This is how I am going to spend my entire Saturday. Sitting outside on my roof terrace, all wrapped up in tons of clothes and blankets – since it is sunny but cold – reading the gentlewoman…in between work that is.


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  1. I want it too! x

    Fashion Landscape

  2. Heerlijk :)! fijn weekend!

  3. Ah I want to read that book too!
    Saw it appearing on Garance Doré’s blog lately!
    Too less time to read…


  4. Where do you buy gentlewoman in Amsterdam (and all rare foreign magazines for that matter)?
    X Alice

    1. @Alice: I bought mine at the small bookstore on Heinekenplein, but I usually go to Athenaeum on Spui. Xx

  5. have a nice saturday!

  6. Haha, that is so Dutch! No matter how cold outside, if the sun is out, people are spending the day outside wrapped in layers and layers of clothing. Happy Saturday! :D

    1. @Ceciel: Haha it is a bit typical no? It is still crowded on every terrace! Happy Saturday ;)

  7. Nice relaxed weekend then…enjoy your book! xo, Alma

  8. That sounds so cozyyyyy :) Make sure you stay warm on your roof terrace <3
    Have a nice Saturday,
    XO, Kat

  9. what’s it about? I spent my summer tanning on my rooftop reading Bringing Home the Birkin!

  10. I really like your blog redesign. I feel like you’re able to offer more substantial and more personal posts now.

  11. Aaaw, I envy u so much! It started snowing in Prague today –

  12. That’s how I’m going to spend my sunday– in my head. in reality I’ll be studying for midterms and wondering what Terry Richardson is doing. Love your blog, always.


  13. Angela Lansbury! I love her :)

  14. My favorite magazine of all time! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
    Happy Sunday!

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