This is the full campaign Lesley and I did for Maison de Bonneterie, called Things We Love for Autumn. Which one is your favorite?

photography/ Reinier van der Aart, RVDA
styling/ me and Johan Bak
hair and make-up/ Britt Sleebos
location/ Umsjatka Studio’s
backstage photography/ Lisa Galesloot
mini models/ Zara & Xander Hoogstraten

ps/ The bracelets are available again, 10 of each color HERE.

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  1. I also think that you leave behind such a bloggers like elin, chiara f.(I used to like her blog but I found that all the expensive things she started to wear made her look like she’s trying too hard. I think she will became the next Anna Dello Russo :)
    You on the other hand don’t need all this expensive stuff, you showing us, how great you can look not spending fortune in the same time. I am totally classic and simple style girl as well, and this blog is the only one for me.

    Plus you are really beautiful, natural girl!

    I love all pictures – congratulation Sabrina! You go girl!!!

  2. I love how you always stay true to yourself and your style.
    Some bloggers will, the second they get a little succes, start to wear nothing but sponsored items.
    In my opinion, you are doing a much better job.
    Maybe it’s because we are dutch; “doe maar normaal, dan doe je al gek genoeg”


  3. A-ma-zing. You both look beautiful. Great job at the styling, hair & make-up and photography! I walked by the Maison last evening here in A’dam and there you were, all shining and gorgeous at the window. I took a photo with my phone :) I like them all, but especially the outfits with the Hunters, the one with the headband and the one with the big brown bag. Are these photos also available in a folder or something at the shop? Great autumn/winter inspiration to pick up.