I was not made to read a newspaper, trust me I have tried to make several attempts (mostly in trains, when I was still using them to take me to school), but most of the time those resulted in a frustrating wrestle with the huge pages. Or even worse, with the person sitting next to me that I accidentally delivered a black eye while trying to turn a page.

Maybe the year that I was born in is to blame, I may not be born after 1990, but I do dub myself being from the internet generation. I can still clearly remember I could use the internet for half an hour a day when we got this dial-up connection and once I was ‘dialled-up’, my half an hour was as good as over. Also frustrating, but now that it seems to go faster by the day, not as frustrating as trying to flip a page that is too big for you to handle.

The only ‘newspaper’ that I daily care to flip through is Bloglovin’, something I start my day with, accompanied by a cup of green tea and a yoghurt. It is one of those very clever tools that I wish I came up with.

Now I know a lot of you are already using Bloglovin’ and are maybe even following me there, but for the ones that have not tried or are still using a random RSS tool, you should at least try for a week or two.

Follow me here.

And on popular demand, five of my current favorite blogs, in random order.

Stop It Right Now
4th And Bleeker
Garance Doré
Man Repeller

ph/ Liza Chloë van Duyn


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  1. Best addiction ever :)


  2. Ben erg benieuwd welke blogs je dagelijks leest!

  3. Ja, ik ben ook erg benieuwd welke blogs je dagelijks leest! Een lijstje voor je volgende blogpost? ;)

  4. what would we do without it…

  5. I do the same every day, checking bloglovin’ while having breakfast. Such a nice ritual. :)

  6. Wow I’m in love with your Blog:)


    1. @Fiorella: Thank you dear!

  7. bloglovin is the best tool ever


  8. Bloglovin’ is inderdaad super handig en ook mijn ochtendritueel.
    De eerste 2 blogs kende ik nog niet, dus ik ga ze zeker eens bekijken
    new outfit post

  9. I’ve been following you on bloglovin… It’s the easiest tool to follow up bunch of blogs. And I love Garance Dore blog! As well as yours…. Yours is on my top 5 favorites :-) I absolutely adore your minimalistic simple style…

  10. I always have used Bloglovin and I really love it!

  11. Bloglovin all the way! I love it!

  12. Bloglovin is great but I’m also happy to have found Business of Fashion (dot com) and the New York Times to keep track of the art/fashion world.

  13. I’m not made to read newspaper either, I rather read Vogue!
    There’s not a day I don’t use Bloglovin’. It is great!

  14. Super mooie foto! Ik lees zelf de krant toch wel vrij vaak, vind het toch wel belangrijk om op de hoogte van alles te zijn.



    1. @Nesrin: Ik schrijf voor en ik kijk het ontbijtnieuws ;)

  15. That’s how I start my day too! I love to get a little outfit inspiration in before I get dressed in the morning, especially when it’s from your blog.

  16. I love the bloglovin’ too ! prbably one of the best rss readers !

  17. Bloglovin is definitely much more convenient, isn’t it? Hah, I remember those dial up days, too;) Have a good weekend!


  18. Ik ben fan van TMR, maar ik ben too much of a pussy om ook maar iets van wat zij draagt aan te trekken :)

  19. Leuk om te zien welke blogs jij volgt!
    Ga ook even kijken

    1. oeps verkeerde link onder copy paste

  20. Leuk om te zien welke blogs jij volgt!
    Ga ook even kijken

  21. Aww so sweet. Love yours too! xx

  22. Haha! Fashion magazines are the equivalent to newspapers for me. I definitely remember those dial up days (Moments like these when change is a GREAT thing) lol.

    *Ps love the color of your sweater.

    Maggie A
    Love Scrapbook

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