Transitioning into fall calls for a mix of spring/summer and fall/winter clothes, boots with dresses, jumpers with shorts. I have always thought of summer as my favorite season of the year, but it is most definitely not when it comes to getting dressed. I guess you could call me an inbetweener. Warm enough for some skin, cold enough for boots. Perfect.

I was wearing my boyfriends Weekday jumper over a Samsoe & Samsoe shirtdress, H&M Trend leather shorts and Givenchy boots.


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  1. PERFECTION. will steal those off your shoe closet when i come to amsterdam!


  2. Die laarzen staan je erg goed! Leuke outfit ook!

  3. omg i just love those boots! amazing! i guess you could call me an “inbetweener” too. transition seasons such as fall and spring allow so much more layering, perfect for fashion lovers if you ask me!

  4. AMAZING boots girl!!

  5. OMG you are amazing with this boots. Perfection ;)

  6. Are they comfortable?

  7. I was wondering about how are you going to combine these boots but I can clearly see that its worth to wonder. You look amazing Sabrina! Perfect combination I love it!

  8. heel vet zeg die laarzen!

  9. Drools!damn gotta save for those!

  10. you look perfect in the first pic even if , sorry, but I don’t like these boots…..


  11. Love that you paired them with shorts – Gorgeous!


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  13. You look great! I love the boots

  14. Really like this look. xx

  15. Wauw! Eerst vond ik ze niet zo geweldig, maar nu met een aanfoto vind ik ze super!

  16. I would have never thought the boots were your style.. but I must admit they suit you very nicely :) XO

  17. Those boots are magnificent! Love how you styled them and let them take center stage.

  18. Darling you rock in these beauties!!!!

  19. Those boots are so amazing! I’ve had my eyes on them for a while and seeing them on you has made me want them even more. They really do suit you perfectly!

  20. OMG ze zijn zooooo mooi!!! xo Madeleine

  21. Just fucking amazing :)

  22. I usually like your looks but I have to say I don’t like these boots at all, they look like something you’d wear to go fishing. I haven’t seen them look good on anyone. I bet if they weren’t Givenchy no one would wear them let alone pay that much money for them….Can anyone explain to me what the big attraction is?

  23. great boots!!

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  24. Looks like someone was inspired by this gal;

    Same outfit, same setting, same horrible boots.. sorry, I just don’t see the beauty in them. :-)

  25. I’m sorry to say but these boots are just not appealing… I always love your looks though!

  26. How can Givency make such dreadful boots?? My eyes hurt! You’re pretty, but those boots are all but!


  27. Bij jou staat ook echt alles he!

  28. You look amazing + the first picture is FIERCE! xx.

  29. ehhhh, this is really ugly. they are monstrous and really make you look terrible. i wouldn’t have thought that you would succumb to style like that, least of all pricey and overly trendy ones.

  30. Ooit van gamaschen gehoord? Hihi, daar doet het mij aan denken.

  31. I don’t know if I like them or not. They’re hefty, that’s for sure. It’s cool to see that you wear what you like and don’t mind what others think.

  32. Voor vliegvissen in Schotland zijn ze top!

  33. The boots, gotta love them or hate them. En ik ben verliefd op deze monster boots!


  34. The boots are not my cup of tea but I do like them on you.

  35. Well, thought we hated this boot trend. But surprise surprise you have proved us wrong. You look amazing, as do the boots we once despised!


  36. They’re amazing on their own but not at all flattering for a woman’s body. I think it’s a huge splurge for something that is actually already out of style again

  37. Echt een statement deze laarzen, heel mooi!

  38. Hoewel ik de laarzen veel te duur vind, vind ik ze zeker niet lelijk, maar de combinatie met de shorts zijn toch niet zo mijn ding.
    Beetje “gelaarsde kat” effect. Ik denk dat ze leuker zijn met een broek en een oversized sweater, kwestie van de properties wat in balans te houden. Benieuwd de volgende outfit ermee te zien
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  39. Those boots are amazing!



  40. I freaking love those boots. I love how you styled them! It could not possibly be better than with leather shorts like you did, or a leaather skirt and a sweater. I dream about pairing these with a leather skirt and those sci-fi Balenciaga shirts. x

    Paint me in the


  41. Those boots definitely make a statement.


    The Habit

  42. Mmm, I don’t like these boots at all.. And I don’t get the fuss about them. They are the most unflattering thing on a leg, the shape is just plain ugly. My grandad goes fishing wearing similar footwear! :D

    Anneli x

  43. You look amazing! Love your boots!

  44. these boots are so stunning!!!


  45. die schoenen zijn zoo gaaf!!


  46. Ik vind ze zooo geweldig, ze zijn alleen zoooo duur (de laarzen)
    Je stijlt ze echt top!

  47. I love your style usually but these boots do nothing for your legs and the baggy top half makes you look bigger than you are … sorry but a thumbs down from me …

  48. I love these boots, I think you look great in them!

  49. So first of all its far from being cold enough to wear boots, but I can understand your excitement to wear them! honestly I know the boots are pretty but they do not enhance your figure. That cropped top and those too long boots make you look shorter and bigger instead of longer and leaner…Sorry you had to pay so much to look so bad…but I know you can do better!

  50. stunning! i don’t like these boots, but in this combination they are looking great!! absolut simple, sophisticated and just perfect.

  51. those boots are somehing I cant even explain! I love them so much

  52. There are some very unkind things being said here! I love these boots and think you’ve done a stunning job of styling them. And it’s nice to see [the balanced part of] a debate happening – fashion ought to spark a little controversy sometimes :)

  53. this is the most amazing EVER!!! everything about this outfit is fricken amazing

  54. looks great! like an ed :)

  55. oh my god. i love those givenchy boots!!!!

  56. You have great style, but I’m not so sure about those boots.. Style is a personal thing, though, so hey if you love them, don’t listen to what anyone else has to say. I totally understand your excitement about the cooler weather – can’t wait to mix summer and fall wear !

    >> <<

  57. Really cool , Love the mix you did the boots are RAD !

  58. That’s a really cool outfit; love the boots.

  59. Clearly inspired by Sofi Farhman, at Sofis Snapshots? Same outfit, same setting… Both wearing the same horrible boots haha. Sorry, but you won’t see them on my wishlist. :-)

  60. I can see perfect styling and impeccable layering! the boots can only be seen as the ultimate edgy fierce statement and you my dear look gorgeous!

  61. I have a post in my blog about these boots, they are so gorgeous!!!!!

  62. Such a great pair of boots, love your outfit to!



    Style Route

  63. I likr your blog, but this shoes are the ugliest I’ve ever seen.

  64. Oh no, dreadful boots! What a shame.

  65. oh I’m so jealous! I love those boots!

  66. As much as I hated these boots when I first saw them, I can’t deny that you look amazing in them.

  67. they look great on pictures but seem to be only for nice weather. As so many girls seem to have them already I wouldn’t go for them. Nevertheless you look stunning as always!

  68. LOVE the boots & shorts! I need to try that!
    -Daisy Nguyen from PS BANANAS fashion blog:

  69. You look AMAZING! The Givenchy boots are killin me!!!

  70. Those boots are amazing!

  71. Aaargh ! ? As long as you like them…

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