Kat

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