I was not made to read a newspaper, trust me I have tried to make several attempts (mostly in trains, when I was still using them to take me to school), but most of the time those resulted in a frustrating wrestle with the huge pages. Or even worse, with the person sitting next to me that I accidentally delivered a black eye while trying to turn a page.

Maybe the year that I was born in is to blame, I may not be born after 1990, but I do dub myself being from the internet generation. I can still clearly remember I could use the internet for half an hour a day when we got this dial-up connection and once I was ‘dialled-up’, my half an hour was as good as over. Also frustrating, but now that it seems to go faster by the day, not as frustrating as trying to flip a page that is too big for you to handle.

The only ‘newspaper’ that I daily care to flip through is Bloglovin’, something I start my day with, accompanied by a cup of green tea and a yoghurt. It is one of those very clever tools that I wish I came up with.

Now I know a lot of you are already using Bloglovin’ and are maybe even following me there, but for the ones that have not tried or are still using a random RSS tool, you should at least try for a week or two.

Follow me here.

And on popular demand, five of my current favorite blogs, in random order.

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ph/ Liza Chloë van Duyn

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  1. Bloglovin is great but I’m also happy to have found Business of Fashion (dot com) and the New York Times to keep track of the art/fashion world.