I wanted to share some of my thoughts about jewelry. Back in the days, I used to always put anything on my wrists and fingers that I could find, kind of like how I treat my Christmas trees every year. Times change though, as did my style, and I got quite more picky when it comes to jewelry. There’s one piece that I’ll never take off, that I wear every single day and night, and that’s the ‘I Love You’ ring Lesley gave me last Christmas. Then there’s only four things left that I seriously wear a lot, a Michael Kors watch, a ring from Dominic Jones, a black ‘leather’ bracelet from H&M and a Dogeared necklace.

Except for the H&M bracelet, which just goes pretty with my watch, they all have a special kind of meaning to me or were given to me for special occasions or by special people. I believe they make my outfits a bit more personal, even though people on the street can’t really read the meaning behind them.

I’m still on the search for the perfect set of stackable rings (hello Etsy, hello too many options) and a thin gold ring with a tiny little diamond or other timeless stone for my pointy finger.

So what I look for in a piece of jewelry is that’s it’s simple and timeless and sometimes bold and a little edgy. What are your thoughts on jewelry? How do you pick yours?

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  1. i really love that photo, really inspiring. if you’re looking for stackable rings, try pandora maybe? i love theirs!

  2. I understand what you mean, for me it is exactly the same <3

  3. I am exactly the same way – I am so simple with my jewelry. I don’t like too much and I really look for timeless pieces. It’s fun every once in a while to play around, but for the most part I keep my jewelry simple. I have the same leather bracelet from H&M and it works with everything!

  4. i didn’t use to wear any jewelry, but now i’m like a maniac! i have to wear my silver ring on thumb, chain around the neck and something on my wrists, watch or braclet, it doesn’t matter;) and sometimes i think that i look, like you said, like christmas tree, but i really enjoy it! and btw i’m really sorry that you didn’t make an interview with Karl… maybe next time! take care x

  5. I love this post. Especially because of the writing (and of course the beautiful photo), it’s lovely reading what you write.


  6. I went through a similar phase with loads of jewellery (or rather accessories)… Now after a time wearing almost no jewellery I got back to looking for more again, but also choosing my pieces more carefully… I figured that when my clothes became more special, the need for many accessories got smaller. =)

  7. Ik ben het er helemaal mee eens met jou, ik heb een hele simpele gouden armband, een afrikaanse armband die ik er bijna altijd bij draag en ik krijg voor mijn verjaardag een gouden ringetje van Aime (echt een heel leuk en niet te duur frans merk), kijk als je tijd hebt maar op internet!
    xxx Anne-Sophie
    (een enorme fan van jouw blog!)

  8. Hi Sabrina

    Juwelen zijn voor mij een manier om mijn outfit te onderscheiden van anderen. Ik ben altijd op zoek naar dat ene speciale juweel dat niemand hier in de buurt heeft (maar ik geef me ook soms over aan h&m-stukken hoor :) ). Maar ik vind het gewoon leuk als een juweel een zekere uitstraling geeft.
    Daarbuiten zijn er ook twee juwelen die ik altijd draag. Mijn Michael Kors uurwerk (toevallig hetzelde als het jouwe) en mijn tiffany’s charm bracelet. Beide gekregen van mijn ouders, dus ergens hebben die ook een speciale betekenis voor mij.

    en ps. wat je the other day op je fb schreef over je haar; ik vind je haar er net altijd zo cool uitzien. Mijn haar is zooo onhandelbaar dat ik wou dat ik haar had als het jouwe. Het valt altijd zo goed! Ik moet er een uur werk in steken alvorens het eens stijl blijft haha :)

  9. When I was younger I was wearing a lot of bracelets on my hands too..
    Now I’m choosing more carefully my jewels and the first thing I’m looking for is the quality..

    PS: I really love your jewels!


  10. I know what you’re about. I used to be like that too, just throwing on anything. Only problem now is that all the jewellery I want is sold out (like the Margiela handcuff bracelet) Have a nice day lovely.

    Love Despite color

  11. great post! love the photo.. her jewelry is fabulous!!

