This is the full campaign Lesley and I did for Maison de Bonneterie, called Things We Love for Autumn. Which one is your favorite?

photography/ Reinier van der Aart, RVDA
styling/ me and Johan Bak
hair and make-up/ Britt Sleebos
location/ Umsjatka Studio’s
backstage photography/ Lisa Galesloot
mini models/ Zara & Xander Hoogstraten

ps/ The bracelets are available again, 10 of each color HERE.


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  1. You guys looks so lovely together, the pair with the childeren are very cute!


  2. You are such a beauty Sabrina, the prettiest blogger out there, no comparisons. Effortless chic as always! And a stunning model too. Good job dear…I’d be glad if you like my FB page :)

  3. I like it. You both look real.

  4. I also think that you leave behind such a bloggers like elin, chiara f.(I used to like her blog but I found that all the expensive things she started to wear made her look like she’s trying too hard. I think she will became the next Anna Dello Russo :)
    You on the other hand don’t need all this expensive stuff, you showing us, how great you can look not spending fortune in the same time. I am totally classic and simple style girl as well, and this blog is the only one for me.

    Plus you are really beautiful, natural girl!

    I love all pictures – congratulation Sabrina! You go girl!!!

    1. I like this type of sensitive comments. Girls who speak the truth !

    2. Indeed! I like this comment – as Oscar Wilde said: To be natural is such a difficult pose to keep up! Go girl! x

  5. Great pictures, you both look absolutely amazing!

  6. Wauw, echt waanzinnig. Jullie staan er echt prachtig op samen! Geweldig gedaan! xx

  7. Wauw! It looks great, really awesome!

  8. Heel erg mooi, heb de foto’s zien hangen in Den Haag! Mijn favoriet is de foto waar je een de rode jas draagt!

  9. I love it all! on the third picture of the magazine pages I find the outfit that I like the best though! xo, Alma

  10. You both look amazing! I love every shot!

  11. wauw wat gaaf! super mooie fotos!

  12. Supermooi! Gefeliciteerd! XX Char

  13. I like the pics with the bicolor jacket, probably the autumn colours about it ! Did you enjoy playing the model ?

  14. Wow, wat een geweldige foto’s! ziet er echt super uit.

  15. Love every single picture – you’re really a natural beauty. I’m a little bit jealous :P
    Congrats for your success !

    Greetings from Germany!
    Celina from

  16. Stunning pictures! I literally love every single one of them.
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous


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    You can win H&M and Asos vouchers!

    Thank you so much!

  18. Prachtige foto’s van jullie samen..mag je zeker trots op zijn! En super lief die foto van jullie met de kindjes

  19. Wauw, ik vind ze allemaal prachtig! Mijn favoriete is die ‘stoere’, waarin jij in pak staat.
    Wat grappig die blonde kindertjes trouwens, een verrassende mix uit jullie twee, haha!



  20. Love these shots.
    You are such a beautiful girl, Sabrina!



  21. waw, so beautiful!
    The fashion pictures are really great and lesley&you are posing so fine ;-)
    However, i love the brand and what you’ve done with it!

  22. Aaahhh this is immensely cool!! I love each and every image!!


  23. Congratulations Sabrina! The pictures look fantastic and I love the new blog layout too. So impressed with what you have achieved with your blog – very inspirational for the rest of us! :)

    Check out what I wore in Paris the other day:

    Anna Lou X

  24. Wauw echt heel gaaf Sabrina!

  25. This looks soo good! It must be a dream come true.

  26. Great pictures and a lovely couple!

  27. I like all of them but my favourite picture is the number 5

  28. Great pics, love the one where you are wearing the red coat..

  29. Congratulations on such a big success ! I love this editorial, I think you styled it perfectly! And it’s so nice that you engaged your boyfriend to the whole thing! You guys look so cute toghether :)


  30. wooow!! amazing! Congratulations Sabrina, I’m very for you! :)


  31. Nice pics, well done

  32. Fabulous!!! congrats
    You both look fantastic, I love your blog and I wish you the best from USA

  33. You look amazing!


  34. please tell us that’s fake fur…..

  35. I love them all! You guys look freakin’ amazing!

  36. This is really cool! congrats on the fabulous feature guys! I’ve posted up a new giveaway competition to use Instagram to win a new Fisheye Camera. Just add a hashtag to those instagram pics you already do and you can win it’s that simple.

    xx The Provoker


  37. don´t know what to say! it´s so beautiful collection and the pictures are stunning!

  38. i love them all. you both amazing. you guys are such a hot couple! haha

  39. Super gaaf!! Erg mooie foto’s! xo Madeleine

  40. I love how you always stay true to yourself and your style.
    Some bloggers will, the second they get a little succes, start to wear nothing but sponsored items.
    In my opinion, you are doing a much better job.
    Maybe it’s because we are dutch; “doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”


  41. I love each and every picture – you guys look great!


  42. A-ma-zing. You both look beautiful. Great job at the styling, hair & make-up and photography! I walked by the Maison last evening here in A’dam and there you were, all shining and gorgeous at the window. I took a photo with my phone :) I like them all, but especially the outfits with the Hunters, the one with the headband and the one with the big brown bag. Are these photos also available in a folder or something at the shop? Great autumn/winter inspiration to pick up.

  43. OH MY GOSH :O
    you look so professional and amazing!
    Congratulations :)))

  44. pretty rad! good job guys! :)


  45. erg gaaf ! super mooie foto’s :)

  46. So cool. I would love to see some bigger pictures, is that possible?


  47. Wat een geweldige foto’s Sabrina!

  48. Zag jullie in de etalage in Amsterdam. Mijn vriend (hij is ook fan!) en ik zijn echt 10 minuten blijven staan om de foto’s eens goed te bekijken. Jullie staan er beide erg mooi op. Nog even een extra compliment over je haar, erg mooi zo.

    Love Lian – Fashionblog –

  49. Echt te gekke campagne, geweldig! Wow, je kan echt trots zijn, wat een mooie ervaring èn prestatie. Geniet ervan :)

  50. Great fashion, I love how all the looks are put together…very nice.

  51. Your pictures are awesome! You’re a beautiful couple ^^

    Melanie ~

  52. Wow looks awesome.. Such beautiful and fashionable pair!!

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