I remember as a little one I used to want a Juicy Couture tracksuit so so badly, but I never really got my hands on one. Back then, to me Juicy was that ‘tracksuit brand’. Little did I know they were a whole lot more than just a ‘tracksuit brand’ and they are currently showcasing that on their blog called The Juicy.

Recently I stumbled upon these super cool tartan trousers that I fell in love with and the best part about them is those zippers at the bottom of the legs. Makes them juicy if you ask me.


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  1. Love the trousers and the shoes!!!! This outfit reminds me a little bit of a very chic female punk. Why should we only wear shirts that look like we stylishly do not care what we wear. I’m all for a little more juicyness!

  2. cool!!! i love this pants!

    xoxo from rome

  3. Yes, the trousers are lovely, but those shoes are perfection. Where are they from? xo

  4. It’s cool to see how their brand has evolved over the years. Those pants are really cool.

    The Habit

  5. So juicy! Where’s the quilted jacket from?

  6. I have to say I thought Juicy Couture was a bit tacky with all their bubble pink items and gold embellishments but this pair of tartan pants proves me wrong ! I love them, they are so chic :)

  7. Very chic tartan indeed, I love all the colors in it! speaking of color, check out my neon yellow and turquoise blue color blocking combo-

    xx nathan.niche

  8. those pants are really nice! chic punk :)

  9. What an uber cool pant!!!! super!

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  12. Such à great pant! Absolutely stylish!

  13. I love the pattern Edingburgh is my personal fav.

  14. hahah I thought about Juicy Couture exactly the same thing!

  15. I definitely wanted a Juicy tracksuit so badly too! A nice, velour tracksuit. Ha!

    These are really great though. Such a nice update.

  16. I like the trousers! The prints are amazing! :D:D

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  17. i like the plaid pants,so cute.
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  18. Loving the pants! Never knew JC also made these type of clothes.

    x Krizia

    Shark Attack – Fashion Blog

  19. Great trousers, love that color!



    Style Route

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