  12. i love jewelry that adds a different element to my ensemble. if i’m wearing something girly, then i’m drawnt towards edgier, chunkier jewelry. and vice versa if i’m wearing an edgier outfit, i love to pair it with something more delicate and feminine.

    check out this great house of harlow ring if you’re looking for a good, everyday staple:

  13. I completely agree with you here, the pieces I keep going back to are the special ones that mean something. I love the look of stacked jewellery, but usually when the components are quite simple (like the pic above) it looks best. I have a gorgeous thin gold knot ring from Pink Loulou that I never take off, and its the piece that always gets the most comments too.

  14. I’m pretty much the same way. I wear only a few things that have sentimental value. But that’s why I started wearing jewelry- because it was given to me. Before that it was my watch. I still think I’m a bit allergic to wearing it. You have some great pieces that you wear a lot! That ring :)

  15. i love to experiment with jewelry, and love a chunky necklace/bracelet. but i, too, have my wear-everydays, like my rings! i totally agree, my rings have a special memories behind them!


  16. I was kind of surprise reading this post because; one: my boyfriend gave me that I Love You Tiffany ring too, back in february for my birthday… and two because i’ve always felt the same way about jewelry.. i used to wear anything that i thought match, but now I’ve become kind of picky..always wearing things that mean something to me, like freedom or love.
    nice thoughts sabrina.


  17. I like a little more flashy jewelry – mostly gold-toned. Sentimental pieces are priceless for me as well.

    I have gotten a liking of joint rings more recently (


  18. I love this post, makes me think about my jewelry purchases more.
    Think before I buy ;)

  19. Bold, edgy but still sophisticated and timeless would be my jewellery criteria, as I’m very minimalist when it comes to wearing it. Pamela Love and Mania-Mania and the like are some definite favourites, particularly as I love statement rings and cuffs. My bf gave me an ‘I love you’ Tiffany ring and I never take it off! It’s so simple and lovely. I also always wear the signet ring my mother gave me when I was 12, and my ‘Kaity’ ring my grandmother gave me for my 18th. It’s so lovely to have special, personal pieces with so much meaning behind them to wear :)

    x K
    -An Aussie girl’s fashion musings.

  20. For me it’s exactly the same. All the rings and bracelets I have, have their own meaning or story behind it. Besides my silver braceletls and rings (see here: ), I wear friendship bracelets I got from my dear friends. I have them on for about 3 or 4 years now and even though the pink and the purple doesn’t match all my outfits, I still keep them on because they’re part of me.

  21. in love with those bangles, great detail!

  22. I like simple outfits with big statement jewelry!

  23. I love jewelry, but except for a necklace my boyfriend gave to my on our first year anniversary I don’t wear much. My problem is that I’m allergical to a lot of metals and therefore need jewelry mostly in gold and silver, but that’s often too expensive for my student’s budget as I can’t just spend three hundred euros on a pair of metal cuffs (I just love those!). I’m sure as soon as I earn my own money my jewelry collection as well as my shoe and clothes collection will grow a lot.

  24. love your watch soo much:) I wear mine everyday and it’s usually the only accessory I put on:)

  25. Great post! I searched for stackable rings for a while and finally found the perfect set on Gorjana. They have some really great pieces.

    Totally agree about meaningful pieces adding a personal touch to your outfit. I love when people ask me about my jewelry because I get to relive the memory and tell the story again :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  26. i am sort of picky when it comes to jewelry i don’t wear a lot of it although i think so many pieces are so beautiful but sometimes i think it looks too much on me, i do always wear a bracelet my boyfriend gave me no matter what i’m wearing.

    giveaway on my blog!

  27. Totally feel you on this one!

  28. I completely agree with you too, the pieces I am wearing all the time are the special ones that mean something. My boyfriend gave my GISELE GANNE’s skull ring and i love it. i wear it all the time! I am obsess by Gisele Ganne Jewellery! i want all of them!

  29. On the subject of stackbale rings, have you tried Iosselliani? I’ve been searching for a while and just fell in love with the detail and the character of these ones. Alternatively, something simpler yet still chic, try Whistles.

  30. For rings I like them a bit bigger and to be design rings. I just got me own from a collection a design furniture store made in Madrid where they do very eclectic and modern stuff you won’t find anywhere else.

    Earrings I coolect from travels or buy very special ones that go with my outfits. the last ones where made of leather and metal.

    Necklaces I just have since I was very small and buy when I see a nice one. They are much easier to combine as statement jewelery.

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